As We Shift – “Personal Disclosure” by Sophia Love

Posted: March 30, 2016 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

These times now bring shifts – not of character so much as shifts in the way we move within our character.  Those things we may have stood on for support, you know the ones; be it a job or a title or role or a specific outfit or relationship or “belief system”, are not so much crumbling now as re-aligning, re-forming and fine tuning themselves. What remains at the end of this now moment is only what truly fits.

What truly fits you may or may not sit comfortably inside the puzzle that was your life.  You may find it necessary to move to locations more in line with your current hue.  Like a sunset releasing gradual tones of pinks, golds and purples; this is a dynamic creation.  Right now is not the time to permanently attach “you” to any one section of it.  It’s in the midst of a major morph.

What is erupting from those around me is a blatant disregard for rules, norms and protocol.  Clear outbursts of feelings are announced without regard for polite society or prior relationship.  Refreshing and a bit shocking, these candid explosions of truth are precursors only.  As we anticipate what promises to be a great global uncovering of hidden programs, activities and technologies, we are “disclosing” our deepest secret selves.  As above so below.

This shift is not happening without our participation or to us, as much as it is emerging from us. At all times we create our reality.  These personal revelations set the stage for unveiling on a much larger scale.  This is how it must be – we are one.

Things I am hearing and seeing are:

spontaneous healings

sudden breakups or make ups

vivid experiences of remembering “past” selves

unexpected physical moves

new illnesses

bodily changes

financial disruptions (followed by new ways of creating resources)

“youthing” (as opposed to aging)

honesty in conversation

an exposing of feelings

a “telling it like it is”


and a bit of boredom

We are losing patience with the “waiting”; we know something better is evolving, even if we can’t verbalize our knowing.

This is such an exciting time to be here! The current mood is one of “coming out of the dark” and the only way we’ll emerge is together.  It is our collective love that holds us up now, that steadies us and propels us all at once.  Our journey is unique but identical, just like we are.

The realizations I need to hear and to face and to process are not yours.  Yet as we each emerge – in each other’s eyes we will recognize truth.  There is no escaping our oneness.

Be gentle as you reach inside and expose yourself.  As you softly love yourself anyway, you’ll begin to breathe acceptance.  It is the only way now – be bold and brave and take it in, warts and all.

Then, as our governments and leaders in every discipline are exposed, take a deep breath and say “there but for the grace of god go I”.  We are one.  Sovereignty erases the necessity for blame.

Be here now.  In this moment rests all the power you hold.  Energy spent angry or embarrassed or worried is a waste of your most precious resource – your imagination.

Imagine the world of your wildest and most wonderful dreams.  Expect it.  Believe it.  It is done.  You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,


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–Angel Lucci

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