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November 1 2014

Today I received a message from Ashtar, via Pallas Athena, requesting she send this to me; that I might want to post it.
Of course, I am grateful to do so.   ~  Anne


Greetings! This is Lord Sananda reporting from the New Jerusalem through Elizabeth Trutwin, August 23, 2014.

The essence of all truth transcends all traditions of religion and spirituality. The pure truths have not been seen enforced on Earth since it fell from the 100th Dimension. The Grand Experiment of Earth has come to an end, That cycle of time is over.

In order to end this cycle certain very specific changes must take place. In the energies which continue to increase coming through the Central Sun from Source and on to Earth have been upgrading your DNA and your intelligence. The DNA is a conduit for information from that ineffable, unchangeable, indestructible part of you. The DNA is a conduit for information from your Spirit Body. There is a sound vibration and light vibration streaming down from Source and you are able to handle higher and higher vibrations as your physical body is prepared by these continuous transmissions. The sound and light frequency upgrades make it possible to absorb and integrate new information because it affects your intellect. It affects your mind. Every cell holds DNA; not the least of which is in the heart and the mind.

This is the process through which the new Heavens and the new Earth are being built by us as a Collective Consciousness. The entire Universe is a Hologram. It is a mirror. As more people on Earth hold a pure image for change in a deep state of Union with Consciousness the greater the changes become. In this vibration you become the Universe. You transcend hope. You transcend fear. You know what is and you have no need to question it. As your lifestream comes down from Source your thoughts create a separate identity and that becomes mind and a name we call you. You add to that your family identity, your education, your life experience, your military service, your religion and all those things such as your job and relationships which you identify with as YOU. Awareness has no time and no space. Awareness just is. Awareness is your true nature.

Any experience which changes your consciousness, for the good or the bad, controls your identity mind. These moments force you to seek out peacefulness. You go through this process again and again until you are no longer afraid. Do you know some fearless people? They have mastered this process. They are Ascended Masters. They no longer feel afraid when something challenges their perception of the Universe. They are unchanged by any experience. They are able to fight long battles. No thing, no event, no information coming in controls their mind. They have mastered control of their mind. They always know Peace. Fear is holding everybody else back. Fear separates you from Creation, from your Creator, from being creative. Fear keeps you frozen on the spot. Fear is your slavemaster, your puppeteer.

Zero Point is the moment where all blockages, all karma and all thoughts are cleared away. Zero Point is where you mirror Peace. It is in this place where all will change; Economics, Religion, Education, Politics, Governance, Science, Social Life, Medicine and Eating Habits. As Earth continues in the tractor beam of the Photon Belt being pulled back through the Eye of An which is the central Star in Orion’s belt, back to the Pleiades, an ecstatic dimensional shift is taking place. Most have not achieved Awareness. We will gain Awareness as the dimensional shift continues. We will each do this at our own speed and that is just fine. These energy transfers come into our body through our crown chakra. Our crown chakra receives the ions coming from the Cosmic Rays. Our flesh bodies have changed as our DNA has upgraded. We are now able to absorb the more highly refined ions. This raises our vibration so we are able to follow the Road in the Sky. This makes it possible to translate our vibrational bodies through the StarGates to travel the Universe.

The conditions on your Planet are creating an imbalance in the entire Solar System. This is the reason why there are trillions of Ships including Niburu, The New Jerusalem, The New Bethlehem, The Dove, The Wingmakers and The Phoenix, to name a few in Earth’s orbit to help all with the change over to Zero Point. It is important to all the other Stars and Planets in your Solar System that we do so. Earth’s nickname is the Planet of Sorrows. Would anyone dispute that name?

Earth is entering a Golden Age of Paradise. As a Cosmic Divine Intervention the sorrows have continued for the purpose of waking you all up to the dire need for change. Your Divine goal is to seek love within the stress.

