Via Steve Beckow 7-14-14… “Into the Reval Labyrinth” or ” From An Anonymous “We Are 99.85% There””

Posted: July 16, 2014 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

I have thought a sting operation has been going on for years based on information read back in 2009-2010 period.

Kauilapele's Blog

iqd_25k_reverse_2I received this email information via Ginger earlier. I read it, and felt that the information validated the sense that I’ve been getting all along, that many of the “Dinar’s going to RV tomorrow” and “once the elites cash out their currencies, then it will be our turn” and “just give your dinars (dongs, Zims) to us and we’ll give you a special contract rate” guru statements, were all “sting” operations to entrap the “elites” (money elites).

Then Steve Beckow put this article out today, and I really resonated with it.

I don’t often post RV (revaluation of currency) posts, partly because I feel investing in the dinar or dong or zim or bim, well, it’s a personal thing. But also because I try to keep my distance from two groups of beings: 1) those who think this RV business is all a bunch of garbage, and laugh in your…

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