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Published on Dec 30, 2013

I just finished listening to the Bashar YT video, Time to Change Your Governments []. His answers were, as they often are, trite and condescending. “It’s your government; change it.” Fuck you, Bashar! You provide ZERO practical advice to the problems in human society. You, not the lady asking the questions, are missing the point. You’re the one who doesn’t let it sink in. We live in a convoluted system where everything is a lie. It’s all inside out and upside down. Many of us want to change it and have worked long and hard to make positive changes; yet we always fall short of real change. We need help, not meaningless platitudes, to level the playing field. If you can’t “get it” from the human perspective and are unwilling to do anything constructive, SHUT THE HELL UP!


Fuck you Bashar! I didn’t say that! But I agree Ron! We all need to hit the streets and bring this fraudulent system down! Fuck Obama!


Bashar – Time to Change your Governments


Have any of you thought seriously about us
being the change and just doing it!

I know it’s old paradigm, but fuck, I Am so sick of the system!

Let pull away from the system.  Let it fucking die.

Consider for you value and abundance: I-OPEEN