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Published on Feb 4, 2014

One of my most important values is freedom of speech/press. The ability to speak our mind without censorship is probably the most important of all freedoms given to us – not that others are unimportant. I don’t know many things that stir my passion as much as when someone tries to control what I can and cannot say. It happened when I wrote for a magazine back around 1995-6, and led the the creation of my own magazine, Paradox, that I published for 5 years, 60 issues. Then the minister of the church where I was a board member and a faithful servant censored one of my videos from the church Facebook page, ending a relationship that had gone on for nearly 5 1/2 years. Now, I am being invited to interview people that are controversial within one of my groups, while others in that group are trying hard to tighten the screws. Conflicting loyalties is the result. I feel as if I’m walking a tightrope. No matter how I handle this, I will disappoint friends.

– Ron VanDyke


Ron is right on with this video. I say full disclosure is required with any contracts being developed for man kind. I’ve done my “Due Diligence” on the God – Sky – Earth – CVAC and feel if any One has questions, they should be answered.

I know the information being “officially” released has been “pretty’ed up” for public consumption. I have my research on God – Sky – Earth/SWISSINDO posted on Streets of Love – unconventional.

I’ve talked to some delegates about it and even they had reservations about it early on as well as others even now.  I just think all information should be placed online for public review and critiqued, if necessary, by those who desire truthful information.

When information is sought out from any source and those sources just want to attack and degrade the “critic”, then we should question the sources motive for the attack.

Just for the record, I will continue to thoroughly investigate the proposed changes until I am satisfied we’re not selling our selves short and signing up for another criminal deception disguised as a “good thing” for humanity.  I will not sign up for a “police state” either, even if under the name of Love and Freedom.

We are All One!  We are All Free!

– Angel Lucci

Seachest22 YouTube Channel


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