Letter from Mister Sino – 23 Oct 13

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I have shown the English only.  Use the link below to see document in Indonesian dialect and English.


Letter Mister Sino 23 Oct 13

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Published by: Karin E. J. Kolland on Nov 03, 2013
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Outlines of the World Countries Infrastructures of the 5 Continents

This should be known, SWISSINDO (Swiss Banker’s Association – SBA, Swiss) as the Primary & Sole Body of the 25 Countries, the actual genuine owner of the World paper-Money currency (Gold & Silver Coins) including MEMORIAL AND IMPERIAL, 3 Primary Banks: World Bank, Union Bank of Switzerland and Bank of Indonesia are the Owners of the Spiritual Codes of the World, 3 Perponding World Register Prasasty 3 Primary COUNTRIES where the names (INDIA-INDO CHINA-INDONESIA) became the 3 names now known as ASIA-AFRICA¬EUROPE, subsequently birthing the AMERICA-AUSTRALIA generation and 3 Primary Armies (NATO-SEATO-NON BLOCK).

I have no issues with the questions put forward, as I am only delivering God’s Program, which is in fact to save the Earth and everyone on it from its own natural sanctions, and implement the orders according to Exhibits AB (Kingdom-State of the World).

Has it not been understood, the message which I clearly conveyed during the G20 meeting and how the domino effects are related, the sinking of the military and logistics shipment to Syria and the USA Shut down. In fact, I have protected the efforts of the arrest of President Barack Obama by the US-Navy, PM-Marshal, UN-GEND, SWISSINDO, CEO-CEO to the point where I ordered the FINAL LETTER after all sorts of mediation and matters covering the Royal House of Japan.

It has been informed to me many times about the invitation to Morocco, and one day after the US Shut down, they gave me a teleconference of 30 minutes, even the UNEP invited me to Beijing, China this month, but NOTHING will be resolved without the Payments 1-11 involving 253 countries. I will visit wherever it will be, after the World Human Rights Treaty Event in Indonesia-Cirebon-Aston. There have been many attempts to sabotage the Payments 1-11, even the World Bank Auditor in London received the news that I have passed over and sent a message about the various attempts to distract/sabotage the Transactions for Payments 1-11 into the personal accounts of Angela Merkel the German Chancelor, Carlucci and etc.

I divided the centres of World Administration into 5 Kingdom Continents with the intention to spread the responsibilities as the Messengers of God, through natural selections of this universe and act as the security bearer of assets for all the countries in the world through the 5 Kingdom Continents, keeping in mind how wide and big the world is.

Trusty Prasasty Dynasty SWISSINDO is not a PREACHING PASTOR OR TRYING TO PREACH TO ITS FELLOW BEINGS, or acting as MASTER TO HIS DISCIPLES, but this fact we have in place because of the Change Globally and Financially based on the laws which is not OWN by any institutions, which is nonetheless still relevant to the contractual agreements in place before me.

Hence the world countries publicize ONE WORLD CURRENCY – ESTWO, through the transition of VARIOUS CURRENCIES in Indonesia.

I received proposals for CVAC, in fact I authorized CVAC for the Kingdom Linggacala of Egypt, delivered to 5 Generals in Egypt, even to this second for the Bank of Egypt to be THE WORLD BANK RATU MAS KENCANA ROOM A1- 1A, as the MOMENT OF GREAT INDEPENDENCE. Once again, I accepted CVAC because I appreciate the instrumental idea to proceed with the ACCELERATION Program to bring about the EQUALITY for the ECOSOC 441 to be introduced to all the countries in the world, the third world and abolish all  banking crimes by the staffs in the world since 1963 globally, not to mention  protecting the SOLE TRUSTEESHIP FROM GOD and the citizens of the world to distribute the rights as blessings from God’s will. This is because I know that the UN, WORLD BANK still acts as Corporations, in fact all countries STILL ARE, at this moment in time.

This is currently a fast moving fact. SWISSINDO’s DOing hence God has made this into a Transition. Thus CVAC-without the shaping of World Countries based on WORLD COUNTRIES CERTIFICATE as owner of Asset-Income-Personal Organization which includes the Original Laws on Absolute, the direction is obvious as from the height of 600km from the surface of Earth. I AM very grateful to any being on this earth, what more CVAC.

