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Celebrations of Manifestation Focus With-In… …For With-In Light Reveals All

Namaste Y’All, It’s been quite a while since I’ve set down to write a blog instead of just posting an article I’ve read.  There were many reasons for taking a break after a fantastic 2013 One Peoples Public Trust thrust, the “Let’s Pull Together Tour” (June/July) on my Warrior, the 5d Media Network OPAL Tour across parts of the US (visited in Texas) and then launching I-OPEEN (October) with Keimpe and Ron, which I shutdown in August 2014 for many reasons.  Changes nothing more than changes…. After the “Let’s Pull Together Tour”, I wrote a “Thank You” paragraph with the following inquiry:

The big question is: “Would I do it again?”  Yes, but not on a motorcycle.  Now I have to prepare the Beast for a Western states tour maybe?

I would have loved to gone out again in 2014, but it wasn’t meant to be.  I didn’t know how I would fix up my RV that I have owned since 2010.  I was living on $600 a month so there were no extra funds for repairs. Although the Beast did not have many miles on it, it was not ready to be driven across Fort Worth, let alone across the US. (Spring 2011 photo) 108When I dropped out of the system in 2011, I lived over 2 years in the Beast.  Almost every amenity quit functioning within that time frame.  One air conditioner died, and not long after the other AC bit the dust.  I took cold showers for about 6 months and slept in 107 degree temperatures during the summer.  20110105_35 Friends asked, how did I do it?  Well as with any situation One finds themselves in, you acclimate to your environment.  However there were many positive and life-changing occurrences during that time: I had the largest garden that summer I have ever had; I lost weight and got much healthier.  I had many good times during those lean years. I was privileged and blessed when I started dating Brenda, (my Soul Mate).  With meeting her and becoming One I Am together, I ended up having the time to be involved in 2013-2014 activities mentioned above with her encouragement and blessing. In July 2014, I realized I had left some of my energy on the table with the IRS.  I had not filed income taxes since 2010 and in that year alone, over $14,000 was taken from my checks by the PRIVATE CORPORATE criminals.  I hate doing taxes, but I gathered all of my records and quickly filed 2010-1013.  There was the money I had been looking for to fix the Beast. WP_20150504_011I started working in September 2014, with the purchase of two new air conditioner/ heat-pump roof units.  It took about a month to remove the old units and install the new ones because of the extremely cold weather we had at that time.  I purchased and installed a 60-watt solar panel to maintain my batteries when I first moved the Beast to a storage lot in 2013.  I also removed and replaced all of the vents on the roof and also fixed the leak I had on the back end since 2010.  I just finished the roof last Friday. WP_20150504_005

I had a motorcycle rack added back in early March.  I spent 3 and a half days taping up the Beast and painted the exterior trim and over the original pinstripes on the bottom section.  I still have the top section to finish painting black and hope to finish in the next 2 weeks. WP_20150504_002 I spent a month in League City, TX with my son at his shop, JCKustomz, LLC during April.  I worked 12-14 hours per day for 4 weeks.  I took one day off during that time.  The work performed included:

  • Removed all of the windows, cleaned and sanded, painted exterior black, replaced with new putty and resealed them
  • Rewired and replaced the running lights with smaller LED units
  • Painted the wheels
  • Replaced windshield wiper motor
  • Replaced steering stabilizer
  • Replaced all shocks
  • Rebuilt 4-barrel carburetor (by expert neighbor)
  • Installed K&N filters for better air flow
  • Removed, cleaned and fixed original window shades
  • Wallpapered the interior


  • Installed faux (tin-looking) ceiling tiles
  • Removed interior front dash trim, cleaned, painted and reinstalled
  • Removed stove exhaust hood, cleaned, painted and reinstalled
  • Removed the microwave and built a storage cabinet for pots & pans
  • Applied carbon-fiber looking vinyl on refrigerator and other areas
  • Installed back-up camera, back-up lights and some additional signal lights
  • Installed central vacuum system (Redneck ingenuity with a wet/dry vac)

V__074E My son, Jonah, completed the following:

