“I AM Mark, with a GOOD HOPE STORY!“ – by Mark A. Collins

Posted: January 28, 2014 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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“I AM Mark, with a GOOD HOPE STORY!“

It went like this. On a beautiful day in Cape Town, South Africa, the Gregorian date being the 28th day of January 2014. Mark Anthony Collins was merrily driving along the Kommetjie Road, near Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. He was on a scooter, when two dear gentlemen, commonly known as ‘traffic cops’ in their costumes (not the swimming type) put up their hands and stopped him.

To his surprise, he noticed that the one chap had the same surname as his   – ‘Collins’, confirming in his mind, that we are all JUST ONE FAMILY!  However, when Mark pointed this out to his uniformed clad brother, he was having nothing of it, and that feeling of ‘oneness’ was certainly not on his agenda. He responded with, “Well! that’s not going to help you here!!”

He then puffed out his chest and demanded, in a firm manner that Mark produce his motor-bike diving license!  Mark responded with the Truth, that he does not posses such a thing.  The expectant officer’s eyes lit up, as he headed towards  the back of the bike, to check the numbers on the plate and the little round license disc.

Mark sent a silent call to The Light above, and tangibly felt a flood of courage come into him!
The number on the disc had expired, and which made the officer even more expectant and determined!  

“Switch off the bike!”  He commanded, endeavouring to intimidate Mark, to which Mark politely did as he requested.

“Give me your ID book,” he then demanded!  “I don’t have one of those,” said Mark politely.  “Well what it your number then? “ to which Mark responded with a smile on his face, “I don’t have one of those either, I AM a free-man on the land!”

He then demanded Mark disclose his place of abode, to which Mark responded, with sincerity, pointing to his body, “it is in this body!”  He then asked for his address, and Mark responded, “Republic of Good Hope”  “Where is that?” said the officer.  “It is International,” said Mark, and “I can produce that license and ID for you, but I don’t think you will be interested, as there is no money involved.”

Again in a voice louder than was necessary, he demanded that Mark remove his helmet. Mark not feeling so inclined, just politely declined the offer.

This really infuriated the poor chap, and we suspect that it crossed his mind that Mark was perhaps not a ‘full deck!”  Little did he know!!! 

His eyebrows rose, and a quizzical look come onto his face.  He responded with the following. …..”This is serious stuff here! Is this a joke to you?”  As Mark had been smiling through the whole charade, realizing the absurdity of it all.

The cop, looked toward his fellow partner in crime, and there appeared to be a  ‘silent code of conduct’ coming into play, and out came the BIG CONTRACT book!  

He then decided to put his well-polished intimidation tactics into action to get Mark to consent, to secure the contract, and said, “ We will have to detain you until you can produce your ID number!”

To this Mark said,  “OK, we can go, but I have free-will and I DO NOT CONSENT!”

This really put the cat among the pigeons, and motivated his crime partner to walk in military style right up to Mark, talking in a manner, that would lead one to assume that Mark was possibly deaf,  “Do you not know the law!!!!?”

Mark felt the surge of Truth rise up in him and he said, “I know the law very well! I know your law; I know Common law and the Constitutional law. I will go with you peacefully, but I DO NOT CONSENT to anything that you are doing to me, as I know that I AM a free-man on the land, so that is why I don’t have an ID that you understand. Please may I see your ID?”

Mark then got the feeling that the poor fellow began to realise that the very ground upon which he was standing was morphing into quick-sand, as he fumbled around in his back pocket and produced his Green ID book, to which Mark then confirmed with great enthusiasm, that he did not have one of those!

One of the partners then said quietly to his friend, “een van daar die mense!”  (one of those people!)

Then the two partners in crime just looked at each other and started to laugh, and Mark happily joined in!

Mark then said he would however, give them his name, and proceeded to tell them that he was called “Mark Anthony Collins.”

Then the officer joked about the name of his partner, saying that Mark was his cousin! To which the partner replied, “I don’t have f….ing mad cousins like this!” And they all laughed!

Mark then said to the joker, “I never disrespected you, so why are you disrespecting me?”  The Joker was taken aback, and responded with an apology and a smile.  They knew the game was up!

The large CONTRACT BOOK got closed, and the little pink book emerged from the back pocket, identifying him as a ‘Peace officer’ and not a ‘traffic official.’


This little piece of paper does not need any name, signature, or details of any kind, except for that of the Peace officer, who chooses to add his name, badge number and signature!  It is a little warning that they are still trying, but realise that they have NO POWER over the ones who know the Truth!

Mark then took the gap, and decided to use this excellent opportunity to further enlighten what he perceived, were his deceived brothers!  Little did HE know!

“Do you know you are working for a private company? “ said Mark, to which his namesake responded with a ‘yes!’!

“Do you know that the Government is also a private company?”  Again the response was ‘yes!”

“Do you know that you are not working for the people, but you are working for a private company, calling themselves a government?”   Again he said   “yes!”

“Did you know that the banks own the government and your company?”  Again he responded with a ‘yes!”

Then all was revealed, as a final question was interrupted . . . .it went like this:

“Do you know that the banks are owned by, . . . .” and before Mark could finish his question, the peace officer replied . . . .”The Vatican!”

It was now Mark’s turn to take a step back in disbelief and realization that the truth was out even among those who are still trying to enforce the old Ponzi Scheme that is still stealing from the people!  

Mark now climbed onto the ‘soapbox’.

“There are people all over the world who now know the Truth, and who are taking their power back and we are saying ‘NO MORE OF THIS SLAVERY SYSTEM!’ We want to take responsibility for ourselves and we want peace and freedom. We have respect for those endeavouring to maintain the peace. But the world is changing, and millions now know that this slavery system is over.  You have a choice to continue working for these fraudulent private money making corporations or you can choose join the people!”

The peace officers then looked at each other and colluded that “we are not getting anywhere with this lot!” gave up and walked away!

Mark then thanked the Light Above, and drove home with a GREAT feeling of Gratitude, Victory, Power and Freedom!

We know we cannot take credit for anything as all the Truth, Courage, Power and Love comes from the Light, “I AM” Above and within!  But still, hats off to Mark for living it!

What a wonderful day! Thank you!

All was done with Peace, fun, laughter and goodwill – and the ending was happy and the feeling of Brotherhood shone out like a Light!

Go on people!! Do the same, but remember the feelings of Respect and Peace are essential!


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