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Facebook: – Letter of Resignation from UN SWISSINDO – by Pieta Morgan

January 28, 2014 at 1:02am

The following is a copy of a Letter of Resignation from the UN SwissIndo submitted by Pieta Morgan.  This is being shared with the permission of Pieta who desires this information be known worldwide.  Please feel free to share or tag anyone you feel may benefit from this information or can disprove her claims. 


26th Of January 2014

Dear Ross,

Thank you for your time the other night, it was nice to catch up with you and smooth things between you and I.

I take my Oath and Bond to uphold the OPPT UCC filings very seriously and firmly believe that all steps must be taken strictly within the confines of the UCC filings. I was so excited to be assisting in ensuring that humanity is freed from rule and government (mind control) as per the filings, and ecstatic that all were to blessed with abundance, and to be part of the solution for humanity and our Mother Earth, a completely new way to BE, a truly consensual system, where no way of living is forced upon another.

At the beginning of my time with Swissindo I was told that Mr Sino had sworn and oath and bond to the people and Mother Earth, and that his plan was to honour the filings, agreeing that they were in fact international law and the CVAC system was the way to move forward. Our conversation the other night did not answer the questions I had, and as you said, you don’t know all the answers either, and they have appointed you emperor. The things I was told were facts in the beginning of my time with the delegation have been changed.

It has never been my intention to cause embarrassment to Mr Sino or any of the delegates, and my only intention is to see humanity free of all rulers and fetters, to be abundant, live in good health,and live in peace.

My concerns about the project are as follows:

1. On my diplomatic papers it mentions the New World Order, I am aware the NWO is a long time plan by those of the ‘dark’ for one global government. Of course this concerns me greatly. I have read an article by Paula stating that Mr Sino’s plans would effectively ‘defang’ the NWO, this article was made public, and either Paula had no idea what Mr Sino’s plan was or her article was a deliberate deception.

2. Mr Sino’s identity is not clear. I was at one point told that Mr Sino was channelled by Mr Soegihartonotonegoro, and that Mr Sino was not in a human form, this information came to me from a person within the delegation that speaks the Indonesian language and that has met Mr Soegihartonotonegoro personally, and yet you told me on the phone that Mr Sino is Mr Soegihartonotonegoro.

3. One of our Australian delegates has brought into Australia Chinese currency printing plates, and when I asked you about it you said that the Chinese currency will be the new world standard currency. When I heard that I realised that this project could potentially be a Global Chinese military take over.

4. You told me that Mr Sino is the king because he is of the Illuminati bloodline.

5. Mr Sino has exempted himself of the filings, declaring himself ‘King of Kings’, on the basis that he has provided remedy, being the gold. He is absolutely disregarding the UCC filings with regard to hierarchy and separation as he has also appointed Queens, Kings, Emperors, Prime Ministers and CEO’s to rule, globally. The filings stand internationally as law. And, with respect, he is not above the filings, unless he can rebut them, which of course can only happen if he has the verifiable signature of the Creator/Source/God, stating he has the right to rule over humanity. He has essentially caused great separation.

6. It concerns me greatly that the Pentagon and the White House are involved in this project, as with the Jesuits, and it concerns me that we, the delegates were asked to cooperate with them. These people have enslaved humanity for centuries, and yet we’re allowing them to have input into the new system we’re creating.. that’s madness, or, it’s a plot against humanity, and my belief is that as it stands, it’s the latter.

7. Lack of transparency and lack of proper language translation. The lack of actual documentation regarding any of the plans for our projects for humanity, means the delegation have no clue what’s going on and exactly what it is they are agreeing to. The one answer we have received is that “We’ll find out in Cirebon”. This is not acceptable.

8. You told me that anyone who causes a scene to disrupt the proceedings in Cirebon would not come home. You asked me not to “streak the cricket match”. I took this as a threat and take it very seriously.

9. I am confused as to what it is I would be required to do when attending the Cirebon ceremony as there is literally no information supplied.

10. If I am required to sign off on a global take over I could not participate, and if I did so I would be committing treason against my brothers and sisters of Earth. I am here completely to serve humanity and represent the people and in doing so I will not sign anything I cannot ethically or lawfully agree to.

11. I am wondering why it is that the delegates have not been paid for the time and effort they’ve put in with regards to the CVAC proposals and meetings, as per the agreement. I have sent a letter asking where our funding was, and yet again, there was no reply, at all.

12. I am concerned that so much money is being spent on the ceremony while people all over the world are starving.

13. I’m concerned that the other delegates, including yourself, believe that they are doing the right thing for humanity just because they’ve been told it’s the right thing, and because they have kind hearts they would do anything to help humanity. But without all the facts how can you know? You can’t. This could be the biggest corporate take over in history, and we literally have no idea what it’s all about. We’re told it’s for the good of humanity, but no real proof. No disclosure.

14. I am concerned that we could be aiding a global Muslim take over, of course that is completely unfounded, it is just a concern to me because of all the speak of Allah from Mr Sino, and the Indonesian delegates, and the fact they openly speak about the one true ‘God’. I do not have a problem at all with kind hearted Muslims, but I do have a problem with any religion being forced on humanity. The New World Order plans were apparently to have a one world religion, this has been well known. I cannot agree to that, it would be unlawful.

15. The latest law ‘system’ that has been suggested by Gary Simon’s AKA Jagamara and approved by Mr Sino, the ‘three tiered system’ is further proof to me that this is a criminal venture designed to further enslave humanity.

16. Gary Simon’s involvement in itself concerns me considering his back ground and shady dealings of which you were aware when he was voted in and did not disclose to the other delegates. That is the reason Sean and I did not vote for him. He allegedly has a history of manipulation and has allegedly attempted to access funds that belonged to the tribal people of Australia without the permission of the Tribal Elders. I am also concerned with the fact you refused to disclose this information to the other delegates, even when I asked you to just before it went to vote. When Sean and I were asked by Phil why it was that we didn’t vote for Gary, we were quickly shut down by Rena.

