Hour of Truth #14, Radio Show with Michael Tellinger – Official Announcement

Posted: December 10, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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Hour of Truth #14, radio show with Michael Tellinger – official announcement


Hour of Truth 14 – Michael Tellinger – official announcement

December 12th 2013.  – live at Radio Liberum.

Special guest:

Michael of the Tellinger family, South Africa.


First 2 minutes will be in Croatian language and then we will switch to English.

Featuring interview with Michael, founder of UBUNTU party & Liberation movement, author,  researcher, scientist.

20:00 hours – Moscow, Tbilisi etc.

19:00 hours – Johannesburg, Cairo etc.

18:00 hours – Berlin, Zagreb etc.

17:00 hours – London, Casablanca etc.

12:00 hours – New York, Montreal etc.

11:00 hours – Houston, Winnipeg etc.

10:00 hours – Denver, Edmonton etc.

09:00 hours – Los Angeles, Vancouver etc.

Dec 13th – 04:00 hours – Sydney

Dec 13th – 03:30 hours – Adelaide

Dec 13th –  01:00 hours – Perth

Links for the show:





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