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The race to Underwrite DOVs – Why Limitations of Infinite Value are so Important

The Cross Roads

We are at a cross roads One People. For myself, I have grown so much over the past 6 months, learning about trust law, contract law.  Learning about Now we have a serious conceptual problem to solve: how do we Underwrite our DOV’s for a Bank to accept.

After listening to the show The One People 17/18 June 2013 and reading a lot of discussion threads on Facebook I have noticed a consistent reaction from the banks: Bank cannot accept Infinite Value as the “underwriting” for a DOV.

We are trying to deposit a DOV, a portion of our Infinite Value for conversion into cash, but what is the thing which gives a DOV its value?  For those who have been following this movement (not that I like that word) we are the source of the funds and it is our Infinite Value which underwrite the DOV’s, but the banking system has a major problem with that, as I will explain.

Lets put this in terms of a Contract so we an empathize with our new friends in the banking world, and see it from their perspective.

Contracts are Methods of Exchanging Value

I posted recently in the facebook group The One People: Shifting Banking Discussion Group the following and which summarizes the points at hand:

JD- Another point. A loan is a contract, wherein the bank “lends you money” and then you “work to pay it back” – in any contract there is value being exchanged between two parties.

In the present paradigm, we the borrowers are a party to the contract, for which we bring nothing to the table; 

There is a presumption the banker is operating from which is causing the acceptance issue. From the perspective of the bankers, a DOV drawing against something of INFINITE value has a nice ring to it, but how do you process the underwriting for this and send the paperwork upstairs? A DOV is a square peg trying to be crammed into a round hole.   The only role a banker is going to see you playing as is a debtor, borrower, etc, unless you are setting a new stage and dispel or rebut the presumption. Borrowers have to prove they are capable of paying back the loan (because the only thing of value they have to offer is their labor), this is done on the UNIFORM RESIDENTIAL LOAN APPLICATION, and then the bank SECURES the contract by putting up COLLATERAL, so the lender can receive remedy incase you default.

Underwriting is a Limitation

Underwriting Definition: Underwriting refers to the process that a large financial service provider (bank, insurer, investment house) uses to assess the eligibility of a customer to receive their products (equity capital, insurance, mortgage, or credit).

Limitation, as we will discuss later, is a way for us to create and manifest.  It is the Actual rendered from the Potential, and the system ‘underwrites’ your value by evaluating your ‘Actualizations’ your DOing to determine if your potential Labor in the future has value.  Underwriting evaluates the past to “predict the future.” As we can plainly see this underwriting process is only applied to your labor.

What we need is an underwriting process or technology that evaluates your potential against the Truth of what IS, your Eternal Essence Embodied, the Secured Assets in Trust, the 5 billion, etc.

Limitation is Not a Dirty Word

We hope Heather is working on is some way of Underwriting our DOV’s so a banker can understand how the value can be LIMITED in order for it to be converted. Yes we must “render” our infinite value into a limitation for conversion into other forms.  This is how creation works, we pull from the Eternal INfinite withIN and pull these pure energies threw the lenses of our spirit, body, and mind to bring forth our manifestations in the the world.

Some may say any limitation at all is a problem and we are “keeping the old system alive” by limiting ourselves in anyway.  For those who are familiar with the law of one series, the “Law of One” has many “distortions” which are just “spectra” or “iterations” of the fractal of creation (flavors if you will) limitation will not sound so bad. The Logos expresses it self into sub-logos, which express themselves into sub-sub-logos, and so on. With out limiting the expresion, making actual the potential, the logos cannot create.
We Limit our Infinite Value Now
We limit our Infinite Value now all day, every day and we may not release it.  Your constantly in a state of flow, give and take, with the universe at large around you.  This flow is “rendered” and “distorted” constantly into new and replete forms for other beings to make use of.  You desire a thing (think about the possibilities then you think of ways to make it happen (limit those possibilities based on their effectiveness) then actualize those possibilities by manifesting them, by DOing.  Given all of these concepts, when we consider the limiting our value in some way in order for it to have expression, it does not seem so horrible.  Limitation is a tool, with out it, you would not be able to know yourself, from the universe. Cast your hand up in front of your gaze and try to see it with out seeing the boundaries of the foreground against the background.
Potential is Infinite, Limitation is actualized out of the potential; it is manifested.
The Old System Values Labor (Slavery)The system at large only seems to value one thing, your labor or creative potential; which is another way of saying your energy or labor. Remember the elite do not need your money (by and large) they need your energy; to keep you slaving away. I suspect this is why most bankers are trained subconsciously to scoff at the idea of a service fee in exchange for the DOV, and why the system only recognizes labor as a form of value; the other form being Collateral or assets.