As you can see there are too many unanswered, important questions, too many concerns, and too many deceptions for us, Sean and I, to proceed as things are. Until Mr Sino agrees with pure intent to honour all of the filings, renounce his alleged ‘kingship’, and until the delegates are able to truly represent humanity according to the filings, with regard to the CVAC systems, we will not be attending the Cirebon ceremony, we will not be signing away humanity’s freedom, and we will not consent to or allow a global Chinese takeover, as long as it is in our power.

In the interest of transparency, we have recorded the conversation you and I had regarding my involvement in the Swissindo delegation, for my own records, and protection, and this may or may not be made public. If it is made public, we will do our utmost to protect the identity of those whom you mentioned in the recording, to the best of our ability. 

May the truth set us free.
Kind Regards,
Pieta Morgan


Thank you Pieta Morgan for being so brave and honest.

More information on God Sky Earth can be found by clicking the link below:




We are experiencing an upgrade – right now.  Our earth is shifting and she’s taking us with her.  We have a choice as to whether or not we’ll stay connected to these new frequencies.  It is up to us.
Creative energy is magnified now.  What we expect and believe – we have.  We have it just about instantly.
The other day evidence for this showed up here.  While at a meeting I wrote a check.  After the meeting we stopped at a restaurant.  Upon returning, I looked for the checkbook and it was gone.  I called the office and emptied the purse.  Nothing.
I drove back to the office and searched; stopped at the restaurant and searched.  At each stop there was conversation, action and emotion; energy.  I was contemplating doing something I didn’t want to – cancelling the account.  There was fear; this was not a desired outcome.  A great deal of energy was spent around anxiety, loss and fear.
Once home again I reached into the purse and there was the checkbook; as if by magic.  A huge sigh of relief! (Lets not even talk about how that happened!)
The very next day, VISA called me.  There was a suspicious charge and they wanted to know if it was valid.  It was not.  They cancelled the card # and are sending a new one.
The point here is that with attention and emotion I created precisely what I was seeing – the cancelling of my account.  It didn’t happen for the reasons that brought up the feelings – BUT IT HAPPENED.  It happened within 24 hours.
We are Masters.  Creation is what we do.  Do you desire a physical representation of your absolute value?  Then see it, feel it, imagine it and think about it.  Take out a checkbook register and write in the deposit of TEN BILLION DOLLARS.
Get creative – paint it, draw it, use your keyboard, make a video of it, or sing about it.  Flood the airwaves and surround yourself with your value – written in 3D terms if that is how you see it.  Do it.  Creation shows up where energy is directed. 
Esther and Jerry Hicks had an exercise like this.  It was a checkbook register that each day you entered another ten thousand dollars into.  Then you also entered what you spent the money on.  Regardless of how much you spent, there was always more.  Do it with TEN BILLION.  You are priceless.  It is not the money that matters, it is you. The value is not in the dollars, it is within you. Ten Billion is just a drop in the bucket.
It has always been us.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.
I leave you with this post, from my friend, Seraph.
— Sophia Love
NOTE: THIS IS MY OPINION, BASED ON DATA I HAVE RECEIVED AND THE DISCERNMENT THEREOF.                                                                          
The “Access To Value” piece cannot and WILL not go away…Were it not necessary to the whole shift, it would not have been necessary to file within the UCC. Here is my take, based on what I have heard on calls, from what I have heard on private group calls, and from what I have gathered from private calls with Heather and Caleb…The only thing that was, and currently IS in the Trustees “control” if you will is the actual forensic search into, subsequent discoveries, and eventual “painting into the corner” of the entire system, which is housed within the UCC, and all of it’s “subsidiaries”. (BIS, IMF, FRS, etc…) EVERY STEP FROM DECEMBER 25, 2012 HAS BEEN CREATED BY THE WHOLE. The “framework”, however, as well as the “placeholder” was set in stone by several Trustees, and when asked to bond themselves to the sacrifice for humanity (headed by Heather, then signed by Caleb)… ALL BAILED OUT except Randall. (whose piece in all this has been left very vague. NOTE: If anyone has seen a pic of Randall, you would think he was a 40-something surfer dude…he’s 70 years old.) I believe the CVAC idea was an attempt to bridge the gap between the current defunct system of world governing (read controlling and manipulating) of the masses. However, when they analyzed it to it’s obvious conclusion, it was found lacking… I believe they feel like this is the perfect moment in time/no time to accomplish this daunting task…and anything left to chance would certainly be usurped and harvested by those who are “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. Which is why, in my opinion, the treasury system will be a product of hacking into the current construct, gaining access to every human “registered”, and quite simply loading their “accounts” with code that self replicates, beginning with $10,000,000,000.00 of digital “value”, which will have a worldwide “Uniformity”, just like the BIS is using RIGHT NOW, WITHOUT THE GENERAL POPULATION KNOWING THIS. Think for a moment…at what point in history could any human or group of humans actually hack into the accounts of the first lady, vice president, “queen” mum, and others, including, but not limited to the FEDERAL RESERVE ITSELF??? Make no mistake my friends…this IS going down. And most will not have aged a full rotation around the sun before realizing it fully…What is our job? Be prepared to help find those who are remote, and can benefit from this abundance energy, and leave alone those who refuse it. For after we all who choose it have been allowed to remove that subliminal (and for most of us, quite present) WEIGHT of some form of stress related to “money”, the new system will create itself, as the financial fiction is absorbed by us all, and our true value is realized.
— Seraph

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Published on Mar 13, 2013

This is a section from the Collective Imagination Show 3-12-13 in which Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, one of the Trustee of the One People’s Public Trust discusses CVAC System of Treasury.