  • Replaced the dash with new vinyl (woven leather look) on the dash
  • Modified the original curtains (a blending of old and new)
  • Installed sound-system
  • Installed new driving area carpet

WP_20150505_001 WP_20150326_006 And with all of that work completed, I still have much to do before we hit the road on May 30.  And that is the reason for this blog today, which is to officially announce to the world a new tour with the theme:

“Manifesting Common-Unity in Your Comm-Unity”

Unlike the “Let’s Pull Together” Tour, I am not requesting any financial support from any One.  The only support I Am looking for is:

A quiet country place to park the Beast Sustenance for the Beast is easy (Plug it in to 110V source) A donation of $10/day will be given for this kindness

So if you have some property in the country and will allow us to park for a day or two or three, we would greatly appreciate it and would love to meet you and your family.  I know many that participated in the “Let’s Pull Together” Tour have asked when I would make another trip.  I would love to see any of you again and will pay you for the little bit of electric we will use.  The RV is mostly a 12 volt system, so plugged-in 115V electrical usage is usually less than $50/month when parked and plugged it. Our first stop upon leaving Fort Worth will be in Athens, TX for a few days with a Facebook friend. I do have a goal of being in Maryland by July 1 for a 4th  of July celebration with family and friends.  Therefore, if you are interested in hosting us for a couple days, please send  an email at:

We’ll be heading northeast after leaving east Texas and my first instinct is to head towards  Memphis, TN for a a couple days.  I Am hoping Jason Hall still leaves out in the country north of the city, because I would love to see him and his family as well as have hooking up with Bill Moore again.  What do you say guys?  Can you put up with me for a couple day again?  Contact me if you can participate.

Timing of this event – Flexibility in every moment of Now Thrust – “Manifesting Common-Unity in Your Comm-Unity”

I plan on going north to Maine and then head back down to Niagara Falls, NY and across possibly Canada.

Again, if you are interested in hosting us for a couple days, please send  an email with name, address, phone number to:

Looking forward to hearing from some of you and pray that every meeting will be ordained by the Great Spirit.

If you are wondering why I call my RV the Beast, well I’ll share that with you now:

In 2006 when I was going through a separation and other life changes, I had a buddy that was going through the same thing with his family.  His wife was “very religious” and attended a cult church with a very domineering and controlling pastor (especially with the women).  I had just left the church myself and had made the decision based on bad advice from associate pastors, that I would listen to no One else except my own heart for answers.

I met my buddy’s wife one day after we had been friends for months.  It was a short five minute meeting and I had mentioned how a husband and wife should honor and uplift One another.  Well as soon as I walked away, she looked over at my buddy and said, “Of all your friends that I’ve met, Angel has the blackest heart of All!”

Well my buddy started calling me, “Captain Blackheart”.

When I got the RV in 2010, I started calling it “The Beast!”  My reason was (in my best pirate voice):

Aye Mates, where else would Captain Blackheart live, but in the Belly of the Beast!


Angel Lucci Streets of Love – unconventional

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Published on Nov 30, 2013

November 15 – 17, 2013
West Point, Texas




Angel has been doing a lot of work to get the Cyclos system online for the I-OPEEN direct value access system. I have not taken the time to fully research this or create an account yet, however the points he discusses related to peoples fears and programing is very enlightening. We all have blockages we have created to limit our expression here on earth, and these are usually based on fear. 

We are conditioned to fear the unknown. In addition, many people know that money systems are used for enslavement, and want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Despite the flaws in the system, the major reason why it does not work in our favor is because we choose not to participate in it. We can create a new system and begin to use it NOW, but only if we can agree to use it, and do so wisely.
This is definitely something we all can learn from by looking into it further. If your first reaction is to reject this, with out inner discernment, then there is a mind control blockage within yourself that is limiting your appreciation for what IS. 
No one would expect you to jump in to something your not confident in, however it would be equally foolish to dismiss something out of hand with out doing your du-diligence first. This is the personal responsibility that we so desperately need on earth right now. If you feel something isn’t going to work, SHARE YOUR TRUTH! We are all in this together, and what Angel proves in this post is that CONFLICT is HEALING. David and Angel were very ‘heated’ initially in the conversation, but their persistence and desire for truth, ultimately revealed the greater reality, that we all have the same goals in mind. 
– Justin
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Thanks Justin for the kind words.  Every One should know I was a damn good training developer and an excellent sales man!  I’m just a charmer…

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Hour of Truth – #6

Originalni audio zapis sa glazbom možete poslušati OVDJE .

