Montague Keen, February 9, 2014 – MUST READ!!!!!

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, NEWS

It is time for you to understand that your planet has been turned into a huge concentration camp. You are now beginning to wake up to this fact. You are prisoners and you are beginning to see the bars in clear sight, and you are prepared to confront them. Those who control you have created so many ‘laws’: cameras watch your every move and electronic devices surround you, emitting controlling energies. You are bombarded with propaganda that tries to block any semblance of truth from getting through to you.

Try to find that which is real in your world. The weather is controlled and is used to distract you from the real issues. The banks are used to create a noose around your necks, to keep you servile and scared. The religions have excelled themselves by creating FEAR and putting out false information, some of which they now admit is not true and never was true. Falsity. Yet people are still scared to detach themselves and embrace the divine and creation itself.

Be brave and look into your own souls, for there, you will find only love. Remove all the fear that was falsely created to hold you captive. Refuse to take part in the destruction of your beautiful planet. How can you live with yourselves or look your children in the eye, if you go into other countries in order to kill and take over? Dangerous chemicals are released into the atmosphere that kill and destroy the very land you depend upon for your existence. It is time to take resposibility for your actions. There is more than enough evidence which shows that what you are doing is criminal. You are betraying your childrens’ trust and that of your fellow man. The blinkers must be removed from your eyes. There is no excuse for obeying orders blindly, when deep down, you know you are violating human life.

You can no longer sit on the fence. There is more than enough evidence available to you. It has never been easier to investigate the real facts, and to make a decision about which road you will take. Remember, your time on Earth is but a moment, but your soul is eternal. The take-over of your planet cannot be allowed to happen. The Cabal depends on your help to achieve its aims. Without your compliance, they would never have succeeded to the degree we can see today. That is a sobering thought. Many of you have helped in the destruction of your planet and of humanity itself. One day you will have to face that fact.


The only way any thing works is through…


2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Veronica, my dear, and all those who stepped into their innate power and took the first steps to return the Divine Energies of the ley lines to the people of the world, instead of to the few who had redirected them to themselves in order to exclude the 99%. One day, you will understand the magnitude of what you achieved on the 2 February 2014.

We thank Mark for the many hours he spent, studying the maps, in order to establish the whereabouts of the most important ley lines. We will continue this work. We cannot give dates until a few days in advance, in order to protect you all. However, a newsletter will be produced which will give you advance warning. This will give you time to decide where you will go, and where you will meet, etc. Coming together as one, multiplies the energy released. Your first effort…

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