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Here is the link to the article on RTS:
Questions and Answers
March 5, 2013
Question: Ok what I think is people are worried about who is in charge and who’s going to be dictating what they can spend their new funds on and the properties they acquire will be in the hands of the Trustees…
Heather: you are in charge of your own value…spend it on what you choose by your free will without damaging another…it is unlawful and illegal for any one to dictate to any one else against their free will …even if you damage another, the remedy is already set…you are responsible and liable for damages.
that is what we have been telling the people on the planet…BE conscious…BE responsible…everything you DO, you are responsible and liable for…not any other’s DO’ing and BE’ing…
Question: Is the National Security Act of 1947 going to shut down? I heard there was a lot of illegal operation, black operation to support the parallel government that runs behind National Security Act of 1947.
Heather: PTW [Powers that Were] put the whole planet under UCC…the people took it back the same way it was taken…as it is bound so shall it be unbound.
Question: HEATHER, please respond to this video when able.
ALERT on OPPT (On Peoples Public Trust)
Heather: it’s data of the Absolute Data. Beautiful contrasts have been becoming visible and more obvious every day! It is the moment NOW for all to make some choices based on the data of NOW…. and then from there, more data becomes visible and more obvious and more choices are made….etc. CHOICE NOW? Are you going to BE responsible and liable for your BE’ing and DO’ing? or NOT? If you are…then your every thought, word, and action of DO’ing and BE’ing protects and guards that. If NOT…then your every thought, word and action does not protect and guard your BE’ing and DO’ing…which one do you think the PTW are focused on right now?…have always been focused on and tried to increase the numbers of?
Question: Heather, I had someone mention to me that a cestui que vie trust is very similar to the OPPT filings.
Heather: That was probably the most boring and complex part of the investigations. we did the investigation and boots in the trenches on that matter though so that we could make sure that no one else would have to ever wade through that crap again…all that is left is BE’ing and each is responsible for them self…the sole trustee, custodian, administrator, beneficiary, and executor of their BE’ing.
Question: It doesn’t matter that trust has been crushed by OPPT.
Heather: It was collapsed by REGISTRATION of the BE’ing…because that collapsed the straw man which was the PTW’s construct “state of body” to enslave…now you are all just “states of body of BE’ing”
QUESTION: Has been coming up regarding student loans, mortgages, etc.
Heather: Almost every loan, if not every loan, is fraud… No loan was made. If no loan was made then no debt could lawfully or legally exist. Was a loan made? Here is what they would have to produce in order testability that a loan was made that you may have a debt:
1. Produce documentation of prior title, ownership and rights to the money they purportedly loaned you;
2. produce documentation of the history and origin of funds that they purportedly had prior title, ownership and rights to that they purportedly loaned you (banking requires 3 generations at least if not all the way back to issuance/creation of the alleged funds…this is why banks issue a letter of origin/history of funds);
3. produce documentation of the actual transaction and transfer of said funds (prior title, ownership, and rights) from loaner to borrower (invoicing/receipts) there is a difference between a “loan” and “debt”, conceptually and factually.
Look up the definitions of loan and debt. [Look up the] difference between statement and invoice…only an invoice has to be paid…however they would first have to show that they made you a loan…if no loan, each invoice is fraud, mail fraud, etc.
Question: Does the UCC apply to countries besides America?
Heather: Regarding other countries saying the UCC is not applicable to them. The Prime Commercial Registry is broken down into branches internationally [like a franchise or department]. UCC is one of them, through the Principal Agent Doctrine, UCC 1-103, Any and all state, national, and international equivalents… All were served, noticed, and registered by entering the Prime Commercial Registry from any one of its branches/franchises/departments…OPPT entered in through Washington, D.C. … in UK…the branch/franchise is London City. And every country has their own…they hide them well….just Google Commercial Code, Commercial Law, Commercial Regulation, to ferret [find] out the particulars for any specific country …however as stated above it was already lawfully and legally taken through the branch right to the Prime Commercial Registry and is applicable to each and every branch/franchise/department of that Prime Commercial Registry on the planet.
Question: When will the CVACS be available for new community like enterprises such as a farm purchase for an eco-community?
Heather: I am working on CVACS now to get the 193 set up…then the first system of assistance that will go live after CVACS established is the system of treasury.
The rest of the systems of assistance will follow that first system of assistance.
The sole purpose and order for the CVACS is to get Absolute Data on the Table and guard the space so that the people can choose by their free will what resonates with in each of them….the purpose of the CVACS is not to tell the people what to Do or how to BE…that is why the OPPT spent so much energy and time (has it really only been two months if that?) on focusing the attention on BE’ing…the energy of each of your BE’ing is what fills the CVAC, giving it life!
Question: What is the 193 CVAC setup?
Heather: To make the transition from what you thought you all had to what you do have…we mirrored the old geographical locations for branches that assist the people wherever they may decide to venture…there are basically 195 registered corporations operating under the guise of government…COUNTRIES in the old system… the Vatican was one of the corporations…but for specific reasons that was not included in the 194 CVAC authorized BRANCHES.
Question: Can someone explain to me what the oppt logo means please and is Heather a member of the UCC as I have been told that for any UCC documents or filings to work you have to be a member.
Heather: It evolved throughout inception visibly giving notice of where we were at…the current logo has all separations recognized and put with in Circle of Absolute Truth…including the Commercial Registry. Oh, are you talking about David Wynn Miller’s data? That data was changed as of May 4, 2000, and returned to the true absolute owners, the one people of the planet, equally, December 21, 2011…so, yep, we are all owners of it and can choose to DO with it as we see fit 😉
Question: If the UCC has been foreclosed on why is it still operating? 2) why has heather not started a court case or hearing for the foreclosure against the UCC?
Heather: Regarding protocols and delivery address for hard copy wet-ink originals…getting that prepared now…please…a little patience you beautiful DO’ers…it is the weekend and four little ones that I am having fun making crazy…or maybe they are making me crazy…lovin’ mutual givin’! (chuckle)
Question: Is the OPPT is a public trust?
Heather: Its fundamentally and structurally different. it is a trust of creation…when you, I or any of the others were created…it was between each of us and Creator…creator domicile the value in the body…you operate the body and are responsible for the value…you are a trust…I am a trust…each of the others is a trust….we are all the trust…some are asking “who appointed those three”…as Trusts/Trustees of our Self’s…we each took responsibility and liability for our BE’ing and DO’ing and were going back in for the value commandeered and stolen…and recognized the Absolute Truth that all others were equal…so rather than just DO for our self’s…we also reconfirmed, re-verified, and DO guard, protect and preserve the Absolute Truth and opportunity for each of the others…for the others to make the choice whether they BE responsible and liable for their self and value by their free will choice…Does that clear that question up? There are moments when one of the three Trustee’s skills are more honed and that Trustee has usually rotated to the front of the guard to shield or highlight the appropriate data … Sometimes it is all three of us together…sometimes it is all three of us with the people together …right now…the Trustees are guarding the space from the PTS so that the people can remember how to BE and DO … And one day perhaps the tool of OPPT can be retired (heart) because every one is responsible and liable for all that they BE and DO.
Question: Their contention, that calling it a Public Trust, does not necessarily make it a Public Trust. Therein lies the dispute. They insist it is more like a cestui que.
Heather: “great!!!!!!! If there is a dispute, error, or falsity make AND deliver a duly verified sworn DECLARATION OF REBUTTAL to the duly verified, sworn and REGISTERED OPPT DECLARATION OF FACTS, point by point, with specificity and particularity, with full responsibility and liability, under the penalty of perjury under any law you identify, that the forgoing is true and accurate, signed by your wet-ink signature.”
Question: I was told that Heather is going to arrange to speak with Winston Shrout soon, if not today – about OPPT.
