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Here is a list of Ascension symptoms you may recognize:

1. Abrupt loss of interest in the people and things that held your interest before.
2. You simply cannot do that job any longer, or tolerate that person any more. Done.
3. Strange wanderlust or urge to relocate.
You may just * know * where you need to be.
4. Inner need to simplify life.
“Why the heck am I carrying around this much of junk? I don’t even remember why I wanted them.” is a common sentiment. Declutter and donate your stuff to Good Will. You may also get the urge to detox your own body.
5. Sudden change in food preference.
6. Sudden change in the taste to dress and decorate.
7. Some people report having a sudden “spiritual awakening,” accompanied with the feeling of clarity and empowerment.
8. Feeling spacy and detached from the rest…

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