You can listen original audio file with music HERE .


Thank you Vladimir and Drazen for the opportunity to be on your Hour of Truth Croatia!

Keep up the great work y’all are doing!


Today I Am making an Analysis of the following Article: “ReDefining God: An Illustrative Example of False-Light Deception: the OPPT (Update 1)”.  I Am qualified in making this analysis because this author is putting false accusations against:

  • The One known as Angel Lucci (I Am would be that One)
  • The One People and the One People Public Trust

Part of I Am wants to blow this off, but I want to use this to show every One how religion and ignorance of the knowledge of Love can make a person judge another One, without knowing the One or even failing to do the due-diligence in researching the full story.  I Am sure Ken and I would probably get along if he really knew me.  I might not agree with his religious views and that’s OK!  There is both truth and non-truths in religious materials and One must seek Truth from the One.  Also, as you shall see, I can be a smart-ass if the occasion presents itself.  This just happens to be one of those occasions.

I learned years ago, while I had my time in the religious circles (I’ve always walked in the Spirit and have never participated in religious bigotry.), never to judge any One based on another One’s analysis of that One being accused. I repented after meeting the One accused and determined after coming to know this individual, that the One bringing judgement against the One did so without knowing the One he accused.

Therefore, I will make comments “quoted in red lettering” throughout the initial part of the article.  Those who met me during the One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour may comment to this article on my blog if you feel so led to DO!

Love Every One of You,


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 A resource for the awakening human: An Illustrative Example of False-Light Deception: the OPPT (Update 1)

While I was formulating the follow-up to my last entry, the OPPT caught my attention once again. Upon doing my periodic monitoring of them on the Removing the Shackles blog, this article caught my attention. Apparently, one of the major actors in the group is doing a motorcycle tour, and I couldn’t help but notice the symbolism on her hog…

Ken, this chick has a dick! Obviously, you failed to do your research because this would have been apparent. Also, I Am not an actor, I Am Eternal Essence Embodied in a Living Soul absent limits and have known who I Be since I was a young man.  My Calling and place at this time in history is ordained by the Most High.  I Am a History Maker!

Now calling this One’s motorcycle a Hog, is like this One calling you a Pig!  And although I may say you lean towards being a religious bigot, that would be based only on your writing about this One.  And why in hell would you want to Redefine God?  God is Love and Light!  The Source needs no redefining.

By the way, the motorcycle happens to be a Yamaha Warrior:  1700 CC, 102 Cubic Inches of pure power with some great Japanese engineering!  Also don’t mess with this “Iron-Butt” who put 1150+ miles in 18 hours on the last day of a two and a half week The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour!  If you had a tour, would it be called “Let’s Divide and Judge the Peoples” Tour?  Just asking Dude

You do know that by the same standard that One sets to judge another One or their motives, by that standard you also will be judged.  Remember, every time you point a finger in judgement at another One, three (3) fingers of judgement are being pointed at you!

…I’ve circled the words on the gas tank, “Streets of Love,” with pink of course. And in red, I’ve circled the Punisher logos and skull. This is a prime example of how the false-light folks speak of love and light with saccharin sweetness, yet show you the truth of who they are through their symbols.

Streets of Love – unconventional has been in existence since 2005 when I first entered the biker community after leaving the church.  I left the church to become a “Born-Again Heathen” (that will give give you something to write about Ken).  Actually, I left because of the advise of a pastor who seemed to contradict the Word as it related to the family relationship. I Am well known around these parts and feel that I have many close friends in and outside of the biker community in this country as well as several foreign countries where I have touched other Eternal Essences Embodied.  I Am one big fucking Ball of Sunshine Brother!