Heather: He only wants to talk in private no recording…after he started with public and transparency…I already offered to talk…transparently, but he is now not willing…
I don’t even have a number for Winston…I looked for a few the other day and found some website that looks to be his…so I just wrote an open letter instead giving him and the people more data in regards to the main issue of the “lien”/”levy” tools we determined were not applicable…still looking for a number…but if he doesn’t want to talk now…and I am not up for a 3 hour like happened with Adnan and Mike (face palm)…there is other DO’ing happening right now that I do focus on for the systems.
( inserted note by D:  When a friend of ours approached Mr. Shrout to do a recorded conversation with Heather and himself, he received a reply from Linda Joslin stating that Winston would not do any more radio shows about/on OPPT- which in my opinion is sorta humorous…)
Heather:  funny…thought Winston wasn’t doing any shows on/regarding OPPT?
Heather:  THIS will bring a great data festival!!!!!!  DHS, inclusive of Navy, old hitters, undercover agents within “patriot” movements, etc…. (heart)…perhaps this will be the catalyst for disclosure about the corporate/BANK/BIS/UN initiated movements and programs, including Arab Spring, OCCUPY WALL STREET, Watt riots, Seattle World Trade Center riots, etc….funnnnn!!!
(inserted note by D:  Charlie Miller will also be on this radio show with Winston Shrout.  According to the data I have been receiving, this will most likely be a last ditch effort to try to convince the world that he should be the boss of OPPT….. even though, he refused to sign a Bond to be Self-Transparent, Self-Responsible, Self-Accountable and Personally Liable for all that he does as a Trustee without condition, as the other Trustees- Heather, Randall, and Caleb- have signed.)
Question:  what does it mean to this ‘process’ that the state filings from WA were removed from the commercial registry – citing (in that letter you posted) that it’s against policy to place a lien on public officials, etc. (even though a lien wasn’t filed on public officials)?
Heather: you can “enter” things in the commercial registry from any of its branches, state and international portals…that remedy was entered from two portals in that example state (WA) and international (WA DC)…Caleb’s was done using WA DC and OREGON, and Randall’s was done using WA and WA DC.  The remedy presevered had specific process to do…if any part of that process is removed, then the whole remedy would be worthless…so the PTW thought at least.
Heather: except that it wasn’t a lien…so there was no basis to destroy/remove any part of the process of remedy.  However, when they did it…the destroyed the preservation of remedy and rendered the system by their own actions, illegal and unlawful as a matter of law, fact and public policy.
Question: Heather, how do I go about creating a CVAC for a heart repair business? We are pulling out of February’s funky energy, and moving into March madness… I have an established track record of fixing broken hearts. This week’s incoming energy has been pounding me… I retired from the heart repair business in 2007, because I was worn-out and heart-broken, myself. I have been wondering about the direction I should take for the last 18+ months. This evening, I received clarity. How do I create a CVAC for a heart repair business?
Heather: You ARE the CVAC…your knowingly, willingly and intentionally BE’ing responsible and liable for all that you DO = value and any specific DO’ing, inclusive of creating a heart repair business, IS, and those you CO-DO or DO for in that business, you are liable to them and them to you as mutually agreed/contracted…if you feel you need a transition tool from that old paradigm of “licensing” under the private corporations that were foreclosed…one option is to REGISTER your business on the COMMERCIAL REGISTRY…BE’ing’s as secured party and the “entity” as Debtor party…THEN you can use that registration UCC File No. as the entities “IDENTITY NUMBER” so that people can find it and confirm you BE/DO with full responsibility and liability.
Question: Technically, we shouldn’t have to file in court, its a living soul to living soul interaction. No foreclosed courts needed.
Heather: All private Courts operating under the guise of public courts already foreclosed…they have to establish standing, authority, and law before they can even get to the point of “you are required to come” bit.
Question: “Notice to Principal is notice to agent. Notice to Agency is notice to principal.’ Send it to the CEO [principal] you can almost always find their name on the company website. I know Heather mentions educating from the bottom up, however, why not start at the top down and or top down and bottom up.
Heather: Top already done…education so to speak is from the bottom up NOW and if the “bottom up” see the people standing and BE’ing and DO’ing kindly but firmly with grace and love…it starts up that water cooler talk within the offices, but also within the eternal heart and the mind. (heart)
Question: How many CVACs are up & running now? last I heard it was just the one. hopefully there are more now.
Heather: 7+ Billion on this planet…more in Source’s Universe (going through similar thing or surprises that they did not expect (chuckle)) Many CVAC’s are DO’ing and BE’ing awesome…some are a bit shaky, but holding that desire and absolutely starting to get it…a few are holding that contrast so that the others can consciously make an informed choice that they BE and DO by their free will with responsibility and liability….OR NOT.
CVAC SYSTEM (REGISTERED as GOVERNMENT)…one is up and running the remaining 193 are being refined for formal activation this week…the one that is up and running is also being refined for formal renewal.
Question: Guy in OPPT UK is going to jail for tax evasion. He done the OPPT notice but he still going to jail. Watt should he do. They claim UCC don’t work because tax evasion is criminal to them!
Heather: did “they” produce the documentation of their standing, authority, law and the original wet-ink signature accommodation agreement that this guy signed (not).
Question: These notices don’t enforce anything. We still getting walked over!
Heather: OPPT took care of the old stuff…the CN’s are you BE’ing and DO’ing responsible and liable without confrontation, with grace. It appears they walk all over you and they hope that you will accept that as truth so that they don’t have to answer…what DO you consciously choose…if they DO not answer then they cannot enforce as a matter of law, matter of fact and as a matter of public policy…you cannot stop them from making their free will choice to BE corrupt or ignorant, which are THEIR terms and conditions of offer to contract with you…but you can keep them liable and responsible by giving them your terms and conditions of offer to contract with fee schedules for what it costs them to be corrupt, irresponsible and ignorant, inclusive of failing to produce their standing, authority, law and a an accommodation agreement (that says you agree/belong to a corporation) with your wet-ink signature…give them your terms and conditions and offer to contract with courtesy notice of what was done by OPPT, the one people of the planet…by their own former “legal rules” they loose as a matter of law, fact and public policy that they all brought under UCC.
Question: I’m very ready to get started on bondservant/public servant.
Heather: Bondservants were certified as satisfied and reconciled back to Absolute…co-creator (because that is Absolute Truth and also because we did not want PTW to fabricate a “creator” to put us back into “divine” or other slavery where we would have to play “undivine” or “slave”…see December 10, 2012 UCC filing No. 2012132883…otherwise BE of service to self and help others if you so choose by your free will with responsibility and liability…no bond or “sign up” required by CVAC’s to CVAC’s…
Question: [Can you share your views] n Energy and its Harvesting and how collective Energy “has been” used and how WE can infuse a “kNew Energy” for Intentive Transformation , I imagine this knowledge shared from Her perspective centered in Love will create a “kNew” wave and Views of DoIng and BeIng …. many Blessings!
Heather: it is already happening…all your BE’ing and DO’ing, inclusive of between December 25, 2012 to present…has draw huge amounts of energy for you to pull down and manifest as you choose…no collective is required…the Absolute Frequency of that energy is pure…which is why the PTW cannot access it or use it directly…they hoped they could at least manipulate through old tools of fear, warring, separation and harvesting (religion, Gregorian calendar, schools, corporations, Face book, Google, etc.) to get you to all DO in the manner that serves their sole interests…your tools of resonance and following what resonates within has pretty much squashed that hope of theirs (chuckle)
Question: Foreclosures reversed: Story: my friend had a BOA person come to her house cuz she’s behind/in foreclosure, and he told her that people are getting their homes back…they are going to court is what she said to me.
