The Ruiner post from 4/08/2015: Email Response

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I Am posting a selected email response posted by The Ruiner. It hits the nail smack-dab on the head. Some has said, This is dis-information! That is a decision left only to the individual doing the research.

I Am and have always have a positive outlook on life. My dreams have always manifested during this incarnation. My search has been for the truth and the let 10 years nothing by the truth. I Am, for One, sick of the bullshit.

If you have not read the entire blog of The Ruiner, then your research is incomplete.  I would encourage you to read all of the blog (it’s not that long) and without judgment. Truth really does reside within your heart and cellular memory.

Remember, NO BODY is coming to save you! Not the BRICS. Not the Galactic. Not even Jesus…

One must save them self!  And it’s easier if we stand together as One against evil and corruption.

Get off your damn knees. Stand for yourself. Do not rely on BRICs, or Avians or any Unity Consciousness to stand for you.

The Illuminati KNOW VERY WELL that all it takes is YOU standing up and refusing this control and guidance and accepting the responsibility of your thoughts, emotions and actions – for yourself. All the information you need is out there. What is not out there is IN YOU.

–The Ruiner


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TheRuiner posted on 4/08/2015:

Email Response

It seems these blogs had some new visitors today. Someone connected what your writer is saying here with what someone else is saying on a forum. -Interesting forum name btw-

So I feel I should write something here for the new eyes on this blog from the forum:

Your writer is a former Illuminati member. Brought up within their systems and programs. That is true. Your writer has said plenty on this already.

If your writer wanted to earn points with the Illuminati he would be talking to researchers reinforcing the agenda. He was asked to do so, but would not. Here everyone, anyone or no one can read it all.

Your writer has spoken with more than a few researchers in this field. At times your writer has released information to these researchers who have then published the information on their own sites. Not even they knew your writers name.

Creative writing? If that is my intention I should probably quit. Your writer is definitely lacking skills in that regard.

Many angry emails sent to defend your Whistleblower. Respectable. I’m not looking to attack your Whistleblower, readers. Relax. If you can be hypnotized, you can be programmed. If you make it through Boot Camp, you can be hypnotized. If you have ever been programmed by previously mentioned Projects or Programs, you still have THIS program in your mind. This is not your fault. You have a chance to admit “I was/am wrong” and you have the chance to say “I am sorry” because you are just making an honest mistake. The heart is certainly in the right place. It’s easy to miss programming.

You’ve added a lot of you to what you say which is beautiful, you just really need to avoid the rest.

There are benevolent ETs. ALL of which are too aware of Natural Law and Free Will and Karma to “Save You”.

Ruiner___Prepare_To_Be_Let_DownHumans: You are under control because you asked for it. You refuse to save yourself so your Draconian overlords saved you. Now you want another race to save you from the Draconians? It does not matter how spectacular any ET race seems – If you NEED them, they can and will, control you. (The Draco are abadoning you anyways, but that is another blog)

Get off your damn knees. Stand for yourself. Do not rely on BRICs, or Avians or any Unity Consciousness to stand for you.

The Illuminati KNOW VERY WELL that all it takes is YOU standing up and refusing this control and guidance and accepting the responsibility of your thoughts, emotions and actions – for yourself. All the information you need is out there. What is not out there is IN YOU.

Give up the lip lock you have on the technological titty, and you will see you can look after yourself without some Parental Figure like – ET to SAVE you. Return to being a Natural Being on this planet and give up your cybernetic dreams. Nature will reconnect you to the abilities that have been occulted but exist within all of you. At that point, the Illuminati can no longer enslave or control you. The Draconians would’ve given up if you weren’t begging them to protect you by giving you iPhones and iMACs and Google Cars and _________.


One email I received was a copy and paste from a forum where someone asks: “IF ITS ALL A PSY-OP – if its all an Illuminati psy-op as she claims, then why would they even need to create it at all?” This person goes on to say ” IF ITS REAL – if the so-called Blue Avians etc DO exist and are beneficial, then The Powers That Were should be rightfully VERY concerned that their enemy is now disclosing highly sensitive secret info to the masses via the internet.