How Limitation works in the Current Paradigm

The name of the game here is to limit you and what you bring as much as possible so as to give favorable bias to the other party to the contract; the lender. This is also the piece of technology which Underwrites your value via evaluations and limitations. As we all know these contracts are not transparent and the entire process is filled with Deceptive Acts and Practices.

Lets consider what the present paradigm uses to limit our Infinite Value; our labor over time.  As I mentioned above, a UNIFORM RESIDENTIAL LOAN APPLICATION. Lets go over these sections, looking with the ‘eyes of understanding’ for what each piece of technology is achieving. (if your having trouble reading the images below you can download a pdf here:
• Limitation #0 – Before we even get started, lets acknowledge the biggest limitation and presumption, you are an applicant, a debtor.  Even though in reality you are the creditor and the source of the value.  Before you even start putting pen to paper you are being limited: this piece of technology is for debtors, are you a debtor or the creditor? Know Thy Self.
• Limitation #1 – Borrower/Co Borrower – Seems like a silly point to bring up, but when were talking about absolutes, your BEing, this is a pretty huge limitation; you just went from ALL THAT IS, Eternal Essence Embodied to.. Borrower/Co Borrower, an applicant, a beggar.
• Limitation #2 – All of the “terms” of the loan and what type are limiting. Higher the Interest Rate the longer your going to need to slave away.  Definitely a limitation. Considering this is not really a loan in a true sense this is a most interesting portion of the form.
• Limitation #3 – Another whopping limitation. Your value is your time, but since your word and promise to pay isn’t worth much (so they would have us believe), we have to have 2 forms of value backing the deal, your promise to pay and the Collateral or Security Interest.  Your home is put up as a “back up” in case you default, held in dishonor, and cannot/will not pay back the loan. Your Infinite Value isn’t even being considered here, your no more then how hard you can work.  Further we are tricked into agreeing to put up an asset as collateral. Nice for the other party to the contract, they can get paid twice for the same deal!
• Limitation #4 – Purpose of Loan. Why would the purpose be factor? Is not your word to pay it back good enough? Nope your a ward of the state remember.  You cannot be trusted, yet we are forced to trust the other party.
• Limitation #5 – Enter the Strawman.  Here we have your Corporate Person being asked about: “Name” (Corporations have names, living flesh and blood beings have ‘Given Names’ and ‘Surnames’ – for example I am Sovereign Justin of the house Deschamps who is the sole beneficiary, executor and trustee of the legal fiction JUSTIN DESCHAMPS).
• Limitation #6 – Social security number (this is where you put your ward number, the thing that voluntarily says you give up your executive powers over your Estate, your PERSON, to the government to run for “social security”) more on this further down.
• Limitation #7 – Martial Status (because when you get married you enter into a three party agreement with the state, your Legal Person and another Legal Person (your spouse) to “Bind your Estates”). Any limitations they can pull from your spouse, they will, even if they are not a borrower, a-party to the contract.
• Limitation #8 –  This where your Strawman is located, your Residential Address, and also the physical location of the ‘body’ which is the property of the Vatican voluntarily given up during the registration of your Birth Certificate; you have POSSESSION of your body, but the Vatican hold the TITLE.
• Limitation #9 – Your Employer Information. Really this is the next level of employment information, your social security number is what lists you as an employee of the UNITED STATES Inc. or your EIN (Employee Identification Number); and eligible for benefits as a trustee thereto.  This section is for limiting how you can pay back the loan, your labor, and how the products of that labor are limited, the debits or debts on the Stawman.
• Limitation #10 – Debt to Income Ratio section.  Your labor is measured against your other expenses (limited again).  Historical data is the only relevant thing here, your potential creative output is discarded as having value; ironically if it wasn’t for your creative potential (the promise to pay in the future with your labor) the whole loan would fall apart.
• Limitation #11 – More limitations placed on your labor and your assets, the hard value. Do you owe anything on your other assets. Are they paid in good standing. Are there any “liens on your Person” in other words.
• Limitation #12 – Details of the loan, more ways of limiting the agreement and ensuring that your are able to “make good” on the loan. If you are not using it for a purpose that they approve appropriate, approval rejected!
• Limitation #13 – Declarations – this is a big one.  Here we have admissions you make which allow the bank to reject the loan and alter the terms to be more favorable for them; subprime, points etc.  In reality the entire document is set up this way, but this section is literally an inquisition.
• Limitation #14 – The Big Kahuna! This is where all the magic happens. This is where the living blood BEing breaths life into this contract with your wet ink signature.  Your BEing uses your PERSON to Contract with the Banks to Limit your Infinite Value.
• Limitation #15 – Race Information, not a big one in comparison to the others, but it definitely is a limitation; are we not all One People?
• Limitation #16 – The only limitation which the other party has to enter into here, pretty out of balance agreement wouldn’t you say?  Another flesh and blood BEing uses their PERSON to Contract with you, the borrower.  This is what makes it a contract, and this is what makes it the most important document in the entire “loan” agreement.
‘Pointing’ to Value – CVAC System and UCC Fillings