Heather: They know they can’t just take the homes at this point as they had been DO’ing…the best option they concluded they had was to get the people to come into the private courts and consent (albeit unknowingly, unwillingly, and unintentionally) to a revised contract, reaging of the accounts revised model (that is why purported collection agencies demand that people pay even just five dollars over the phone (no cash) so that they can leverage the value that was just given them) (chuckle) similar to the TARP and mortgage programs that failed…the beginning of the investigations focused on that sham and the purpose of that…the value from that “program” 700+ billion USD had already been paid out to large fraudulent securities holders CHINA and others so that they wouldn’t tell..
Question: Next step normally would be to set a court date, Everyone is familiar with the CN’s,, which say,, no phone contract,, so question I have is,, do I call Monday, or go to court house and inquire about a court day,, or call the Attorney, and ask him how his week end reading was ?
Heather: [G]o[ing] in to (foreclosed) private court is consent to their offer to contract and terms and conditions (most tacit aka hidden or presumed with out giving notice or transparency)…did they accept your offer to contract? if it is ongoing matter, did you cancel the securities they cut/issued from your case? They use your signatures as the underwriting for securities…begins when you open a case or when you answer their complaint. Examples of collapsing the underwriting of the securities, known and unknown: AT 4:58 AM THERE ARE 3 PDF FILES THAT HEATHER PROVIDED. I DON’T HAVE HEATHER AS A CONTACT SO I COULD NOT OPEN THE FILES. PERHAPS YOU CAN?
Question: Is it possible to send out a blanket courtesy notice to a electrical company who are robbing a lot of people by putting the bills up and up, I was talking to someone who thought his bill was too high at 60.00 and mine is 136.00 way, way too high…… and no I don’t use a lot of power or have a lot of stuff plugged in.
Heather: yes…you want to focus on the contract that was cut giving that corporation power and authority over nature…energy….the contract and agreements are very interesting and detailed…the brokers/agents of the PTW want to secure their piece of the pie…it is hilarious and reliable.
Question: Does anyone know if I actually owe $$$$ if I received products from the use a credit card?
Heather: credit cards work the same as promissory notes…each credit receipt is actually a promissory note that is then leveraged…but they can’t produce documentation either that a loan was actually made… (chuckle)
Question: Any thoughts on whether I can help someone with the CN? i.e.: get persons name and send on their behalf?
Heather: This is about responsibility and liability…as a former attorney…we are trained to do “on behalf of”..what they don’t tell you is that “on behalf of” establishes the incompetence of the one you are intent on helping…hence, purported judges instance on labelling and recording you as “pro se” and not “pro per”….pro se=appearing on behalf of one’s self (FICTION) vs. pro er = appearing as your self (BE’ing).
Question: I’m looking for a remedy of not having the funds to pay my back taxes,, the only remedy that is offered is to sell my home at tax sale, and that’s not very appealing,, , so this would make their actions illegal wouldn’t it?
Heather: AND who is asking for payment (purported taxes)? Did you require them to produce their standing, authority, law, and the accommodation agreement with your wet-ink signature? They have to show those before they can demand something.
Question: Question: Heather can you explain how the penal code (law) fits in with OPPT? Is there a hierarchy of law? Which law takes precedence over the other, which one is more important? Common Law or other Laws?
Heather: penal code..criminal code…all codes are private corporate rules operating under the guise of government, unless they can produce documentation of their standing, authority, law and your accommodation agreement with your wet-ink signature….”no one goes to jail without their consent” (from a retired judge).
Question: In a Federal Case brought against a friend and her Son for growing Marijuana for medicinal purposes in CA (where it is actually LEGAL TO DO) what would the best OPPT approach be. They are facing 15 years each. She had a Son who died of cancer when he was 9 and his oncologist was the one who taught her how to use it. The court will not allow medical data as a defence (even though it manufactures and exports it to other countries for medicinal use). She goes to Court on April 2nd I believe.
Heather: Is this about her and her story or is this about her saying to them “what is your standing, authority, law, and the original accommodation agreement with my wet-ink signature?” If they produced any of those documents then you would understand exactly how they got you to unknowingly, unwillingly, and intentionally consent to something you did not have the material facts to…and in the same instance they give you the evidence of their own “crimes” (chuckle)
Question: I wonder how will we travel from nation to nation with passports? Or with out Passports? Maybe another kind of Passport document?
Heather: ask for identification interview…they cannot lawfully and legally stop or deny any one the right to travel…unless you consent to them doing so.
Question: how can I use the CVAC to stop paying for the registration to the state on my car without having trouble with the so called police?
Heather: your car was still in the system prior to OPPT filings? there was a process to take it out of system (all car titles were held by agents of PTW…WB/IMF/BIS, etc.)…OPPT took care of all that in the filings…Courtesy Notices reference all of that and give them the terms and conditions to engage with you and your car (chuckle)…
Question: I have a mandatory invitation from the police for today – claiming something about purchase, possession and processing of some healing-herbs – that I NEVER “purchase” but FIND – NEVER claim to “possess” but merely >utilize and >share* – and the “processing” is more like an involuntary but definitely *desirable* occurrence.. I’ll just ignore that I guess.
Heather: Send them a courtesy notice with your terms and conditions to contract in order to engage with you…inclusive of condition to produce documentation of their standing, authority, law and original accommodation agreement with your wet-ink signature.
Question: Hemp is a great resource for lot of things. This is no joke. I heard hemp make very good writing paper.
Heather: Hemp plant…hhhmmm….restricting nature? what is their standing authority law and the accommodation agreement…have you seen the patent and the former UN treaties on marijuana/hemp? Oh my gosh it is as hilarious as CHINA making it illegal for any one to reincarnate without prior government approval (rofl)…ahhh but the Absolute Data on THAT is interesting! ;)…and no it is not a China/Tibet only issue…
Question: Is the National Security Act of 1947 going to shut down? I heard there was a lot of illegal operation, black operation to support the parallel government that runs behind National Security Act of 1947.
Heather: Cancelled last summer.
Question: If I understand the Doing correctly, in order to DO, it should be without reservation and with total and full BElief in what one is DOing; we have listened to many speak of this on the radio shows.
Heather: not belief…just conscious knowing, willing and intentional responsibility and liability for what one is DO’ing…knowing is more powerful, effective and attracts more energy behind it than belief….belief more than faith…all those are more when done consciously than unconsciously.
Question: You answered a previous question about Doing for someone else regarding the CN and I got that; my question is, when and how will this cease to be an issue for BEings that may not have the ability to do this on their own?
Heather: That is where I would say…Caleb, Randall, and I were knowingly, willingly, and consciously responsible and liable for what we chose to DO …BE responsible and liable for our respective BE’ing and DO’ing….but also consciously choosing to preserve that opportunity to BE and DO with responsibility and liability if they chose/choose to DO so. ASSISTING OTHERS TO ASSIST THEM SELF. I worked for over a year to make sure and refine my own process of assisting others to assist them self and NOT FOR BE TO DO ON THEIR BEHALF…wasn’t perfect at it for sure…maybe still not… (heart)
Question: However, what if that person IS incompetent? We are paying my mother-in-law’s mortgage and debts. She has stage 3 Alzheimer’s and my husband has invoked the poa (power of attorney) for her. Can he send CNs on her behalf? Or should we have her sign the CNs, even though she would have no idea what she is signing (plus she is blind so signature, in addition to not being legible, would be nowhere near the line).
Heather: That is a different situation in where you consciously choose to be of service, with full responsibility liability….same as what the Trustees did with the foreclosure and preserving the opportunity…the people may not have asked for us to do that, but we had access to the mechanisms, operations, and data that the people did not (those that did have it were either participants/beneficiaries/agents of PTW, receiving an unlawful and illegal benefit…and then there were a few who tried to force their way into the club meanwhile charging those of the people they deemed worthy of taking with them or saying “I’ll get you this if you give me the authority to act for you, but I can’t disclose things to you or none of us get paid…same game PTW played with their agents….THE PEOPLE DESERVED BETTER in our knowing…they deserve what is theirs)…sooooo DO consciously with full responsibility and liability…you are her co-custodians…DO’ing by preserving her opportunity to DO if and when she can.


