The Disillusion of Money – by Mathieu Wells

Posted: February 10, 2014 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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The Disillusion of Money

Within the collective consciousness of humanity lies a very prevalent concept that is at the root of a system that holds us locked into a mindset that dis-empowers us and siphons off our vital and creative energies. This concept acts like a padlock centered at the root of many threads of thought and perceptions narrowing our vision of the experience of life. It has been used as the anchor of focus within our societies and is in practical terms revered as the Holy Grail. We have been led to believe that it’s worship, respect and devotion holds the keys to our happiness and liberation.

However it is just a parlor trick like a magician who redirects our attention while the real manipulation occurs in the other hand to have us falsely believe in an illusion.

The power of this illusion is only fortified by our collective belief in its story and our agreement that it holds absolute importance.

Even if we were to become aware that it need not be the center piece of our existence we feel dis-empowered to detach from it because it remains the center piece for most everyone else who continue to empower and feed the system.

We have been hoodwinked for so long that we have no memory of a time where it did not hold the keys to our individual empowerment. We are afraid of its dis-assembly because we cannot fathom an existence without it. We cannot imagine within our minds a replacement system. We are afraid because the tendons of thought that have been incorporated to this base center piece concept have succeeded in hypnotizing us into a low-frequency existence where fear and pain flourish as the rays of existence.

ImageWithout understanding the long reaching arms of the birthed thoughts from an ancestral inheritance stemmed from the core concept we remain caught in the net of an entire legacy that was formed a long time ago from a single spark of an idea. It has been so long that it has been anchored and maintained in our existence that it’s roots and branches have become hard-wired in our subconscious minds.

Why would we question the forefather motivations for its summoning into existence ? The official reason is readily available, but it is just the magicians parlor trick redirecting our attention from its true intentions for existence. The real originating desire for summoning this base concept is quite simple. Control.

Yet this is not the originating seed, it is but yet just another branch that has stemmed from an already existing lineage of thought. The original seed from which this concept was conceived goes way back and is simply something that can be called “forgot”. Forgot who or what we are. When this idea was conceived, the potential for an entire new and infinitely vast array of experience was seen and we as the prime creator of our existence were very enthusiastic, and dove right in.

There was always a plan to remember and that was just another part of the experience or experiment of our current thread of existence.

As the remembrance unfolds the various skins and cloths that we have enveloped our consciousness within begin to shed. This strongly rooted concept linked to money and currency is just one of the skins that fall off.

We are talking about consciousness here and awareness. When we look for solutions within the practical world without the shedding of the skin from which we are functioning within, we remain in the rule sets and hierarchy of thought created by that envelope of conception. One precursor remembrance to change is to remember that thought precedes manifestation.

If we are desiring change and we are desiring freedom from a system we have become aware holds us prisoner, either we play the game of attempting to free ourselves within the construct of that system, or we just shed that skin.

Shedding that skin can be much easier than we have imagined. To simplify things I could simply state : “stop thinking about it”.

Why not redirect our attention to those things that bring us joy and excitement ?

Becoming aware of an inner pattern or mechanism is often the pivotal point in change because a choice is presented. We may then choose to release the patterns of thought that no longer serve us.

Even if we are not completely aware of how a thought makes us feel, we can at least recognise if we like them or not. If we don’t like the way a thought makes us feel and we become aware of it then that thought can simply be dropped, and there is no more need to fuel it further.

I’m not talking about anything that requires effort or struggle. Resistance or struggle fuels the very thing that is being resisted or rejected. It’s about simply recognizing how we want to feel, and setting our intention on the fact that we no longer want to follow that path of thought. The feelings can be allowed to linger but the amplitude of the thought need not persist.

This is how I personally release thoughts :

I relax the thought, I consciously breath slowly if need be and release the crispy hold on it as being important. I relax and accept the experience that stemmed from the thought. I hold compassion in my heart and hold compassion for myself and for the experience. I allow the feelings and the experience to exist and allow it to dissolve naturally. If anything I allow the feelings to surface without giving much thought to it other than observing and recognizing it. It’s all about recognizing, relaxing, allowing, and releasing like releasing your breath.

This is a generic release process, and it can be used for almost anything. I have found that it is quite efficient when dealing with thoughts related to money. There is no need to include emotions when dealing with money on a practical level. Thoughts in relation to money at this time cannot be fully ignored for we still live in a system that is based on it. However we can easily remove 90 percent or more of our thoughts in relation to it.

We can stop allowing the perpetual influx of thoughts being projected at us from having an effect on us by recognising the underlying motivations of those systems of thought. We can choose to not entertain the stimulus and invitation into a mindset that we are already too familiar with because we have recognized that it doesn’t serve us and it doesn’t make us feel good.

Instead of worrying about lack or on problems that you can’t find resolutions to, why not focus our thoughts on ones that make us feel good ? Why not focus our thoughts on ones that we want to focus on ? Why give more attention then need be to things that don’t make us feel good ?

A number of years back I came to the realization that I couldn’t come up with a single angle of perception where thoughts in relation to money felt good. I reduced my thoughts in relation to money to one hour a month, just when I did my financial calculations for the month. I immediately felt so much more liberated. My perception of the world changed. I could see so much more that I wasn’t seeing because my attention had been clouded by my preoccupation with money. So much stress was released, it was amazing.

I no longer entertained thoughts on money and began dreaming again about things that I wanted to dream about. Money had practically attached itself to every aspect of my life where I had quantified everything in terms of money and the need for it to accomplish anything. From that day forth I didn’t include thoughts on money for my daily activities. I simply knew if I could or if I couldn’t do something and it stopped there. I focused on what I could do and on what I wanted to focus my attention on. My awareness had shed a great weight and it felt liberating. Ironically from that day forth I no longer had money issues and over time many things that I had always wanted started manifesting themselves in my life. It was only because of the beliefs associated with money that I had prevented myself from believing they could happen.


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