Interview Willem Middelkoop: The Big Reset (with English subtitles)

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, Currency/Value Systems, CVACs, NEWS
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24 januari 2014

Financial Expert and Fundmanager Willem Middelkoop will tell you in 15 minutes all about The Big Reset of the financial system in the world. Interview in Dutch, with English translation. He wrote a book about it: The Big Reset.



This is a very good interview from a European source and information that is being denied to the People in north america by the CORP GOVT and GOVT NEWS AGENCIES.

They treat us like mushrooms!  Keep us in the dark and feed us shit all day!

We must be aware of the changes coming to our great planet!  Through awareness and education, ignorant people can be ignored!  Let’s BE the CHANGE that WE DESIRE to SEE!



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