The Art of Not Being Governed – On Withdrawing Consent

Posted: January 5, 2014 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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The Art of Not Being Governed

The following is adapted from a comment on our Facebook page by Aaron Bennett.


The most important thing government needs is the consent of the so called “governed”. Without at least tacit support, the State is merely looked at as the enemy and tyrant by the people, and especially in so called democracies, the State needs to be looked at as legitimate by the people for it to survive. If individuals quit participating and consenting to government, the State fails.

The State is not a living entity, it merely is a group of humans acting in their own self interest. They have 2 arms, 2 eyes, 2 legs, no different than the individuals they purport to rule. So, one must ask, is it legitimate for a man to rule another man without his consent?

No it is not.

I contend that government is illegitimate.

The Lockean theory of government and the theory held by most founding Fathers was that government is instituted to protect private property. If we look at private property as even a man’s own conscience, and his very life as his property, we have a solid foundation at what is private property.

The problem with this theory of government protection is in order for the State to protect private property, it must first expropriate the very private property, (through taxation, which is the word the State uses for theft) from the very individuals it is supposed to protect.
In other words, the State has to steal through taxation in order to function in a way to keep individuals outside of government from stealing. Very much like a mafia, but I think this comparison even isn’t fair to the Mafia.

If an individual decides that he does not want to participate in the State’s protection, he finds very quickly that this is not a voluntary organization, you must accept the States so called protection, or you will be killed.

But we have just showed that the State is nothing but mere humans as actors of a collective, so what gives them the right to decide for you what you must and must not submit too?

Nothing gives them the “right”, but consent gives them the ability.

I propose, (and I am not bringing much original thought to this discussion, men much wiser than I will ever be have thought this out) that individuals remove their daily consent and tacit support of the State, to show that it is illegitimate.

We first quit looking at the State as legitimate, and we remove our consent by not participating with the State and the functions that the State claims can maintain or regain our Liberty.

We quit voting. We quit trying to get “our guy in”, we stop trying to pass the laws “we want”(no political law has ever brought about a net gain for Liberty). We mock all politicians, and people who work for the State, such as judges, prosecutors, cops, the military, all of them, as merely criminals in costumes, who have come to steal, kill, and destroy.

We ignore the State to the best of our ability. Not paying ones extortion fees, (taxes) is also a legitimate way of removing consent, but it is not good for one’s health at this time.

We educate ourselves and others about Liberty, we see that nothing is legitimate between humans that is not voluntary, including societies and government.

We see political law as invalid, people in jail for crimes against the State as political prisoners.

We see Natural Law as the only legitimate Law, Don’t harm another person’s property or person, and do all you say you will do, which is the only criminal and contract law that we need.

We learn the difference between government and governance.

We become individuals who neither want nor need the State.

We understand that aggression outside of self defense is wrong.

We quit fooling ourselves that “we are the government” or that this government is ours, or that state property is “all of our property”.

We see the State for what it is, our Enemy.

We hate the State for what it does, and look to the day when the State collapses on itself.

We all will have different ways of going about this, and I don’t disparage folks for going about this in their own way, but we should all have the same goal: The end of the State.

I would suggest reading Etienne de la Boetie’s “The Politics of Obedience, A Discourse on Voluntary Servitude” written in 1552, and Richard Maybury’s “Whatever Happened to Justice” or Hans Hermann Hoppe’s “Democracy The God That Failed”.

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After you Withdraw Consent
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