Gordon Duff, New Eastern Outlook 8-30-14… ““Cracked,” the Demise of the “Iron Dome””

Posted: September 1, 2014 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)


In California at the seaport of Oakland, an Israeli ship is being refused a berth. No one will load or unload. The writing is on the wall, Israel has worn out its welcome in the United States. Early on America pulled back its air defense ships that made up the real backbone of the Iron Dome. In response, the America’s Israeli controlled congress voted $270 million for Iron Dome “upgrades” that were less likely to disappear mysteriously.

Whether Obama has “grown a conscience” or is simply punishing Israel as a political enemy that has run a 6 year smear campaign against his presidency, survival for a democratic president depends on gaining the Jewish vote, which Obama does handily, while defeating the Israel lobby invariably aligned with republicans.

Few outside the United States have the remotest understanding of this anomaly, nor should they. It is, in actuality, quite insane.


Israel’s media, initially, carried no news of Hamas rockets hitting. All were misses, falling miles from cities or being blasted out of the sky. Nothing was reported of the advanced AEGIS radars that support the Iron Dome being pulled back by Israel’s shaky American allies.

America had relocated her AEGIS assets to the Black Sea. With those ships went the real “Iron Dome,” including the SM 3 interceptor missiles genuinely capable of intercepting missiles.

Israel’s “fall back” was to use the Raphael high energy COIL (Chemical/Oxygen/Iodine” Laser) system they were given by Boeing and Raytheon. That system had been developed as an airborne missile interception system to be used against Iran. Instead, they had mounted it on an aircraft for ground attack capabilities, another war crime, attacking civilians with a failed American weapon designed to down satellites. From New Eastern Outlook, Moscow:

“Reports, including photographic evidence reveal that Israel is using an energy weapon to attack targets in Gaza. The destructive beam, thought to be a high energy laser, is emitted from a plane identified as a Boeing KC707 “Re’em,” originally configured for Electronic Warfare.”

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