New Earth Renaissance Has Begun

Posted: June 4, 2014 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

Read it and listen to the short video. Enjoy

The New Earth Blog ~ Creating Our New Life in the Age of Compassion

earth_butterflyThe reason I stopped thinking about and paying much attention to the negative, the sad, shame, and evil of some Earths in the Multiverse is that I don’t want them to exist.  What we put our attention on grows.  We are POWERFUL creators.  We create with Consciousness.  Actually, we ARE Consciousness, using our Awareness to create.

Let’s say that in someone’s universe, they become aware of some ways that their government tramples on their Freedom.  Take food.  Controllers create food that’s harmful to the people, and they outlaw gardens and sharing good fresh natural food.  Alarmed and fearful, that person focuses on it.  They surf for more information, how it’s done, how widely it’s being done, what other tyrannical actions are being done.  They then tell everyone they know what’s happening.  Then more people are holding that awareness.  Negativity builds, as they create more and more of what they don’t…

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