Lucas – A System Crumbles – A Call For Change – 11 November 2014

Posted: November 23, 2014 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

You need to rethink things and create a new balance were all can be flourishing and have enough. We need to get out of systems, monopolies, oligarchies, political left/right/center hollow frases. We need to get working together as individuals in one world without borders and without any kind of governing body than individuals deciding and creating together in unison a new paradigm. Shifting powers back is difficult if you have had it that long and have a rush of adrenaline pumping on that note. It is difficult to shut down the old and get into really talking to your fellow humans and making a real difference. It is not done to create shadow worlds, manipulate media, manipulate minds and use behavioural psychology and other methods to keep people in check. What a waste of creation’s energy this is. Working together as individuals free and thriving will be the greatest boost to humanity and the renewal of all that can be will be.”
— Lucas

Lucas 2012 Infos Picture by John Allan Crumbling Road Bridge. A bridge on a now bypassed section of the Dunvegan-Sligachan road in a bad way. The road is still open to traffic. (23 February 2006)

Our illicit brother and sisters that seem to keep wanting power over all have been losing in faction wars against the ones that see the ending of the FED fiat  banking system and the dollar as the world swap ending. Those others have been building a similar system to keep power as the FED is factually now in Chinese hands. The more countries shift to the other system (which is by the way just the same with an other name)  the more the printing worthless money is going on. The other system will last as long as power and greed will not make it a similar 2nd FED alike failure. The signs are clear: countries do business directly…

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