Of course, seeing the Punisher logo on her bike reminded me of some other folks I’ve seen recently…

The Punisher Logo is from the Marvel Comic know as “The Punisher”.  There is also a movie by the same title.  Yes it is used by many in the intelligence world, police, and even in the biker world.  I like skulls and have come to look at them as the Mayans’ view it, a symbol of eternal life.  Do the research! 

Christianity has given us wars, division of the One, hypocrisy, and a bunch of religious dogma that leads to confusion of the People.  It’s my observation and research of how the world’s major religions have operated for the cabal that are now being brought to justice by the OPPT and the One People of the Earth.

I also couldn’t help but notice a document she featured in the article…

…the “Creator’s End Game Agreement,” eh? Hmmm… nothing ominous about that title, is there?

Again, if you had really done the research and due-diligence of the OPPT, you would not be making these statements.  I have found, those who do not, make their decisions based on what others have said or they did not understand the documents, so they attack them as nonsense and irrelevant. 

Since they kindly placed themselves back on my radar, I thought I might combine and repost my old articles on the OPPT so all the new readers can see an alternative perspective on them. I’ll begin with the symbolism of their logo, which I wrote about back on January 7….

The Symbology of the “One People’s Public Trust”

To get at the truth of the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT), let’s start at the beginning: its logo. As all should know by now, secret societies are big into symbolism, and it doesn’t take a whole lot of expertise to decipher what they’re trying to say with the OPPT symbol.

If the people behind the OPPT were just the regular-type people they claim to be, I’d expect them to use a very straightforward and informative logo, if any at all. Instead, what they show us is this…

Besides the black and gold color scheme which matches that of the planet Saturn and the Saturn Death Cult

…take note of some other design elements:

> If you look at the picture in the middle of the logo, the golden element on top is a stylized sun, and it is rising over a dark ground. This symbolizes a sunrise, or to be more precise, “the Dawn of a New Day,” which is a common theme among engineered “people’s revolutions.” To better understand this theme, seek out Jordan Maxwell’s Dawn of a New Day on YouTube and watch it.

> You will also notice that they included Saturnian rings in the design, and those rings are around the stylized sun, so the sunrise actually depicts the rise of the “second sun.” To understand the meaning of this, Google the following terms and scan through some of the results (it won’t take a lot of reading to get the gist of it):

the second sun Saturn

Saturn and Satan

the Saturnian Society

> In a concurrent design element, they placed Saturnian rings around both the solar element on top and the dark element on bottom. I interpret this as showing Saturn (Satan) going from being occulted (hidden) to showing itself for all to see.

> You’ll further notice that there is a ring around the top ray of the sun, and it looks like a crown.

So if you put it all together, the symbol depicts the dawn of a new day in which Saturn/Satan, who has been hidden, rises and is crowned for all to see.

We’ve all read this bullshit above about how the OPPT logo is cabal inspired.  People give too much energy to the cabal and to the symbolism.  As I have said, do not judge any thing or any One, unless you desire to be judged by the same standard that you use.

If these OPPT guys are the sweet folks they claim to be, they sure picked some unfortunate symbolism, did they not? Why would they innocently pick such strange design elements? What are the odds that this is a coincidence or mistake? And if Satan (presumably an ET/ED creator-god being) is coming upon the earthly scene, will he come looking like an evil beast or a benevolent angel? Which manifestation would draw in more people?

Leadership Marketing, the OPPT, and Progressive Disengagement

Watching the whole One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) drama unfold, a famous quote ascribed to Vladimir Lenin comes to mind:

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

And the Cabal has taken this concept of leading the opposition and refined it to a precise science and high art. Using their polling organizations, their spies, and their apparatus for eavesdropping on telecommunications of all sorts, they keep a close watch on public sentiment and carefully monitor the buzz surrounding any ideas that could cause them problems. If they see energy building around the idea of “we’ve been taxed enough, already,” for instance, they spring into action to capture that energy and control how it manifests itself.

