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Today I Am making an Analysis of the following Article: “ReDefining God: An Illustrative Example of False-Light Deception: the OPPT (Update 1)”.  I Am qualified in making this analysis because this author is putting false accusations against:

  • The One known as Angel Lucci (I Am would be that One)
  • The One People and the One People Public Trust

Part of I Am wants to blow this off, but I want to use this to show every One how religion and ignorance of the knowledge of Love can make a person judge another One, without knowing the One or even failing to do the due-diligence in researching the full story.  I Am sure Ken and I would probably get along if he really knew me.  I might not agree with his religious views and that’s OK!  There is both truth and non-truths in religious materials and One must seek Truth from the One.  Also, as you shall see, I can be a smart-ass if the occasion presents itself.  This just happens to be one of those occasions.

I learned years ago, while I had my time in the religious circles (I’ve always walked in the Spirit and have never participated in religious bigotry.), never to judge any One based on another One’s analysis of that One being accused. I repented after meeting the One accused and determined after coming to know this individual, that the One bringing judgement against the One did so without knowing the One he accused.

Therefore, I will make comments “quoted in red lettering” throughout the initial part of the article.  Those who met me during the One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour may comment to this article on my blog if you feel so led to DO!

Love Every One of You,


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 A resource for the awakening human: An Illustrative Example of False-Light Deception: the OPPT (Update 1)

While I was formulating the follow-up to my last entry, the OPPT caught my attention once again. Upon doing my periodic monitoring of them on the Removing the Shackles blog, this article caught my attention. Apparently, one of the major actors in the group is doing a motorcycle tour, and I couldn’t help but notice the symbolism on her hog…

Ken, this chick has a dick! Obviously, you failed to do your research because this would have been apparent. Also, I Am not an actor, I Am Eternal Essence Embodied in a Living Soul absent limits and have known who I Be since I was a young man.  My Calling and place at this time in history is ordained by the Most High.  I Am a History Maker!

Now calling this One’s motorcycle a Hog, is like this One calling you a Pig!  And although I may say you lean towards being a religious bigot, that would be based only on your writing about this One.  And why in hell would you want to Redefine God?  God is Love and Light!  The Source needs no redefining.

By the way, the motorcycle happens to be a Yamaha Warrior:  1700 CC, 102 Cubic Inches of pure power with some great Japanese engineering!  Also don’t mess with this “Iron-Butt” who put 1150+ miles in 18 hours on the last day of a two and a half week The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour!  If you had a tour, would it be called “Let’s Divide and Judge the Peoples” Tour?  Just asking Dude

You do know that by the same standard that One sets to judge another One or their motives, by that standard you also will be judged.  Remember, every time you point a finger in judgement at another One, three (3) fingers of judgement are being pointed at you!

…I’ve circled the words on the gas tank, “Streets of Love,” with pink of course. And in red, I’ve circled the Punisher logos and skull. This is a prime example of how the false-light folks speak of love and light with saccharin sweetness, yet show you the truth of who they are through their symbols.

Streets of Love – unconventional has been in existence since 2005 when I first entered the biker community after leaving the church.  I left the church to become a “Born-Again Heathen” (that will give give you something to write about Ken).  Actually, I left because of the advise of a pastor who seemed to contradict the Word as it related to the family relationship. I Am well known around these parts and feel that I have many close friends in and outside of the biker community in this country as well as several foreign countries where I have touched other Eternal Essences Embodied.  I Am one big fucking Ball of Sunshine Brother!

Of course, seeing the Punisher logo on her bike reminded me of some other folks I’ve seen recently…

The Punisher Logo is from the Marvel Comic know as “The Punisher”.  There is also a movie by the same title.  Yes it is used by many in the intelligence world, police, and even in the biker world.  I like skulls and have come to look at them as the Mayans’ view it, a symbol of eternal life.  Do the research! 

Christianity has given us wars, division of the One, hypocrisy, and a bunch of religious dogma that leads to confusion of the People.  It’s my observation and research of how the world’s major religions have operated for the cabal that are now being brought to justice by the OPPT and the One People of the Earth.

I also couldn’t help but notice a document she featured in the article…

…the “Creator’s End Game Agreement,” eh? Hmmm… nothing ominous about that title, is there?

Again, if you had really done the research and due-diligence of the OPPT, you would not be making these statements.  I have found, those who do not, make their decisions based on what others have said or they did not understand the documents, so they attack them as nonsense and irrelevant. 

Since they kindly placed themselves back on my radar, I thought I might combine and repost my old articles on the OPPT so all the new readers can see an alternative perspective on them. I’ll begin with the symbolism of their logo, which I wrote about back on January 7….

The Symbology of the “One People’s Public Trust”

To get at the truth of the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT), let’s start at the beginning: its logo. As all should know by now, secret societies are big into symbolism, and it doesn’t take a whole lot of expertise to decipher what they’re trying to say with the OPPT symbol.