I speculate we can ‘point to’ the UCC filings and the value that was secured by the CVACs to underwrite the DOV’s in some way.  Remember there was 5 Billion secured for each embodiment and another 5 billion for those claiming damages.  Quiet possibly Heather has produced documents (or is working on documents) which do this very thing.  Regardless of the specifics related to the actual documents one thing is clear if we want to transform the old system by depositing DOV’s we need to dawn our thinking caps, go within, and INpower our banking friends with truth.  We can meet them halfway and work with them to create/use technology to achieve our mutual goals.

Empathize with Your New Business Partner!

Put yourself in their shoes, try to understand what is needed from their end to “make the deal work.”  Remember we are all in this together (including the bankers) and brokering these new relationships with banks should not be an adversarial process if we want to win them to our side. As we hear about a lot these days, try to free yourself from expectations about the outcome and just “follow the energetic trail” and “your highest excitement.” Here are some questions I thought of to ask:

“What pieces of technology does the current system process we can use to deposit my DOV; how do we underwrite them?”

“What underwriting processes are available to recognize the UCC fillings and the CVAC systems?”

– Justin

I-OPEEN shut down at the end of may 2014
Thanks to all who participated

You are the bank

After considerable research, investigation, testing, and evaluation, we feel that CYCLOS is the Alternative Currency System that will meet our needs for the Open-Source Online Banking Software for I-OPEEN, International One People Eternal Essence Network.

I-OPEEN: the first Online, Direct-Access Value Exchange System
that allows YOU to deposit YOUR VALUE because YOU ARE the BANK


Revision 2.5 Changes

Money as Debt III – Evolution Beyond Money
– by Paul Grignon

Posted from:
Occupy Dame Street YouTube Channel

Published on May 1, 2012

A film called Money as Debt III – Evolution Beyond Money, released in 2011, presents Grignon’s ideas on the possible forms money may take in the future. Find out who are the actually Money Masters on the Earth today.

Actually how about NOW!


Revision 2 Changes

Wealth Inequality in America

Posted from: Politizane YouTube Channel

Published on Nov 20, 2012

Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is.



Mel Ve: Do we have a new financial system that is gold backed?

Karen: …when you say gold-backed; not entirely, no.  Because the idea is not that you have, um, what you call legal tender.  What right do people have to prevent other people from using the currency that they want and the most important currency, actually… is the local currency.  Things like the time banks. That will create very full employment.

– Karen Hudes, 42:35
Freedom Central Interview, 20 Nov 2013


There is also another profound thing you can do.  Which is to have the communities establish their own local currency which is traded among the local [businesses] …have each other agree on a media of exchange. This will stimulate the local economy.

– Karen Hudes, 1:42:14

Mad World: Karen Hudes – World Bank Whistle-Blower

Posted from: Mad World



On this episode of Mad World Antonia is joined by Karen Hudes, ex-employee for the World Bank Legal Dept. The information is this episode cannot be over-emphasized.

Please help us by spreading the word on your social media accounts.