But how do they do this, you ask? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1) Using the data from their constant monitoring of us, they set about crafting a message that will resonate with those who are becoming disgruntled about a specific issue. And by utilizing such tools as focus groups, they condense their message down to a simple, highly effective set of talking points, soundbites and slogans.

In focus groups, Cabal propagandists gather a number of regular people who are of the demographic type they are targeting and have them listen to messages. As the people hear things they like, they turn a knob one way, and as they hear things they don’t like, they turn it the other way…

…By monitoring the graph of which way the people are turning their knobs, the propagandists see which specific messages are having the best impact. These popular messages become the talking points, soundbites and slogans they will use.

2) They select a charismatic Cabal minion to carry the message, and they set up and fund a “grassroots” movement/organization for people to join. In the specific case of disgruntled taxpayers, they set up Sarah Palin and the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party…

…”Just vote them out,” eh? That slogan must have tested well in the focus groups, bit it’s kinda hard to actually do when they program the voting machines.

3) This new false leader and controlled movement explode onto the scene, and people hear them talking about exactly what’s on their minds. The people then join the movement and rally around the false leader, and they are led down a long path which brings them to many wrong turns, dead ends, and even ambushes.

This process is what I call “leadership marketing,” and it is exactly what I’ve been seeing with the “Mass Arrests” bullsh*t, the One People’s Public Trust, and other such narratives and movements which have been distracting the awakening ones. If we go back to the Mass Arrests narrative from last year, my “paranoid” aspect (the same part of me that is sounding the alarm over the OPPT) anticipated its arrival. In my March 30, 2012 entry, I wrote…

“Of course, there is also a third possibility in all this: that the Cabal remains in firm control of Earth, and all the Illuminati factional infighting and ‘alien interventions’ are staged to create the appearance of a resistance in order to draw out all the opponents of the NWO. Now that the resistance victory is made to appear close, the last stragglers will come out of the woodwork to join the fight. Then, a bit later, the Cabal will unleash a ‘night of the long knives’ to slaughter us all in one fell swoop. While this is not my most favored scenario, it seems possible given what I do and don’t know.”


I Am finished evaluating this article.  I’ve never been One to operate in fear although I have judged through my own ignorance when I wore a younger man’s clothes.  The OPPT, now the One People, are making people mad, especially those who remain useful fools, to the cabal and to  the energy of the cabal’s deceptive acts and practices.  Do not feed the beast…

Focus only on those things that you desire to manifest.  I desire to live free any way I choose as long as no One or no thing is hurt or damaged through my creation.  Every thing we need to survive as a human beings has bee prepaid, pre-authorized, and pre-approved by the People’s Trust so therefore, every thing is free!  It has always been paid by the People’s Trust, it’s just, we have not been told and our value had been commandeered by the Cabal!  I think it’s time to change that and it take every One of the People to stand up and be the change you desire to see!

Continue reading this bullshit at:

July 3 – Havre de Grace, MD

I left Baltimore early after having a late evening with the Crew!  I arrived in Havre de Grace within 45 minutes and visited with my Dad as he went to the bank.  My baby brother, Mark, put my ass to work building a deck within an hour of arriving.


It took us 3 days of about 6 hours each to complete the project.  Much happened during that time.  I went down to Concord Point Light House to get a photo.  It is one of the oldest working light houses in the country.


While I was there I saw the light and miracles upon miracles began to happen.  I came into a relationship with Sweet Baby Jesus while in Havre de Grace!  You just never know the events that will change your life!


The deck came out great and we had it completed before the party he had planned for July 6th.


We had a great time on Friday night as we visited First Friday in the downtown area along the water front of the Chesapeake Bay and Susquehanna River.  Havre de Grace has a long history in our country.  I found out several years ago that my grandfather, Orlando Angelucci ran Canadian Whiskey for Al Capone way back then.  My Dad said he remembers Capone coming into the house my father was born in and still lives in today.  He is 82!


I also caught up with some of my other brothers and sisters while I was there.  I had not visited with my baby sister for years and we had a chance to visit for a couple of hours.  My nephew, John and my niece, Sam woke up and took a photo with me before my departure.