I will respond with a question: Did you read the blog you are questioning? It is quite clear WHY this has been put in place. Having you accept and invite the Blue Avians and BRICS et al as your saviors from the Cabal is A LOT easier than having to put you in FEMA-like camps. We could drag you kicking and screaming, OR, we can set a trap. Thousands of years now we have been forming your thoughts and you think we are too stupid to anticipate that SOME humans are not going to freely accept the agenda? The Illuminati WANTS you to believe it. That is all I am saying. You choose whether you do or not.

Now ask yourselves this: If the Blue Avians ARE real then why worry about disinformation? It’s not even logical to assume that the Illuminati would run counter-psy-ops if they KNEW about Blue Avians, because……

If a benevolent race DID decide to SAVE YOU the Illuminati COULD NOT stop them. Let that one roll around your head for a while.

You would rather believe that they can pull you out of your bed in the middle of the night for a meeting than they could do anything else that would be FAR MORE EFFECTIVE than dragging people out of their homes in their underwear?

THIS is why the Illuminati laughs at you.

Oh, and if I’m saying the Illuminati wants you to believe this, and so you don’t (drum roll please) Aren’t your Blue Avians going to save you anyways? If you assume I am giving out disinformation, and so you do believe it (drum roll please) aren’t the Blue Avians going to save you anyways?

If they were what they claim, this would not be a battle of information. If you are right the Blue Avians will show up anytime now and slap my fingers with a ruler. If I am right, well, you can read this blog again this same time next year when I’m telling you how the newest savior is also not going to save you.

The average human would gladly accept a cybernetic implant that makes them more than human. Those of you who have figured out that the Illuminati do not have your best interests in mind, are not likely to freely accept their implants and new forms of control through a new monetary system, a new religion, a new governance. It’s just easier if you do. So we will give you someone you admire to follow and a race you trust. The end result is the same whether you follow the plan by will or by force. It’s just easier if you do.

The rest of the comment and question sent to me is not worth commenting on. Very narrow view you have there. You obviously missed something very important.

The only reason you were warned by the Blue Avians about disinformation is those who dreamed them up do not want to be questioned.

The Illuminati want (but don’t need) the majority to consent. Plain and simple. They do not want to fight and if they wanted to just kill you off or throw you in prisons, you’d be there. The Illuminati only benefit, if you come willingly. (The Draco wanted you dead, The Illuminati have devised a way to keep you around, so long as you behave like good little children. Which is all you are to them. Your parents didn’t convince you Santa existed because they hate you.)

You have proven that all we need to do is offer you free energy, remove the money system you know, and kill off the Cabal for you to follow the agenda (again). Every religion written has accomplished the same. So to the point: The MESSAGE delivered by the Blue Avians and their host IS your new religion at it’s earliest stages. Before you get confused, please remember that the basic message in the Holy Bible is positive and of great benefit to Mankind. It’s just EVERYTHING ELSE that has controlled your mind. Same will apply to this new religion.

It will start off with everything you want; Love and light, peace and good will. It will be everything wrapped around it which will, as it has, lead you astray. You know how this works, so why the question?

The Illuminati do fear you. You have the same power they have, and they know it. That is why they try to hide it from you.

They WOULD feel pretty threatened by forums like the one these comments were sent from. The problem is we monitor them and we see that you all fight with yourselves and argue and disagree and hold bias and worship ect. The few of you who don’t are only a slight worry because they are 1 out of 20 forum members. Members have been sent into your circles to sell you lies. You kill off the ones who do tell you the truth -or ignore them- and praise those who create a the perfect script for you.

He, She – Makes no difference to your writer.

There is no intention to put down your whistleblower or his contact researcher. They are expected to do what they are doing. It is not a problem. Your writer simply wishes to put this information out for you to read or not read. There is no competition here because I don’t want their audience, I don’t want your donations, and I am not going to play your Huckleberry. My personal focus is only to help by giving you some truth.

Your writer doesn’t know everything, but your writer does know your whistleblower is lying. He and his wife created a story that works with the ego of his contact. His back story is half true and half mixed with information he transplanted from other whistleblowers (which is why not a single aspect of his story is new to your community ).

He has gotten away with his lies so long now that he truly believes this entire movement is BS and there is no Illuminati or Secret Space Program (“they would have contacted me by now to tell me to shut up, wouldn’t they? They must not exist.”) Soon enough, he will know otherwise.

Your writer has read the story, and wishes it were true, but knows better.

Now that all of this was said, please keep your forum dramas to yourself and please don’t ask me to respond to any more of this.

To the email-er: Hey you asked for this! haha

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