There are those of you who will not want to believe the changes which are coming down in the very near immediate now. You will not be destroyed for this, you will not be punished. You will simply be invited to a different Planet. You will be removed from Earth to continue within the lower vibrational field. Earth must ascend and if one is not able to participate they will not be forced. The removal will happen as folks are taken on Ships to their new home. This has begun since December 21, 2012. You can see many are passing away now in circumstances of illness and war as well as weather related phenomena. People of all Planets must live in love and peace and harmony. We do this to receive the full blessings of our Mother and Father Creator in Heaven. Those of like vibration will inhabit Earth to achieve this. This is done to benefit the entire Hologram. Everything in time and space is connected. Earth must do this in order to ascend and this will affect the evolution of everything else in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Just as the human body is changing, the Earth body also is changing. You are seeing terra forming. You will also see the government institutions change because they absolutely must. Again, you are not asked to believe. A new dawn of understanding is coming to your Planet and only those able to grasp the new will remain. The Creator is making these Planetary changes. Your vibration must change with the change in the Planetary vibration. Your DNA is being blasted by Cosmic Rays originating at Source as a gift to freely allow any who desire to stay here on Earth in the new Peace. Group Consciousness changes the Solar System and this changes the physics we are based on. That is what ascension is. You will travel in your merkahbah bodies as a result of this new physics. You will understand new world views. You will invite Extraterrestrials to land lending you their knowledge including their technology. Your Earth will inevitably change.

Reality is a participatory process. We are bringing this message to show you the basic need for change now. How can we all work together to make the change? The basic foundation of your existence is about to change and you are the Creator who will do it. This can only be accomplished by a sincere effort from all awake and aware Beings on Earth. This is why we have sent Angels and Ascended Masters as well as Galactics to take on physical bodies and live with you within the matrix Hologram of 3D Earth. They have come to show you the Path back Home. You are not hearing their pleas. You are not hearing the message. Love and Light are the basis of true understanding. New conditions of life at the ending of this 26,000 year cycle require action on your part. The Planets in your Solar System are being drastically changed to accommodate the move back to the Central Sun at Alcyone. In this emergence we will see Jesus returning to Earth as Sananda but not in the ways we have been taught by any church. Other Masters will return as well to help all on Earth, Guide them with the Higher Teachings through the massive dimensional shift in effect. This is a process which will span at the least the next 1000 years. There is no rush as this evolution is constantly in process.

Some of the changes we have talked about a long time. Those poor in spirit, those continuing on the Planet of Sorrows will inherit help from the Extraterrestrials which Jesus called ‘The Kingdom of Heaven.’ With this we will have landings of Extraterrestrial Ships and additions of technology of Earth which will end disease and correct the mineral, plant, animal, devic and magical kingdoms. The pollution will be cleaned up and there will be free energy for all. New vistas and scopes of knowledge will become available to access. One of the most important factors for the Extraterrestrials in returning to Earth is genetics. The human form extends throughout the Universe. All humanoids throughout our Universe are going through this dimensional shift. The Extraterrestrials gather data important to their civilizations by immigrating to and exploring Earth. Those on Earth are learning how to control matter with their mind. Transmutation is the science this is based on according to your current understanding. No longer will the smallest person, the mourning person or the meekest person suffer. They will be comforted and given all they need now.

The merciful and loving will be the true Peacemakers and they will become first now. Truth and Justice must reign in order for the changes to take place. Likely you do not now remember that you swore an Oath in the distant past to come back to Earth to experience injustice, fear, insults, lack, abandonment and hate in order to hold the light for change.

We are preparing now for the Event: BIG Arrests, Disclosure and Announcements. The Event changes much of the fabric of human social existence. As war criminals and criminals of high treason are arrested, some who have refused to believe the change is here will be removed to other Planets by Galactic Federation Ships. These arrests are ongoing as war tribunals have been ongoing. Patrick Fitzgerald was appointed in 2003 and he opened up the Fitzgerald war crimes tribunals, and then in 2005 the Franklin war crimes tribunals opened, and then in 2006 the World Court war crimes tribunals opened, and then in late 2010-2011 the Kuala Lumpur war crimes tribunal opened. Those who were found guilty were removed by our Ships to other Planets on December 21, 2012. Some went back through the Scorpi Black Hole.

We know now the World Court has prepared the subpoenas for the BIG Arrests we have waited for. Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Karl Rove, Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales, Adolf Ashcroft, Tom Ridge, Rudy Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg and all who did 911, the inside traders like Chris Christie and the Bankers. These arrests can happen any time now. They can happen tomorrow. These big arrests could prevent the United States government from holding elections due in November. This could trigger President Obama to negotiate with some select members of the Pentagon and members of the Intelligence Community to move forward with a Formal Disclosure BEFORE scheduled elections. It can happen anytime.