July 7 – New York City

I pulled into the Bronx, NYC at about 10 AM on Sunday morning. Grant Williams is an awesome guy and is actively involved in OPPT.  He is definitely a DOer!  We visited for several hours with his room mates and talked about the actions being taken by them to make the New Paradigm a reality.


We headed down to West Greenish Village, Manhattan for the meeting at 4 PM.  I rode down there and I can say with experience that NYC definitely has more pot holes than New Jersey!  I had a chance to visit a pub while waiting for the others to get off the mass transit system.


We had a great meeting with about 7 people including the Eternal Essence Embodied known as “The Flo”.  I feel that much energy was anticipated and manifested during the 5+ hours spent together in sharing about the changes that are coming onto our blue planet.  New York City will be a different place when this crew is set loose.


As I prepared to leave, I reviewed my directions to exit NYC and to ride to Mahopac Falls.  I had a great time and was exhausted by the end of the day.  I love all of these folks and look forward to connecting again sometime in the future.


I want to thank Grant and every One that showed up in NYC.  Check out the “Let’s Pull Together” Tour review by Grant Williams on NYC: upRISING:

July 8 – Mahopac Falls, NY

I came up to Mahopac Falls after the meeting in the Village.  On Monday, Bobby Peck and I put 150 miles plus on our bikes. We went to Orange County Choppers and looked at all the wonderful bikes that they have created.


I was telling Bobby I’m glad I had not run into any police especially in NYC. I am glad I did not get pulled over by NYPD on this bad boy!


It was an enjoyable time as we traveled out into the beautiful scenic landscape of the Mahopac Falls area.  We rode west traveling through the winding roads and hills of the Shawangunk Mountains and even saw the Catskill off in the distance.  A beautiful day with mild weather and a cool breeze.


Visited with a great friend of Bobby’s, Joe Britt, Jr.  He is an architect and a genius in building energy-efficient homes.  His home is amazing and it costs him 10 cents a day to heat his indoor pool.  Check out his website,


On the way home we rode past the Hudson River and even got to see West Point off in the distance behind the boats.


We had a great evening meeting at an wonderful restaurant, Eveready.  It was the best food I’ve had eating out this whole trip!


We have a larger meeting planned tonight at Panera Bread near Mahopac Falls.  We are 10 minutes from Connecticut and only 90 minutes North of NYC.  Come on out and join us at 7 PM for a great time with like-minded people.  Contact Bobby at for the exact location.

Check this post tomorrow for an update of the meeting.


July 9 – Mahopac Falls, NY

Another day of riding and sharing with every One that crossed our path.  We had a great breakfast at George’s Place across from Lake Carmel.  Paul Revere must have eaten there because they had a statue of him across the street.  Who knows?


We stopped at a deli and was given a bag of about 10 day-old hoagie rolls.  I thought we were going to eat them later, but I was in for a surprise.  We stopped at the Chuang Yen Monastery in Kent, NY.  The bread was for this school at the Monastery.  They are an unruly bunch!


The grounds were beautiful and the Temple simply amazing.  I’ve been to other Buddhist Temples in Texas, but this one won the prize.


This guy was giving a hook-em horns or an Illuminati hand-sign.  He looked kind of angry if you want a personal opinion.  And you know how opinions are, every One has one!


The meeting last evening was great.  Many connections, feeling of Oneness and a sense of knowing we have met before and it was not in this life-time.  Every One of the men there had done their due diligence on OPPT and were definitely wide-awake.  All talked of coming together again very soon and to continue meeting and bringing others with them!


All but One in this photo are Master Martial Artists!  I felt protected in this group for sure!

Bobby Peck is riding with me this morning to visit Bob Wright so another day of sight-seeing and connections that are changing our world!


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My Accessing Value Story

 About 12 weeks ago, I was living in California and being evicted. I did not have a job or any money. I was living day to day because my Son, who was a Navy Corpsman at the time would moneygram me what I needed to keep the utilities on. I was also living next door to some very dense energy people who were messing with me and the property on a daily basis.

