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Published on Mar 3, 2014

This is a brief introduction for the Media CVAC, which outlines the proposal for repurposing media.

Thank you to Mr. Sino A. S. and UN SwissIndo, for all they are doing to make this a reality.

Under section 107 of the Copyright Act, we claim FAIR USAGE on all material used in this production.



Published on Dec 8, 2013

What a great privilege it was to get a chance to speak with Brian Kelly, Bob Wright and Lisa Harrison who were live in Florida, USA, doing the One People Absent Limits conference. What a pleasure it was to be joined again by Sacha Stone again, this man truly inspires me with his vision which is clearly laid out in the New Earth Project. This discussion covered a range of interesting topics, but most importantly focused on the theme of UNITY. All the plans are in place. We know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. The key now is unity. It is time we all start to come together on our common ground, because ultimately, we all want the same thing…. We all want to be free.


Mel Ve



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Published on Sep 19, 2013

Pieta Morgan is now Free.

Please view the footage of her kidnapping by Queensland “authority”.


I Am glad to see her free.  Welcome home  Pieta Morgan.  Thank you Freedom Central!


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Published on Sep 18, 2013

This is the gathering on Constitutional Hill in South Africa, by The One People. Brother Thomas addressed the crowd, and then several people spoke.

This is a truly touching piece for all South Africans.

Looks like Mel V has been very busy! “Beautiful work – both of you!

Love Y’all…

Published on May 29, 2013

Freedom Central was delighted to receive Allfaaraa and Shawn Clark’s long awaited book. After having initially been privy to the very first draft, I was invested and determined to encourage this information to take on a more readable format. After much hard work, the book is done, and what a triumph it is.

As I was quoted in the book’s opening page as saying: “The difference between Allfaaraa and most other spiritual teachers is that Allfaaraa is uniquely focused on the true nature of spiritual reality”

What an honor it is to have come to know Allfaaraa and his teachings. I am forever grateful to the entire RAISE THE PLANET team for their efforts in bringing this wonderful work to humanity. Thank you to all those who contributed in some way to help the work of Alf get to a greater audience. The world would be a much better place without all the confusion. Thanks and respects always to those who stand in the light of truth.

If you only read one book, make sure it is this one. It gets the basics of reality into place so that all other knowledge will make more sense.



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Published on May 8, 2013

During Kevin Annett’s visit with us here at Freedom Central, we have been contacted by several people with some very interesting stories.

Meet Toos of the Family Nijenhuis, a very brave woman who came to meet Kevin Annett at the event Freedom Central hosted for him. Following of from the disclosure of some very sad but important facts, we immediately arranged for an interview with Toos.

This is an introductory clip of the story. There is almost 3 hours of recorded testimony that will be released shortly as part of the initiative being put in place by ITCCS Holland.

This is truly the most difficult interview we have ever conducted, and Freedom Central was very grateful for Kevin Annett’s help in interviewing this very important witness.


This is shocking testimony of the sexual abuse that takes place in  the name of religion and god!  This happens all of the time and condoned at the highest level of the church!  This 2.5 hour testimony can be found at Freedom Central’s YouTube Channel.

Published on Mar 28, 2013

After months of editing, this film is finally ready. Freedom Central is delighted to present The Last of the Boers.

This film details the facts behind the sordid state of affairs in South Africa. Unlike all the other documentaries Freedom Central has produced, this is a deep and personal tale that goes back to Mel Ve’s roots.

This film debunks many of the myths about what happened in South Africa, and exposes the most hidden genocide on the planet, which is the systematic destruction of the white people in South Africa.

Excellent video Mel Ve… Visit Freedom Central at


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Freedom Central

Published on Mar 17, 2013

This is a discussion panel was recorded on 14 March 2013, and is hosted by Mel Ve and features Heather Jarraf-Tucci, Michael Tellinger, Scott Cundill, Anton Cloete, Anthea Torr, Tina van de Walt, and Sid Organe.

It was a true privilege to have these wonderful folks get together for a discussion panel, and it was a wonderful to connect all the various freedom fronts in my home country South Africa, with Heather. We look forward to more discussions.


Excellent discussion panel… New information about OPPT by Heather Tucci-Jarraf…

Mel Ve covers some of her research about Catholicism, their Code of Control and their relationship to mass genocide occurring throughout Africa!

Visit OPPT – South Africa on Facebook:


Freedom Central

Published on Feb 28, 2013

This is a recorded conversation between Max Igan and Mel Ve that took place on 28 February 2013. It was a true privilege to finally speak to Max, and at a most opportune time, as we got to discuss so much relating to what is going on at the moment, including the One Peoples’ Public Trust.

It was also lovely to learn about Max’s journey in Alternative Media, as well sharing is wonderfully informed perspective.
–Mel Ve

Freedom Central


Published on Feb 5, 2013

The following clip was recorded live on 3 February 2013 during Freedom Central’s live weekly broadcast on Finding Voices Radio.

Freedom Central was delighted to speak to Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and Angel Lucci, about the One Peoples’ Public Trust, and what it potentially means for the freedom of humanity.

Following on from the disclosure of the One Peoples’ Public Trust, over the last month or so, Freedom Central explores the potential for possibly the biggest break we as humanity have had in our battle for freedom.

“This is either the biggest hoax of our time, or the biggest break humanity has ever had”

Mel V – Freedom Central

“From the old paradigm banking position, right now, the People’s Trust and the One People, All Equally, have the only valid, lawful, legal commercial paper worth anything on the Planet! And as far as what’s backing it, truly what’s backing it is Prime Value, but as of right now, all the gold, silver and precious metals is backing it!”

— Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf,
Trustee, One People’s Public Trust 1776

It was a great show, if I must say so myself… I’m such an Anarchist!

Angel Lucci