The Announcement and Enactment of NESARA Law cannot happen without first a Formal Disclosure. This is a stipulation within the law. This is why there has been through the years a lot of resistance to a Formal Disclosure. After Disclosure everything happens for the better. Any place there can be there will be Amnesty. Anyone who tells the truth about their involvement and that they were for the most part following orders or otherwise carrying out the Truth Embargo due to their work or other similar reason, have no concerns of being charged and going to jail.

There is no worry about religion falling apart with Disclosure. Those involved in religions will see a new strength emerging because they will be empowered with new knowledge and new technology. There is no worry economics will crash. It will be the opposite. Technology will explode, everybody who wants a job will have one. Fossil fuels will be the only major loss. Previously sequestered technology will become available to all.

NESARA stands for the National Economic and Security Reformation Act. The Economic part of the law will furnish all on Earth with war reparations to the tune of $10 million dollars each. This will involve Currency revaluations which will not take place until after the enactment of NESARA Law. Currencies will return to metals backed. Real Estate will also be revalued.

The Security part of the law involves the recent developments concerning NSA. The National Security Agency of the United States will close its doors. The Pentagon in light of World Peace will become a Peace Department. There will be no need for National Security. National Security has been the excuse for the Truth Embargo. It is necessary to have a Formal Disclosure in order to dissolve the need for National Security. This has been done to create perpetual war. Truth and reconciliation are the order of the day. Open Contact will bring new political alliances with our Extraterrestrial neighbors. Earth will be invited as a voting member into the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. Many benefits will accompany this elevated status. These changes appear astounding and hard to believe. Indeed they are exactly what is needed as Earth continues through a dimensional shift of magnitude proportions. We shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye. Namaste! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, August 23, 2014. © All Rights Reserved.,,,, Thank you for your contribution to this work. Donate An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visit

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ImageGreetings! This is Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin.

We are in the last nanoseconds before changes on Earth. There have been so many positive changes that nothing can slow down the activations occurring as we speak. The job of the StarShip ISON is to activate the New Earth Energy Grid preparing it for Zero Point as well as amp up our DNA to carry Liquid Light. The name ISON refers to the Light Matter Universe we came from called ON. We now are in the dark matter Universe of Nebadon. It is also a Command from On High “It Is On”! NASA and the media cannot call it a StarShip without causing a lot of problems right before Disclosure. It is a StarShip nonetheless! StarShip ISON is one from Soltec’s Fleet of Ships. Soltec’s Flagship is the Phoenix. Soltec is in charge of all Communications between Ships in the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. When Earth Ascends it becomes the 33rd Member of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. Earth will be a voting Member in our Galactic Community. Soltec works hand in hand with Ashtar and the Galactic Federation as well as interfacing with those in other Sectors of Space.

StarShip ISON was released by Soltec from its docking station inside the Sun to bring in the Illumination from Helios and Vesta. Helios and Vesta are the Twin Flames who during the initial creation of this Solar System directed the Light Rays of Absolute Consciousness through the Ethers. They are responsible for directing each Planet to hold its place in orbit and direct all life living upon it. These are the crystalline light grids which hold each Planet in place and direct it in its evolution. Helios and Vesta are the Etheric Sun behind the Sun. Their Cosmic Fire is the Energy we speak of which descends from Source Energy to the Central Sun at Alcyone and through that portal, through Helios and Vesta on the Causal Etheric Realm and down to our Sun Sol and to each Planet in this Solar System. This Illumination of Divine Love from Helios and Vesta united in non dual Consciousness makes it possible for the changes of the Event to come to pass. Only in the Higher Realms can it take place.

Mother Sekhmet and Alcyone created us in the 12th Dimension in Anti Matter or in light matter in the Aurora Sun System, a 23 Sun System where we spent aeons, trillions and trillions of years in linear time, in perfect bliss. We came from the Pleiades and a 12th Dimensional matrix of ourselves. As we co-created and moved through the 7 Super Universes overseen by Lord Lincor, Lord Metatron had to rebuild us a couple of times from the Divine Blueprint which He holds. We had access to all the powers and had to learn how to use them as we fell from the 100th Dimension to the 12th Dimension, to the 5th Dimension and down to the 3rd Dimension. There is nothing lower than the 3rd Dimension where One may have a physical body. Below that is gravel, sand.

