UFOTV® – AZTEC 1948 UFO CRASH: Secret Rescovery of Alien Technology

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Full HD Version also available on our channel “UFOTVstudios.” From UFOTV®. Accept no imitations. On March 25, 1948 a UFO spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin crashed in a place called Aztec, New Mexico. Sixteen alien bodies were discovered dead inside. The alien bodies and all evidence of their spacecraft were soon transported by government officials to Wright Patterson Air force Base where all traces of this event disappeared in secrecy.

This program documents the shocking facts around this disturbing mystery and includes interviews with leading UFO researchers, a walking tour of the crash site, a tour of the secret US radar station that tracked the UFO crash and the story of an intensive government investigation into alien biology and space technology.

Now on DVD, 60 mins. Cat# U553 – Go to http://www.UFOTV.com.


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16 Alien Bodies Recovered From Crashed Saucer?

It was the columnist Frank Scully who first alerted the world to sensational stories of recovered flying saucers and little men in his best-selling book Behind the Flying Saucers published in 1950.

Scully claimed that up to that time there had been four such recoveries, one of which was alleged to have taken place around Aztec, New Mexico, when sixteen humanoid bodies were recovered together with their undamaged craft.


FLYING SAUCER AT AZTEC, NM – The U.S. Air Force called in Dr. Gee and seven of his group of magnetic scientists to examine a strange vehicle that had made an emergency landing east of Aztec, New Mexico.

Since that landing in 1949, there have been many descriptions of similar craft, circular, seamless exterior, 100 feet in diameter, aluminum in color but exceptionally durable.

ImageLITTLE MEN IN THE FLYING SAUCER – Descriptions of flying saucer occupants are much rarer, so we will focus on Dr. Gee’s observations as recorded in Scully’s book.

After cautiously examining the craft, Dr. Gee peered into its interior through a hole in a porthole.

“There we were able to count sixteen bodies that ranged in height from about 36 to 42 inches,” Dr. Gee said.

“We took the little bodies out, and laid them on the ground, we examined the bodies very closely and very carefully.”


“They were normal from every standpoint and had no appearance of being what we call on this planet ‘midgets, they were small in stature but well proportioned.”

“The only trouble was that their skin seemed to be charred a very dark chocolate color.”

“About the only thing that we could decide at the time was that the charring had occurred somewhere in space and that their bodies had been burned as a result of air rushing through the broken porthole window.”

Scully explained “There were two ‘bucket seats,’ as the doctor called them, in front of the instrument board, and two of the little fellows were sitting there.”

“They had fallen over, face down, on the instrument board, and so far as they could determine, the ship carried no instruments of destruction, and the crew did not carry firearms of any sort.”


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