As I have heard many people say within the walls of the One Peoples Public Trust that the CVAC’s are multidimensional I still cannot get my head around that and so I will not attempt to do so as we all have our own truth and no one persons truth is incorrect in that there is no original truth when it comes to creation. Everyone is free in life to create their own truth according to universal law – and as long as our creations fall within the perimeters of Universal law every human is free to create their own reality- no matter what that reality looks like. So in sharing truths upon our planet today think of a sphere or bubble that encompasses all the truths of a single human being with that being living inside that bubble – each human within their bubble is free in life to go mix with other bubbles and form another set of truths according to the collective agreement of the two.

So in a manner you see two bubbles of soap in life float in the air, then they bump together, and in some instances the two bubbles make a new and larger bubble. That is exactly the picture I am painting here when speaking of two humans forming a life and society together in which they come to an agreement based on their collective truths in life. No matter what truths each person has that are different, they can agree- while each human individually will still hold on to their own separate truths on which the two do not agree. So in saying these words I wish to convey to you that there will be things each of us do not totally agree on when coming together within the group known as the one Peoples Public Trust – but many truths we will indeed agree on – and these are the things we should be conscious of when dealing with one another within the perimeters and societies which represent the One Peoples Public Trust.

In time we will all come together more and more in agreement as our truths truly form to create other truths that will connect us all as a collective society. We should not so much get caught up in the details as to who knows what and how a thing should look or be understood in our new world system that is the CVAC’s as none of it will matter much anymore once the people are drawing their assets from the CVAC’s. Once all the Absolute Data is on the table for the world to see whenever they wish to see it – everyone will then have a foundation form which to base all of their truths on – while at the same time everyone still having the free will choice in life to live and believe as he or she wishes. We will be free to Create as well as Co –Create – depending on our differences and similarities in life.