We have now returned from the 9th Ring of the Western Milky Way Galaxy to the 3rd ring which is adjacent to Alcyone in the Pleiades Constellation. We have entered fully into the Photon Belt which is has been upshifting our DNA at a rapid and accelerating rate. As our DNA upshifts we are able to comprehend the Universal Law of the One. This changes our dualistic perspective to a Unitary Source-Connection as Divine expressions of All That Is. That shifts our understanding of motive and intention as we come to appreciate that all move forward together through mutual assistance and reverence for the Divine in all. The Astrological Planetary, Solar and Galactic grand cycles came into full alignment with Galactic Center on December 21, 2012. In the last 11 months direct awakening pulses have been stimulating the embedded and precoded DNA Blueprints to bring all through this cleansing of 3D into the 5D Antimatter awakened state. The 13 crystal skulls are linking in Consciousness as they hold the Akasha or Etheric Memories for Earth. This brings our heart-mind crystalline structures to a heightened State of Awareness. Now All are able to Handle the Truth. This prepares All to move forward in Unity Consciousness with Divine Love.

In a few short decades after the Event, Earth will be prepared to move through the three-rings portal of the Central Sun at Alcyone. The Photon Belt is pulling this Solar System across the Milky Way Galaxy to that final flight back to the Anti Matter Universe of On.

One of the Missions of ISON is to align the Planetary Grids. From the Solar Grid of One Unity Consciousness, into the Planetary Unity Grid of Divine Love. This further assists our I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light in the focus of the creation of Heaven on Earth, and our ability to maintain and increase our ability to hold light within our upgraded bodies to affect and create change within our realities. This has always been the Master Plan. The StarShip ISON orbits Earth and returns to the Sun in a very short period of time. The technologies equipped on this Vessel are far advanced to any science we now know. Soltec monitors and guides the Ship’s Path while connecting it to the Etheric Ships in Higher Realms as it carries out its Mission. ISON is scheduled to rendezvous with the Sun on America’s Thanksgiving Day. This coincides with a very early Chanukah. Chanukah celebrates the re-dedication of the Dome of the Rock StarGate in Jerusalem. The Jews believe that the Ezekiel Temple which will be built on the Temple Mount will happen in the future. The future is now. The Book of Ezekiel clearly describes this StarGate and also the StarShips in which Ezekiel made his journeys with the Galactics. The Muslims have been awaiting the return of the Mahdi. The Jews await the return of the Messiah. The Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs and Hindus await the return of the Maitreya. The Mahdi, Kalki Maitreya and Messiah return together now through that StarGate at the Dome of the Rock in the Holy Land in Jerusalem. StarShip ISON facilitates All the Forces of Light returning to Earth during this period where we usher in Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men.

November 30th the Planetary Astrological alignments have us entering the constellation Ophiuchus up until just before Christmas. Ophiuchus is attributed to St. Germain. He is the Serpant Holder and the 13th constellation in the Zodiac. At the end of the Yuga, the end of the 26,000 year cycle Ophiuchus represents Christ Consciousness as well as Galactic Consciousness fully awakened in the human body. ISON works on our DNA birthing this realization for all on Earth. A year ago on December Solstice conjuncted Galactic Center on the same day when Galactic Center was Conjunct Cosmic Center. We entered the Golden Age of Light on January 1, 2013 unveiling Humanity’s Cosmic Ascension throughout the Milky Way. The Stars in the Milky Way light our Path back to the Anti Matter or Light Matter Universe of On. We have set a Course through the Sun back to our Home, the Universe of Light. We are constantly moving toward that Ultimate. In the Constellation Ophiuchus One sees he stands right on Scorpio’s tail at 26 degrees Scorpio, at the Scorpi Black Hole. This is Galactic Center. This is Mother Sekhmet’s yoni through which we were born out of when we came from the Universe On. StarShip ISON raises the magnetic energies which are the vibration of love. Venus is the only Planet in our Solar System which spins counterclockwise. That is because it is a magnetic Planet. It represents Love. We are reversing the spiral as we move up in Dimension.