Mad World airs every Thursday from 9pm and covers newsworthy issues that don’t always make it into the news. Join Antonia as she peels back the layers of reality that make up our Mad World.

To keep up to date with news, links and information from the Mad World show check out the group page here:…


Black’s Law 4th Edition

US Cases cited TP… CURRENCY.

Coined money and such banknotes or other paper money as are authorized by law and do in fact circulate from hand to hand as the medium of exchange.

  • Griswold v. Hepburn, 2 Duv., Ky., 33; Insurance Co. v. Kupfer, 28 Ill. 332, 81 Am.Dec.’ 284.

Certificates of deposit are “Currency.”

  • State ex rel. Cole v. Trimble, 307 Mo. 57, 269 S.W. 959, 961; Millikan v. SecurityTrust Co., 187 Ind. 307, 118 N.E. 568, 570.

Gold certificate held “currency”.

  • Nortz v. U. S., Ct.C1.,294 U.S. 317, 55 S.Ct. 428, 79 L.Ed. 907, 907 A.L.R.1346.

The term “money” is synonymous with “currency,” and imports any currency, token, bank notes, or other circulating medium in “general use as the representative of value”.

  • People v. Miller, 292 Ill. App. 643, 11 N.E.2d 827

– Richard, BWWEE Skype Room

Basically, IONS holds the same representation as any other money/currency/circulating medium – should we decide to allow it to represent our value equally with all other representations!


After a bit of hesitation, I decided to post this. Why the hesitation, you may (or may not) ask? When Max and Stacy talk about Bitcoin, and how the “value” has gone up dramatically in the past year, I am asking, “So is this another thing like buying a ‘stock’, and you have to ‘lucky enough’ or ‘perceptive enough’ to know when to get in, when to get out, and all that other stuff?”

I am NOT going to get into any system that does not recognize the only “value” there is… The value of “I Am”… “my Eternal Essence”. And how do you put a number on that? Whether it’s $ or pounds sterling, or ounces of gold, or silver, or BitCoins…

Maybe this is a step in a direction for the people, but I’m still wary of anything that someone like Max Keiser says is going to “increase in value”.

– Kauilapele


I-OPEEN Retail Posters

 Member Stores

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Streets of Love – unconventional

Revision 1 Changes 

Many changes have been made in this revision based on inputs from many others.

This is the Peoples’ Tool and I, Angel Lucci, value with gratitude and appreciation the wisdom shared by many People in Love and Understanding in recognition that I-OPEEN is the Peoples.

There has been many attacks on I-OPEEN by People who in their over-zealousness attack because of their programming and ignorance. Here are some of the comments:

Do your homework people, smells suss to me, monthly fees, use your drivers license or passport for ID, they’ll give you 1000 then some more. They are still in control of our money. We don’t need a middle man, just access to our value with the ability to transact directly with each other. Same girl new dress….again

This “comment” from Facebook could have been made without an attack on the character of the People behind it.  I actually do listen and want to meet ALL the peoples’ needs.  I want to share the entire exchange because the outcome was positive.  We all make mistakes and speak to quickly some times.  We all do it. We all are One.

