by Ron Van Dyke (Video)


Published on Feb 19, 2015

So, how will we know if anything has really changed from the way the world has operated? Yes, in order for any change to work, there needs to be a change in the consciousness of humanity, especially those in leadership roles. As I see it, the majority of humanity is so programmed that they would not know that a slavery system and even exists, and would not be able to describe what financial tyranny is. Unfortunately, the Ambassador is right when he says that humans are generally ignorant. Again, that’s part of the matrix design. However, more and more people are becoming aware of the reality of our situation, slavery and tyranny. For me, there will be two major markers that will indicate a real change has occurred. Number one, banks will be required to obey the law and to forgive all fraudulent debt, which is the vast majority in existence. Second, all courts will be mandated to put human rights first, ending the deceptive maritime system and replacing it with common law.

–Ron Van Dyke

  1. Hi Ron. Well, you’re wondering about how the transition will occur? Ok. Truth to tell, the general public 1) cannot grasp economic issues because they are convinced they are convinced they are too difficult, and 2) are too unwilling to question the Central Authority that insists that the system is a-ok. No matter how bad those in authority are, they’re not coming to our side anytime soon. I thought of a way to bring about the general public though. The basic outline almost certainly has to start in the US. Iceland kicked out its bankers when faced by a similar economic crisis as the US and no one noticed. Also, the US is the one undergoing the most crises at the moment. Check out A Single Change and Why This Will Work at, then check out the other stuff that deals with the nature of all economies. I need to get this knowledge out and you want to see that transition, so maybe we can help each other, ‘kay? Thx.

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