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Global Foreclosure – OPPT-IN

updated 15th February 2013 – The most important shift in the history of the Universe is happening right now. OPPT, the One People’s Public Trust are a group of seriously bright individuals who have worked out that in order for the system to change, we have to unite and create a new system, a completely new paradigm. The OPPT have constructed and served UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) legal filings and therefor foreclosed against every central bank, state institution and government worldwide. How did they do this, well it’s simple when you realise that they are all set up as CORPORATIONS, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington D.C. Even the Pope has resigned to try and avoid arrest.

So out of this action of foreclosure came an idea, a thought for an open co-creation and collaboration to spread the message of the OPPT and make this movement and new paradigm a reality. From a single thought emerged the OPPT-IN campaign with website, Radio programs, PR material and other global initiatives. A global and viral image campaign based on the meme’s of FREEDOM, PEACE NOW, UNIVERSAL PEACE, NOVA GAIA, FREEDOM REIGNS, LOVE RULES and of course FORECLOSURE was launched. This image campaign went viral around the entire globe with millions now tuning into the OPPT website, radio shows and joining the groups on Facebook. People everywhere are OPPTing IN and creating this NOVA GAIA (New Earth). NOVA GAIA is RISING.

For more information on how you can literally set yourself FREE from debt and the old system of control visit OPPT and check out the legal UCC filings of The One People’s Public Trust.

Do the right thing and follow your heart. Millions have decided to OPPT-IN by posting their photograph and message on the OPPT-IN Facebook page. – For detailed updates and explanation of the OPPT. – For all original legal UCC flings, Trustee Bonds and information regarding the CVAC (Creator’s Value Asset Center).


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