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Posted: November 26, 2013 in CVACs, One People's Public Trust (OPPT), Other Video
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Man Against the State YouTube Channel

Published on Mar 7, 2012

An inquisitive alien visits the planet to check on our progress as a species, and gets into a conversation with the first person he meets. The alien discovers that we live under the rule of a thing called “government”, and wants to understand more about what “government” is, what it does, and why it exists.

Produced and voiced by Graham Wright, based on part of the talk by Larken Rose at the Free Your Mind Conference 2011, which can be found here:….

Larken’s channel is here:

The transcript for this video can be found here:…

This video has been translated into German (dubbed version), and Spanish, French, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Greek, Russian and Chinese. Click the caption button. Leave a comment or send me a message if you have made a translation into any other language so I can add it to the video.

This video was made using XtraNormal:

If you would like to support me in making more videos, click the donate button on my blog (http://www.managainstthestate.blogspo…) or send me Bitcoins at 13aWNXnGg37DwTfTXASJTTXQqq6nfoDKv2.




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