  • David Ward  Sorry guy’s but this looks like a load of BS to me. There is an attempt here to give this CYCLOS new currency a value by giving it a relationship to a precious metal. We all know or should know by know that the gold standard Act was abolished in the UK in 1925. From that point on the value of the British pound was zero and the same value as monopoly money. This might be a painful fact but it is still a fact. Anything purchased with this zero value currency caries the value of that valueless currency. So the silver or gold is no longer a precious metal to give any form of value to another valueless currency. We don’t need another currency we need to take control of the one we have, not another cabal controlled currency. Sorry guy’s I cannot buy into this cabal rubbish. In my opinion for what it is worth this is a scam.
    September 26 at 2:03pm
  • Angel Lucci  You’re full of shit there David Ward. It’s based on the individual’s value. Silver is just a standard representation for exchange with useless fiat currency that is needed to buy some commodities we need. I’m glad you will not be participating.
    September 26 at 2:07pm
  • David Ward Ok so what is your value in any currency. Pick one because my value is the same as any body else and there is not a currency in the world that has a big enough number when it comes to a zero value currency. Pick a number make it a big one and I mean a really big one because any number you can choose times zero is still zero. Think about this what is your value times zero then it is still zero. do the math get out the calculator. Please. I am no mans fool.
    September 26 at 2:17pm
  • Angel Lucci It’s unlimited in value. It’s just a representation of value. I still think a bridge is needed to leave the current system. This is just a tool for folks to use until they’re educated or awake enough to not need any exchange.
    September 26 at 2:21pm
  • Angel Lucci If everything was FREE right NOW, and every one awake to the service to others mentality, there would be no need for this tool or for any representation of our value. We’re not in that world yet!
    September 26 at 2:23pm
  • David Ward I know exactly what you are saying I really do. and I am fully prepared to live in a world without money or any need to barter. I understand this implicitly. But there is a serious problem here as soon as they made a relationship with what was a precious metal. Why that bollocks? to give it some kind of illusory value. That alone stinks of scam. Then there is the fact that we have to wait until enough industry sign up before it becomes functional. Bollocks can you not see the crap. What happened to the DOV?? What happened to the Birth certificate bond?? OK this is now round three and another strike out. How many times do you want to see another broken system fail. You cannot fix what has never worked in the first place. Not like this. We have to take full control of the systems we have and make everybody billionaires over night. I’m sorry that you cannot see this scam but this stinks of cabal and that wont change
    September 26 at 2:34pm
  • Angel Lucci I understand your reasoning. I said in the post, “Should the economic world change over night, and representative-based exchange of value ceases to exist, then the fee will go away along with I-OPEEN. It’s that easy!” Later Bro!
    September 26 at 2:51pm
  • Chris Golley these ideas are not set in stone Dave. view them more as exploratory scribbles in our scrap book. we can use them to get people used to the idea that we can create our own systems after years spent stuck in the old one. sure the idea you have will gath…See More
    September 26 at 2:55pm
  • David Ward Angel, Look at it like this, Then Ill shut up, I promise Bro. If we could log into this and transfer our value to our currant account. Job Done, I would be there like faster than the speed of light. I would you can guarantee it. It’s because you cant do this that stinks so much of cabal. If they had left of the relationship to silver I might of give this a second look. Chris, Hi Brother, I know you know where i am coming from, and I do get your point but the cabal are going to have to do better than this to sting us again. It has to be a lot more convincing and they are just not there yet. They don’t understand the concept, it beyond there mental capability. There is not enough risk for them yet for me to bite. They are not even coming half way with this BS. I call it the way I see it and that will never change. I will shut up now. Love and light.
    September 26 at 3:07pm
  • Angel Lucci David, I implemented changes based on what you and another was saying. Thank you. Read the article completely now. Included a History of I-OPEEN and value to 1:1 with anything as representation only. Thanks Again and you are right… Just did not need to be attacked. I-OPEEN is the Peoples Bank
    September 26 at 5:01pm
  • Chris Golley Big hugs now you hairy guys
    September 26 at 5:18pm
  • David Ward I came down on this like a sledge hammer when I first looked at this and for all that I now apologize. There is no reason on the planet why this should not work and be viable. We can do anything we choose to do and do it as good if not better. Guy’s I am sorry I completely miss read this one.
    Yesterday at 5:16am
  • Angel Lucci Love you David Ward. I learned much from you. That “sledge hammer” got through this hard head! Thanks again in helping to make I-OPEEN a better tool for the One People.
    a few seconds ago

In this case, we all learned and hopeful this dialogue will help others to understand we ALL are the TRUE VALUE, ALL ONE, and any currency representation by ANY ONE is acceptable.  HUGS any ONE?

If you want to share any constructive ideas about I-OPEEN, please leave a comment on this blog,  in the I-OPEEN Facebook Group or in the I-OPEEN Facebook Page.




If you have followed Streets of Love – unconventional, you would have seen my progression in finding the right software to set-up and implement I-OPEEN, the first Direct-Access Value Exchange System owned by the People.


I am not going to cover it for you, but If you would like to follow my research, findings, and conclusions, then select Currency/Value Systems from the Categories Menu above on the left panel and start from the bottom post.  It has been a few months.

I have been watching the social media and the Skype rooms listening to the concerns of people.  I am an industrial trainer by trade, and I have the ability or gift to take technical subjects and information and put it all together in a concise and simple manner to allow others to understand.  It’s like a big puzzle and eventually the stuff comes together for me and people are amazed.

