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Published on Mar 7, 2013

This is a Visual Guide on How to send a Courtesy Notice, what it means for you in this new lawful landscape, and the process for invoicing thereafter.

Link to download the Courtesy Notices with Instructions

The time is Now! We are divine beings of the creator. We are sovereign and have a divine right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The OPPT has done each and everyone of us could have done; acert your free will choice to STOP being appart of the slavery system and START BE’ing and DO’ing.

For all information relating to the New Lawful Landscape, and OPPT, please visit

Quote from retired Corporate Lawyer from Australia “the OPPT and the UCC filings have legs, but the only thing that will prevent it from freeing the planet is people getting off their arses”

The choice is yours. Be free, and take the responsibility that comes with it.

Thank you to all the people of this planet who are choosing to BE free.

Here is an article summarizing the OPPT and the conceptual basis behind it.