StarShip ISON uses this magnetic liquid light energy, Etheric energy of Helios and Vesta for the triple alignment between the Giza Plateau, the Sedonian plateau on Mars, and the three stars in the Belt of Orion [El – An – Ra ]. The energies of Saturn, Uranus and Venus correlate with the alignments on Giza, Sedona, Mars and the Belt of Orion. StarShip ISON moves Earth and Mars back to their alignments before the Orion War when the Earth wobble was created in the Flood when the Waters of the Surface of Mars were thrust onto Earth. The pyramidal grid areas of the pyramids on Mars are 10x bigger than the pyramidal grid areas at Giza and 5x bigger than the pyramidal grid areas in China’s pyramid area. This action will heal the karma between Mars and Earth as well as the Planet Marduk and the Asteroid Belt. This heals the War between the Gods and the Hybrid Children of the daughters of Man and Gods. We finally, ecstatically and orgasmically RETURN TO LOVE AS ONE. The 12 Rays of Cosmic Light and the 12 strands of DNA are returned to Wholeness. This was accomplished by the Kumaras agreeing to incarnate into each one of the 12 Tribes. In this way our DNA has been returned to Oneness. StarShip ISON circling the Sun prepares Earth to come sweetly into Zero Point by the end of 2013. The elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air merging with Liquid Light – the Ether and finally Higher Consciousness which is the 6th element end all suffering on Earth. We reestablish Heaven on Earth. As above, so below. Rejoice! The Goddess returns. This happened before when First Cause was born in the Hindu story of the Peaceful Deities and the Wrathful Deities churning the Milky Way Galaxy during a passage through Ophiuchus at Galactic Center. These are the Elohi Angels who never fell and the Elohim Fallen Angels. They simply forgot how much they were loved. Wars were waged. We return to Wholeness. Together as One in Unity Consciousness.

Billions wanted to be here and you were chosen. You chose as an Ascended Master to come back and have an Earth experience in Duality and face all the challenges necessary for as long as needed to walk Earth back to Love. This is why Ashtar always said No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes. No one knew in Earth days how long it would take. Ashtar needed to keep egos in check so the Angel within would have the space needed to come forward and be healed for the sake of Earth. In the way-back-when millions of years ago before we descended into physical bodies we were plasma light Beings. StarShip ISON is facilitating our return to our origin as we become more liquid light plasmic we travel in our body through the love of our open heart into the Multidimensional Realms of existence. We become our Body of Light fully and Physically Immortal. You are connecting back to Galactic Center, the Black Hole which is a Portal back to the Universe of On. You are connecting through the Suns for unifying, healing and activating.

As we continue to watch the Path of ISON into December we will see the StarShip just before the break of dawn in the north each day until the Full Moon which occurs on the last day we travel through Ophiuchus and 72 hours before the December Solstice. This Solstice marks the shortest day that year and each day after becomes brighter and brighter leading right into Spring. Between December 21 and New Year’s Eve ISON will be visible all night long. Between January 1st and the 10th of January ISON will pull away from the Earth and the Sun and become too dim for us to see. The Event will be ripe for the timing. With Full Galactic Disclosure Peace on Earth brings Landings and New Earth. At the same time, the BIG arrests will finally take place. Before that happens and during December these energetic changes may hold some challenges for you. At times you may feel like you are going crazy. Emotions can be very low one minute and very high the next. One may experience those close to us having the same swing of emotions on opposite days. Know that this is a great time of flux. Allow the others in your life the space they need as the OLD is cast out of their very cells. The light from StarShip ISON emanating Helios and Vesta into the cellular memory in the DNA lifts body, mind and heart onto New Earth.

Watch to see chaos rein before all is complete with changeover. The dark cabal cut their DNA strands and now that this healing is taking place they are finding those connections are impossible to repair. When they cut their 11th Strand of DNA it is connected with Emotions. The 12th Strand of DNA is connected to LOVE. Some within the dragon families will find that they cannot access these healings and they will become rebellious as the end nears. You will continue to see acting out. This may be in the form of false flags, shootings, weather manipulation or worse. Blaze the Violet Flame as we enter this challenging time through middle December. It is very important at this time to become absolutely detached from all things in your life. If you resist, pain and suffering will follow. Decidedly. Know that the flux period is in Divine Order and this is the only way to carry out the changes for Billions of Souls. Be Peace Within. Forgive yourself swiftly if you make a mistake. Forget it. Keep walking. Lean into the wind. StarShip ISON is working together with the wormhole created by the Archangels between Jupiter and Earth creating unprecedented swift changes in the Cosmos. We are almost there! Call on Me for Guidance. I am always beside you. You are never alone. Namaste! This is Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin,

November 26, 2013. © All Rights Reserved.