In my post Universal Laws of Spheres I wrote that all and everything is made up of spheres of one type of consistency or another – as all bodies and forms in creation has a different density or consistency in order to form their level of matter or substance. And so you have spheres in the consistency of air – those of water and other liquids – those of fire – wind- and earth, which are hard in substance. And you have spheres that are formed by Source that are of all different substance and matter in between those that are hardest and those that are the least dense or soft in nature. Some are so elementary in nature that they are not seen or having their existence on our third dneisty plane simply because they exist in the spiritual plane or ethers. And so you have many differ orbs – bubbles- or spheres in creation that make up all things – and then every form, no matter how small in size is encompassed within its own protective sphere as well. And while that form exists within third dneisty it allows in those things that harm you also – simply because third dneisty human souls have temporarily separated from the one or Source.
As we all move toward reconnecting with the one or Source we too will all be encompassed within our own sphere – and once again it will become one for our complete protection. Because of this third density man (the outer shell we all live in) can still be harmed, still be killed, and still suffer many different forms of loss in life – just as it is today and has been from eternity. As each human awakens in the world today however they are once again under the protection of the one as is their body and form – given that they are now the inner man and no longer the outer body and form known as third dneisty man. Therefore for those who begin using the CVAC’s they will still have to deal with the old system for a time – until the day that human being ( all humans individually) comes to awaken and completely move over to becoming the inner and spiritual man that is fifth density human.

Once the human comes to awaken they are no longer in fear of those who still remain in the old system of things simply because they “know.” All that binds each of you to the old system of things and its laws and fears today is simply you not knowing who you are and what you are each truly capable of. At the same time I must tell you all that because the people or masses of the world today are in such dire straits today once they are given access to the CVAC’s and shown what they can do for them in life today – it is going to become so much easier for third dneisty man to awaken and move over to the new world, reality, and system. All their needs will be met – they will no longer have to work if they do not freely choose to do so – they will no longer be under the rule of some government – they will now have access to the best of health care and medicines in life – they will truly all receive a good education, and one that teaches them not only absolute data but anything in life they wish to learn.

The only reason third dneisty man (the old system) is not jumping on board with the new system of CVAC’s or nay other system that provides things equal in life today is that they are still broke and sick – they are still in fear of what the powers apparently ruling the world today can do to them if they do not abide by their laws and rules. The people do not know who to trust anymore and therefore the One Peoples Public Trust will first have to win their trust before they all agree to move over to the new system and Oppt out of the old one. But again because I tell you the people of the world now have it in mind that they will have nothing to lose if they try the CVAC’s that this thing is going to snowball in the coming days and we will have to look back really, really far to see the old system ever again. It is true that you will all have the ability in life to one day revisit third dneisty life for as short a time as you wish – but I promise you that most all human being never do as third dneisty will have nothing more to offer them but heartache and pain as they have to stand by and watch the suffering that is only seen in such a world and system as third dneisty. So get ready for a really great ride guys because the One peoples Public Trust has created a brand new roller coaster ride – and it will not stop until every human on the planet has had their turn and it only stops in and on fifth dneisty planet earth.

Now if you are wondering how the CVAC’s will work just look at it this way –everyone will have either a card that looks like your bank card or something similar – but you will have a device in your hand to allow you to go all over the world and purchase things to your hearts delight as the CVAC centers will look basically like a bank except for the fact that you never draw out money as there is no more money in the new system. Everything is digital and everything is transparent- in which case you can go to a CVAC center in your neighborhood and you can have access to everything and look at all their information if you wish as each of you is an equal member and trustee to the CVAC’s. In the old system you had paper money that was not worth a cent but you all thought it was and that is why it worked so well for all different types of exchange.