If the people behind the OPPT were just the regular-type people they claim to be, I’d expect them to use a very straightforward and informative logo, if any at all. Instead, what they show us is this…

Besides the black and gold color scheme which matches that of the planet Saturn and the Saturn Death Cult

…take note of some other design elements:

> If you look at the picture in the middle of the logo, the golden element on top is a stylized sun, and it is rising over a dark ground. This symbolizes a sunrise, or to be more precise, “the Dawn of a New Day,” which is a common theme among engineered “people’s revolutions.” To better understand this theme, seek out Jordan Maxwell’s Dawn of a New Day on YouTube and watch it.

> You will also notice that they included Saturnian rings in the design, and those rings are around the stylized sun, so the sunrise actually depicts the rise of the “second sun.” To understand the meaning of this, Google the following terms and scan through some of the results (it won’t take a lot of reading to get the gist of it):

the second sun Saturn

Saturn and Satan

the Saturnian Society

> In a concurrent design element, they placed Saturnian rings around both the solar element on top and the dark element on bottom. I interpret this as showing Saturn (Satan) going from being occulted (hidden) to showing itself for all to see.

> You’ll further notice that there is a ring around the top ray of the sun, and it looks like a crown.

So if you put it all together, the symbol depicts the dawn of a new day in which Saturn/Satan, who has been hidden, rises and is crowned for all to see.

We’ve all read this bullshit above about how the OPPT logo is cabal inspired.  People give too much energy to the cabal and to the symbolism.  As I have said, do not judge any thing or any One, unless you desire to be judged by the same standard that you use.

If these OPPT guys are the sweet folks they claim to be, they sure picked some unfortunate symbolism, did they not? Why would they innocently pick such strange design elements? What are the odds that this is a coincidence or mistake? And if Satan (presumably an ET/ED creator-god being) is coming upon the earthly scene, will he come looking like an evil beast or a benevolent angel? Which manifestation would draw in more people?

Leadership Marketing, the OPPT, and Progressive Disengagement

Watching the whole One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) drama unfold, a famous quote ascribed to Vladimir Lenin comes to mind:

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

And the Cabal has taken this concept of leading the opposition and refined it to a precise science and high art. Using their polling organizations, their spies, and their apparatus for eavesdropping on telecommunications of all sorts, they keep a close watch on public sentiment and carefully monitor the buzz surrounding any ideas that could cause them problems. If they see energy building around the idea of “we’ve been taxed enough, already,” for instance, they spring into action to capture that energy and control how it manifests itself.

But how do they do this, you ask? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1) Using the data from their constant monitoring of us, they set about crafting a message that will resonate with those who are becoming disgruntled about a specific issue. And by utilizing such tools as focus groups, they condense their message down to a simple, highly effective set of talking points, soundbites and slogans.

In focus groups, Cabal propagandists gather a number of regular people who are of the demographic type they are targeting and have them listen to messages. As the people hear things they like, they turn a knob one way, and as they hear things they don’t like, they turn it the other way…

…By monitoring the graph of which way the people are turning their knobs, the propagandists see which specific messages are having the best impact. These popular messages become the talking points, soundbites and slogans they will use.

2) They select a charismatic Cabal minion to carry the message, and they set up and fund a “grassroots” movement/organization for people to join. In the specific case of disgruntled taxpayers, they set up Sarah Palin and the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party…

…”Just vote them out,” eh? That slogan must have tested well in the focus groups, bit it’s kinda hard to actually do when they program the voting machines.

3) This new false leader and controlled movement explode onto the scene, and people hear them talking about exactly what’s on their minds. The people then join the movement and rally around the false leader, and they are led down a long path which brings them to many wrong turns, dead ends, and even ambushes.

This process is what I call “leadership marketing,” and it is exactly what I’ve been seeing with the “Mass Arrests” bullsh*t, the One People’s Public Trust, and other such narratives and movements which have been distracting the awakening ones. If we go back to the Mass Arrests narrative from last year, my “paranoid” aspect (the same part of me that is sounding the alarm over the OPPT) anticipated its arrival. In my March 30, 2012 entry, I wrote…

“Of course, there is also a third possibility in all this: that the Cabal remains in firm control of Earth, and all the Illuminati factional infighting and ‘alien interventions’ are staged to create the appearance of a resistance in order to draw out all the opponents of the NWO. Now that the resistance victory is made to appear close, the last stragglers will come out of the woodwork to join the fight. Then, a bit later, the Cabal will unleash a ‘night of the long knives’ to slaughter us all in one fell swoop. While this is not my most favored scenario, it seems possible given what I do and don’t know.”


I Am finished evaluating this article.  I’ve never been One to operate in fear although I have judged through my own ignorance when I wore a younger man’s clothes.  The OPPT, now the One People, are making people mad, especially those who remain useful fools, to the cabal and to  the energy of the cabal’s deceptive acts and practices.  Do not feed the beast…

Focus only on those things that you desire to manifest.  I desire to live free any way I choose as long as no One or no thing is hurt or damaged through my creation.  Every thing we need to survive as a human beings has bee prepaid, pre-authorized, and pre-approved by the People’s Trust so therefore, every thing is free!  It has always been paid by the People’s Trust, it’s just, we have not been told and our value had been commandeered by the Cabal!  I think it’s time to change that and it take every One of the People to stand up and be the change you desire to see!

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