I know that I am eternal essence absent limits and I am capable of manifesting as Creator. So, I got my game face on, stood in my power and intended an energetic, rather than  monetary exchange for housing. I spend a lot of time in the Removing The Shackles Skype room and was sharing my dilemma with my Soul Family there.

I got a personal message from a Sister, she told me that she had a place in Ohio, that she and her roomate were looking for a heart connection. I was told there was a beautiful home on a large piece of property, room and board was included in exchange for being a live in caregiver/companion to an 80 year old angel with second stage Alzheimers. I asked for the address and google mapped it. What I saw took my breath away. The universe had responded to my intention within 48 hours.

The next thing I had to accomplish was transportation. I owned a Honda Accord and also have 3 amazing 4 legged Canine kids. Making the 2400 mile journey in the Honda was out of the question. I looked into U-haul, but was totally against transporting them in the cargo hold and the cab was not large enough. I decided to trade my Honda for an SUV. I was enroute to Los Angeles to trade for a Nissan Pathfinder. I seized the motor on the 5 Freeway. It took me all night to secure a ride from the San Fernando Valley 100 miles North back to Bakersfield.

Talk about stuck! Eeeegads!!!!! I started pondering my situation and looking around for items I had of value. I had an 18k gold solitaire diamond ring I had paid 295.00 for on eBay 2 years ago and a 32″ LCD TV with a stand. Once again, I stood in my power as a Creator BEing and stated my intention to trade these things for an SUV. Next stop, Craigslist. It took 2 weeks to find someone willing to trade, but I found one. I traded for a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT with only 120,000 miles. Turns out that the truck was 40,000 miles under mileage for the year.

I packed my mutts and…

Continue reading at:



Make sure you read the rest of Kathy’s story by clicking the link above.  In addition to these blessings of intent, Kathy has time to host a meeting of The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour on her fantastic property:

July 13 – Ostrander, OH (Kathy Kelly )
      CONTACT: Kathy<> for time and location

Send her an email if you’d like to make that meeting!  Check out the details and the cities I will be visiting!  I Am excited and leaving Friday morning June 28! Looking forward to meeting every One that is participating!


In the first half of the show, things are shared about the SWISSINDO perspective and the RV (revaluation of currencies) by Heather that were jaw-droppingly outrageous perfect solutions.


So I will leave you with just one took-my-breath-away of an appetizer . . . Heather has underwritten the RV!




This is definitely a show you want to listen to!  Very encouraging to hear Heather.  Heather sounded exhausted and it was again mentioned that Caleb and the other programmers were sick due to exhaustion. 

 Let us focus our energy as a collective to love, light, strength and wholeness to the whole team for their work and commitment to see us to this moment.  I love y’all and know that we are close to seeing those changes we desire and are creating it in every moment of BEing and DOing!

And for the record, I am not sure this was Heather’s last show? I listened to the entire show and actually thought I heard her say she would like to do more shows.  Let me know if anyone heard otherwise.  Thanks!


I Voluntarily Bond my BE'ing by Oath - by Angel Lucci

It is what it is…

I Am Eternal Essence Embodied Without Limits…

My value is protected and guaranteed through the Universal Value Exchange


  • Public Servant to the One People,
  • Public Servant to Earth.


  • Uphold the Universal Law of the Creator that All Actions are Permissible, Without Limits,  except Abrogation of Free Will Choice of Another Embodiment of External Essence.
  • Establish, maintain, serve and protect ABSOLUTE and ETERNAL PEACE ON EARTH AND THROUGH ALL OF CREATION, the Right of Free Will Choice, the Equity and the Abundance of the One People through the Universal Value Exchange, CVAC SYSTEMS of ASSISTANCE, by assisting the Protectors of the One  People in the execution of Military Order UCC 2012096074, and as expressed by the CONSENSUS WILL of the ONE PEOPLE, in future moments of NOW.


  • Serving with and by my BE’ing Eternal Essence Without Limits,
  • DO’ing All Ways for the Greater Good of the ONE PEOPLE and the EARTH.