It’s really simple if you:

Do the research!

I remember a seed planted 20+ years ago in me by Chuck Swindoll:

We are all faced with series of great opportunity, brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.

Here are the 12 simple steps that I take when faced with opportunities:

  1. Recognition of Problem
  2. Investigation
  3. Medication
  4. Meditation
  5. Evaluation
  6. Medication
  7. Meditation
  8. Implementation
  9. Testing
  10. Medication
  11. Meditation
  12. Evolution

And that is where we come today!  The Implementation, Testing, and Evolution of I-OPEEN.  It’s the Peoples Banking Software Solution.  I selected a hosting service, Jelastic, which supported Cyclos – Online Banking Software.

I called Keimpe de Jong, I had already secured the name on a two week trial, and I asked him for assistance.  And we have been working fools, for the last 4 days to get here today.

Rob Crabtree got excited and started DOing. He secured and created an associated web site overnight. We also have in Facebook an IOPEEN Group and an I-OPEEN Page.

Our Energy… Our Currency… Our Desire… to manifest the People’s bank.

So if I hear one more complaint, one more misleading, deceiving individual say this is the work of the cabal, this is bull shit, this is a con, a hoax, what-ever, I Am…

One People… One Tribe Y’All…




CYCLOS is used by many communities internationally in 27 countries for:

  • Banking
  • LETSystems
  • Clearing Systems
  • Time Banks
  • E-Commerce
  • Finance
  • Barter
  • Local Currency

For a complete list of the features included in CYCLOS Online Banking System, please click here to open and read the article .

Therefore, I-OPEEN, using CYCLOS Online Banking Software will allow us to inter-exchange with other CYCLOS community banking systems across the globe.

activation-i-opeenUNIT OF CURRENCY – ION

I-OPEEN’s unit of currency is called the ION.

All transactions with all other communities and with existing FIAT NATIONAL currencies will be on a:

1 UNIT to 1 UNIT

Silver, gold and other metals are just representations of our value.  Why should one metal have more value than another?



cropped-i-opeen-3001I am excited to announce the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of I-OPEEN on October 1, 2013.

We are currently on a two-week trial which started on 24 Sept. 2013.  I-OPEEN is currently activated and runs on the Cloud.  Since it is Java Script, it is operable on Windows, Apple, and Unix machines.  I opened it on the iPhone 4 with iOS 7 in the Safari browser with no problems.

SIGN UP NOW so we can establish a base of members before the launch date.  This project will take a cooperative effort of every member to introduce others to I-OPEEN. This is where, your commitment along with some EDUCATION and NETWORKING with neighbors, friend, vendors, and business owners to establish relationships and recruit NEW MEMBERS into I-OPEEN.

The right panel of the login screen, shown below,
allows you to register
for an I-OPEEN Account

NoLoginWe need members and community businesses involved to make this a success in each community where members live, work and trade.  We need our members being actively involved in getting others on-board.  Sign-up merchants, small and large businesses, no matter the size of the company, individuals – 18 or older, children,  under 18 of age, can have accounts opened by their parents or grandparents and receive the same BEing Points as every other embodiment.

We are still in the process of making administrative changes in the software and setting up business-related applications for receiving and storing electronic documentation from I-OPEEN members.







We will keep all members appraised of any needs that arise and if you feel led to give, DO IT!  We will keep accounting for all to review should you desire.

The Hosting Service for I-OPEEN still operates on FRNs ($).  Hopefully we can educate the people of  the Hosting Service on understanding “that WE are the VALUE”, to accept the ION as payment (an alternative representation of our value.  We have not broached that subject with them yet, but plan on it within the next day or two.

The Hosting Service reduces the cost structure for incremental increases in band width, so over time, costs could possibly be reduced.  Once we reach a certain number of users, another server will be required for expanded growth.  We also will have to hire administrators, programmers, and others to manage the operation of I-OPEEN as it grows in membership.

Donations will be placed in an account to cover those recurring expenses and payroll.  Accounting of the funds used for I-OPEEN will be available to all members.

Should the economic world change over night, and representative-based exchange of value ceases to exist, then the donations will go away along with I-OPEEN.  It’s that easy!



