Local Currencies – Replacing Scarcity with Trust – Money as Debt

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Currency/Value Systems, One People's Public Trust (OPPT), Other Video
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Local Currencies – Replacing Scarcity with Trust

Uploaded on Feb 8, 2007

Peak Moment 49: Francis Ayley established over a dozen local currencies in the UK before moving to the U.S. He contrasts our standard, scarcity- and debt-based money system with local currencies in which “there’s always as much as you need.” Local currencies like his Fourth Corner Exchange issue money when members trade goods and services. Communities with local currencies will be less affected when recession or depression hits the mainstream economy.


Money As Debt (full length)

Uploaded on Mar 28, 2011

Money as debt is a very interesting documentary, that everyone should see.
To me it was a bit shocking and a real eye-opener. It explains in a lot of ways why it is such a mess in this world.

It explains in a very simple and easy to understand way:

* How money is created and where it really comes from.
* How our moneysystem works.
* How banks can loan such insane amounts of money.
* Why everyone is so heavily in debt.
* Why our money is worth less and less.
* Why asking interest over a loan is not a good idea.
* Why the stuff we buy gets crappier and needs to be replaced sooner.
* That modern banking is the biggest scam ever.
* How totally screwed we really are.
I urge everyone to hand this documentary to friends and family.



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  1. Sentindo Bem says:

    Oh, my… I am really going through the whole Currency/Value Systems category… fulltime nonstop, yet neverending… 🙂 …but amazing, anyhow… Angel, you asked at Facebook, I answer here: my i-opeen ID is “jbruni”… my account was activated January 2nd, I merely made a single login and did a quick browsing… no further interaction yet… meanwhile, I “promised” Keimpe my feedback on the new app database… tell him I’m busy doing this homework! 🙂

    While my emotions go from pure anger (banking scam) to blissfull enthusiasm (Richard Cook, Francis Ayley, Paul Grignon, Karen Hudes, Wayne Walton, LETS, Mountain Hours, et cetera)… I myself am taking notes… in a brainstorm of new ideas and insights. It is BEing quite an amazing journey…

    Remember: my immediate purpose (which is ongoing) is to write the first post in the “Financial Freedom” section of my to-be-launched-soon blog (in portuguese). The purpose of this post WAS to make a CALL: “let’s think of an alternative monetary system”… because I had (and have) ideas myself but none to talk/discuss about. Now, I think it will be more informative than anything else… it seems I don’t need to create another initiative, but rather aggregate into the ones already in progress.

    I thought it would take a few hours to write the post… it became a few days by now… I can’t stop finding new interesting things… and I am really enjoying the process.

    Please, check if you are aware of these:

    BTW, I’ve included myself in the W3C “Web payments Task Force”:

    If money can be seen as a technology/tool… then technology is important in the matter, of course! As a web developer, my focus is at the web-based Information Technology infrastructure to support a new “user experience” for “monetary transactions”… My brain is pumping with visions and possibilities. Sincerely.

    I make an effort not to forget, at any moment, that the main goal is to make easier for a plentiful meal to reach a starving family’s table.

    The purpose of money is to promote the legitimate need/demand to be satisfied by the true good/provider. Let the system be a servant of this purpose. Let the system “create money”, i.e., provide the incentive, improve the mechanics, facilitate the logistics for the need to be satisfied. Not the opposite. Let the love/money/energy/value flow/reflow! Let’s make hte tool, the piece of software, that will be used for it, as we use Google to search, Facebook to “network”, and so on… let’s DESIGN the non-profit true-need-relief system. An alternative monetary system, where money has a purpose. Nobody is “forced to use it”… and I’d rather think the software as open-source tool, for anyone anywhere be able to “install”… YET, imagining a networks-glue to integrate and make these “local” efforts interconnected. “Moneybook” – a monetary facebook for social purposes…

    Just wondering aloud. Thanks! [resuming the study now]

    J Bruni – from Brazil

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