Well with the new CVAC system it will be the same in that you give someone who is supplying you either goods or services in life and they put your card into the digital system and in turn they will read within that system that you have all the assets you could need – in which case they do not deduct form your account as it would just all of a sudden jump back up to whatever total it was before because you do not lose value in the world nay longer but raise in value all the time- every day – and within every new now moment. So if paper money worked which had no true value other than the fact that the banks of the world told you it had value and took it form you whenever you offered it to pay for something or to put it into your account – how is that any different from a digital system that allows you to pay for goods and services as well with the a few little differences – you need no more credit and no actual physical money any longer. You do not lose assets in your account as it can be replenished whenever you wish it to be.
So as long as the CVAC center is there for you to make a digital account of all your transactions so that all things throughout the world within this new system is accounted for and transparent – there is no further need for money. The CVAC centers will act as the old banks ( though they are nothing like a bank) and instead of the old Federal Reserve printing worthless money and sending it out to the banks to loan to the world with interest – there will be equity instead of debt. And the CVAC centers will have already agreed to honor your CVAC card with your digital number on it and will therefore provide much value and assets to your account whenever you need it in life. Is it not so that as long as the card works and you get all the goods and services in life that you seek – that this is all that matters when moving over to the new system? So all we need do is spread the word and teach through out every day actions how to move over to the CVAC’s. It will get done and it will get done quickly in the days ahead – so get ready cause its coming fast.

So what about all the other issues in the world today – the people will say. And we will say hey as long as you are now free to go and do and be as you please in life as long as you harm no other or cause them loss in life is this not what we are all seeking today? And they will say — sign me up!

Love you guys —Daniel—


SKYPE ROOM – The Cool Room

OPPT Terminology Defined

by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

I realize this may bring up just as many questions as it does answers. So, I suggest these words BE used as a tool to go within, where we can all find what we already KNOW.
– Brian


Source = First Source of all that IS, also known as Creator, Universal Father, God, Allah, Yahweh, and any other title, label or limitation given to First Source by the creations of First Source.

Co-Creator = Eternal Heart created by and from Source, BE’ing.

Universal Contract = Agreement by and between Co-Creator, Eternal Heart, and Source to experience separation, or otherwise contrasts of the whole, Absolute, Source.

Bondservant = Temporary Designation of Co-Creator, Eternal Heart as party to a Universal Contract with Source.

State of Body = the Co-Creator’s chosen manifestation, vehicle, transmitting utility, created to carry out the terms and conditions of the Universal Contract.

CVAC = creation’s value asset centers and each BE’ing in Source’s Universe is a CVAC, individually and equally to all others, with each CVAC granted and guaranteed the right to BE and DO what they BE by their free will choice and the opportunity to exercise that right without prejudice and without damage to any other CVAC, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128325.

CVAC SYSTEM (registered as “GOVERNMENT”) = a stationary and consistent planetary system to provide assistance without prejudice to any CVAC in their BE’ing and DO’ing what they BE, but only providing assistance to the CVAC when and in the manner the CVAC chooses by their free will, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128324.

CVAC BRANCH = a local stationary BRANCH of the CVAC SYSTEM that can provide customized assistance (language, cultural, etc.) immediately without prejudice to any CVAC that asks for assistance, but only providing assistance to the CVAC when and in the manner the CVAC chooses by their free will, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128325.

CVAC SYSTEM’S (registered as “GOVERNMENT”) SYSTEMS OF ASSISTANCE = systems of assistance that PAY focused ATTENTION to specific areas, such as treasury, technology, education, health, and other areas, in order to bring the Absolute Data of that specific area on to the table of Transparency for the sole purpose of assisting any CVAC so that any CVAC has the opportunity to make informed choices by their free will. Each of the focused and specific areas work transparently and interdependently to bring forth Absolute Data and to give assistance to any CVAC as the CVAC chooses by their free will, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128324/2012128325.

UILO = UNIVERSAL and INTERNATIONAL LAW ORDINANCE, a part and sub-section of LAW ORDINANCE and its records, that are issued by Co-Creators with full responsibility and under full liability of the Co-Creator that issues it… Universal Law Ordinance is noticed by action or inaction while International Law Ordinance, inclusive of its National, and State departments, is noticed by public registration.

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More OPPT discussion in NYC on Public Advocate Radio Show

Thanks to Angel Lucci from the Streets of Love blog for doing this interview on Public Advocate Radio here in NYC regarding the OPPT.  Take a listen as he does a great job explaining multiple aspects of the current reality of self-governance and universal law.

Link to Show:


Grant Williams is doing a great job of BEing and DOing with OPPT NYC!


8866693More CVAC Musings with Owl and OPPTopus!

OPPTopus:   Ahem,Owl…….OWL! I’d like to speak with you.

Owl:   Oh, yay, I love our talks OPPTopus.

OPPTopus:   I’m concerned about all this CVAC talk you’ve been doing; and, well, I’m afraid you just haven’t thought things through, and so I would like to talk with you about a few things.

Owl:   Don’t be afraid, OPPTopus. I almost NEVER think anything through.

OPPTopus:(And that’s why being your friend about gives me heart failure!) Now, you’ve got to start thinking of someone other than yourself. You can’t just go around in your own little world like this.

Owl:   Okay, OPPTopus. (*turns off music*)  What would you like me to think about?

OPPTopus:  Liability. L-i-a-b-i-l-i-t-y. It’s a serious matter, Owl. Any time you start any sort of venture, that’s the first thing you’ve got to think about.

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Ron Van Dyke talks about OPPT CVACs!

Your world has moved even closer to its victory over the dark! There are signs everywhere of what is shortly to happen. Your sacred secret societies have compiled the legal instruments to force the major governments of your world to resign. In consonance with this the military and police forces of these nations have come together in secret to assert that each of them is more than ready to use their powerbases to give their respective governments no other choice than to resign when this course of action is called up. This indication will be given when Heaven advises us that the time to do so has arrived. All our liaison personnel stand at the ready to give the long-anticipated command to everyone. Meanwhile, we wait, and look to our heavenly advisors for the signal that it is now the proper time to bring the dark to its knees. This single command will permit the abundance to be delivered, which in turn indicates that the numerous dark governments of your globe are to resign. A batch of legal papers signed weeks ago is ready to be delivered at a moment’s notice. Your deliverance is not far away!