  • Each new member activated is initially rewarded with 1,000 IONS of your value
  • Everyday you are rewarded with 100 IONS for just BEing Value

ImageThis concept was covered in the article “BEing Points – A Common Value System – by Keimpe de Jong“.  We decided to kick-start I-OPEEN off with this concept.

We are implementing this as a way for other people (those not up to speed with the OPPT filings and other changes happening in our world) to understand and learn that they are valuable for just BEING and DOING.  It is also a great way for creating a savings account for children and grand-children.  This representation of value deposited into their accounts can then be used for college education or perhaps, purchasing their first automobile.  And that’s a big IF currencies or representations of our value are still being exchanged in the future?



We are in the process of creating the documentation that will allow you to personally declare what ever value you desire to deposit up to a maximum (yet to be determined).

However, I was told and learned long ago:


Putting the maximum value in any one account would be very unwise. With that said, there is NO ONE here that will restrict your decisions.  YOU are ACCOUNTABLE for your own creations as long as YOU AND YOUR CREATION HARMS NO OTHER BEINGS.




We need an electronic copy of:

  • Your Identification: Any type of Photo IDAmerican National ID’s are lawfully available to anyone whom has rescinded their CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP.  More information at NSEA web site:



We need an electronic copy of:

  • Your Declaration of Being signed and marked with your thumb print in red ink
  • Your Certificate or Declaration of Value signed and marked with your thumb print in red ink

eMail a scan or a clear photo of the signed documents to the email below:

  • Place your “<login_name> Documents” in the Subject header



Some of the features of I-OPEEN that will are available include:


  • Online Banking
  • Mobile Banking
    • Multiple Accounts
    • Savings
    • Business
  • SMS Banking
  • Cards /POS (Point of Sale)
  • E-Commerce

For a complete list of the features included in CYCLOS Online Banking System, please click here to open and read the article .




The software has the feature to make loans, borrow money, etc.  As soon as we can, that feature will be inactivated.

YOU will NEVER have to BORROW MONEY EVER AGAIN!  Need some of your VALUE, just submit the documentation to DEPOSIT additional VALUE into your I-OPEEN account.  It is that SIMPLE!



Since we are changing the current paradigm of banking and value,we have to pull together and assist one another in any way we can.  I would like to share some ideas which will open up doors of opportunity for every one!

Some of the opportunities for people that I see coming from I-OPEEN include:

  • People with an abundance of FRNs, or other NATIONAL FIAT CURRENCIES in their bank accounts, can help others who lack such representation of energy to purchase in the NOW those commodities, such as gasoline, cell phones, other purchases that require those representation to acquire:
    • Establish an Advertisement in the I-OPEEN Marketplace to exchange FIAT CURRENCY for IONS.  Once the transfer is complete, the FRNs can be transferred by PayPal or some other online currency exchange with just a person’s email address
  • People selling Silver and other precious metals may desire to have representation in IONS so they can do as suggested above.
    • Establish an Advertisement in the I-OPEEN Marketplace to exchange Silver or other precious metals for IONS.  Once the transfer is complete, the representation can be the shipped to the customer’s address

If any one has other ideas for opportunities.  Please leave a comment at the bottom of this article.



If I-OPEEN does not meet your needs, you can close your account(s) at any time.

  • Your Deposits of Value can be transferred to another banking system that will accept them or
  • the value on deposit will cease to exist in I-OPEEN and a final statement will be provided

It’s still your value, you’ll just have to find another banking system that will accept and deposit your value.



Since this is a new start-up for all of us, please be wise in your transactions, and have patience if we run into any technical issues with the system. Treat every one kind and we can make this the tool one that every One will want to use to access their value.

Remember, this can only be successful with Members who are willing to use this tool and the ION as a means of representation of our Eternal Essence Value.

This project will take a cooperative effort of every member to introduce others to I-OPEEN.  This is where, your commitment along with some EDUCATION and NETWORKING with neighbors, friend, vendors, and business owners to establish relationships and recruit NEW MEMBERS into I-OPEEN.

How bad do you desire to BE FREE?

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CO-OPERATION – CO-CREATION – ACTIVATION – A Solution for Global Economic Prosperity

TRANSACT-ION: A Global Challenge of Unity with Equal Value Recognition