Can they abolish taxation? Why is there a global Crisis? Why does the World Bank not own its currencies? Can each regime substitute its own currencies?

The answer is PAYMENTS 1-11 and the World Challenge DECLARATION OF TRANSACTION, Swissindo World Trust International Orbit, this is not subject to complaint no matter whoever it is!

The North Pole-South Pole, the history of the birth of the world’s countries and the alternation of the agreement of the era between God the Almighty-The Master.

I’ve heard that Heather has refused the promotion to be The Greatest Queen of The Kingdom Linggacala of Africa’s Continent. Whatever is done by SWISSINDO is open, very clear and transparent and the VALID VIDEO as the world forensic evidence to pass on to the public of absolute undeniable law by anyone.

Why Is The WORLD BANK, UBS A.G. BANK of INDONESIA, and the UNITED  NATIONS went silent when the matter was raised by SWISSINDO? No need to question or answer, because what is done since 25th of December 2009 indeed has astounded the World.
Is it unthinkable that the system of safeguards for protection as the holder and owner of the single-Mandate from the mischief of the Digital Walls (Fortress) is a manual system for the entire electronic cover system?
God Sky Earth’s decisions “NEO THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GOD SKY EARTH” are based on God’s revelation and spread through to “THE KINGDOM LINGGACALA OF 5 CONTINENT” with the reason so God can create World History through his messengers and Guarantors of Legal Standard Currencies to  pay the World through Payments 1-11 to execute Programs:

Keep in mind that all assets and SWISSINDO BANKER”S ASSOCIATION SBA includes the 77 chakra 55 primary 23 countries, all secret bankers in Indonesia. The bank warehouses are no different to the shop windows of Black Berries around every corner of the road. If the Global crises are due to the lack of Physical Currencies which holds the SOUL-EMOTIONAL BODY-PHYSICAL with the 6 guardian angels. That is the Currencies as the World’s Life Force, which can create world wars from the Asia-Pacific if SWISSINDO did no Doing and all Banking Staff/Leaders forgot from where….where they are now….where they are going….Without Payments 1-11.

Who will be able to pay all the debts in the world?
With what?

With what ways?
To overcome the lack of Physical Currencies? 

Obviously this comes back to the corporate owner and institutions of World Collateral of UN-SWISSINDO! 

The question itself is the ANSWER.


SWISSINDO Banker’s Association-SBA

I, SWISSINDO, NEO THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GOD SKY EARTH have never instigated or incited CVAC from outside this mission, and I welcome anyone, any being in this whole universe on the surface, and within the centre of Earth.

IT HAS TO be remembered that this program is one of the first in the world as the answer of the prayers of Prophet SOLOMON! Answers why ADAM and EVE come above the questions on ANGELS, GENIES AND DEVILS before God created them.

I will invite you as one of God’s Messenger, during the Treaty Event, as a signatory to show the right associate and out of His Goodness all this while as the WORLD MOMENTUM NEW WORLD CIVILIZATION TREATY during the Treaty Event Dynasty Neo World Lighthouse to represent the 5 Government Continent Delegation in Indonesia-Cirebon-Aston for 253 Countries in Four Season Bali.

All this time, I have discussed OPPT with you, Heather (through email), Paula Humphrey (through the telephone 2x), Desmond, Deryl Z (Email), Ani Forest (Government Uniform Designer through the phone and emails). 

This is because I see CVAC-1 part of the unity of this 1 Mission of God, on this Planet.

If the designation of The Greatest Queen of the Kingdom Linggacala of African Continent, have been clearly rejected by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, this shows the creature who knows is not Willing but it is God’s will, I will honour and transfer this to MISS WORLD UNIVERSE so as to make the designations of United Nations Delegations more fair/ who has the right to becomes the greatest Queen of the Kingdom Linggacala of African Continent (Please confirm this matter immediately, I will wait for her answer).

Truly the performance coming together of the members shows the existence of Life Contracts between you, the universe and God.






AKU, INDONESIA alam kosong 23 Oktober 2013.

I, blank greeting INDONESIA October 23, 2013.
S I N O . A S
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