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ImageBefore we start keep in mind that through the influence of advice, intake of media sources we have been poisoned for years, giving us suggestions that we are either ill, will become ill.  That it is in our DNA, Genes, Family Line, when in fact we manifest our reality with or without the help of others suggestions.  We either deliberately or through the influence of another person or form of media create belief statements and reality that can easily become a life-long prison to us.

Q = What is Toxic Media?  What are the forms it comes in?
A = Toxic Media can be a allopathic physicians advice giving you the impression that you will through heredity inherit a disease or behavior your other family members came down with. 
The truth is, family member’s health, life span, and forms of disease they come down with are directly relative to what they eat, drink, surround them with in media exposure, and influence from a family member, friend, or professional. 
You must remember or learn and understand, “We create our realities,” moment by moment, thought by thought, day by day.  We have lived entire lifetimes believing what other so called experts in person or through the media have said to us.  We trusted the sources, we thought most all of humanity were full of goodness, and would not mislead us.  The truth is, this contrast (controlling persons or entity), are not as many in numbers as they are in influence and control of people and circumstances.
Be careful what you subject yourself to, every word you hear can affect your reality.  Choose wisely your associations, your entertainment, and all other outside influences.  Corporate greed and influence has created a world to serve a few contrast souls, while the rest of us, are being held under the influence of a reality that while we yet slumbered captivated us, control us, tax us into poverty, and tell us they want more of what we have.
Every form of media has become their tools of trade to influence and control us.  Direct advertisement in stores as you shop, the Radio, TV, Newspapers, Movies, Billboards, Magazines, Corporate Global Influence through professionals who either are in the trap themselves and controlled by it, or are even completely unaware of its influence.
To combat this and return your life to a vibrant full life absent influence and disease, begin to raise your vibrational awareness by deliberately setting your daily intentions.  Tell yourself what you expect to change, setting those changes carefully in the words you express.  The words you speak each day will become your deliberate intentional thoughts, the more you practice them, the easier it will become until you will have raised your vibrational awareness to a point you will easily see the changes taking place in your life.
Here is an example of “pre-paved deliberate intentions” that you can start out with:
  • No matter where I go, or what I am doing, or who I am with, it is my dominant intention-
  • *to have immediate and unending ease of access to my ABSOLUTE Value,
  • Free of all limits and impediments;
  • * to look for and ALLOW the Joyful Expansion that I am entitled to;
  • * to attract only those Beings, both physical and non-physical, that are in Harmony with my Joyful Expansion in co-creative exuberance!
  • *It is my intention to manifest abundance of energy and support to get Eduen expansion concept going!
  • *It is also my intention to Allow ALL that I am entitled to, to float my life in comfort and ease to come to me\
  • *Thank you for the unlimited abundance, prosperity & perfect health for every being in the universe & beyond.
*I originally learned about pre-paving deliberate intent from Carmelle (Skype) her website is a:

One example I can give is to share a generational issue that came from a parent sharing health issue information with one, then that person sharing it with their child later on in life.  When I was quite young, I was watching my dad use ace bandages to wrap his legs.  He had varicose veins and horrible pain with his legs.  He said “Son this is hereditary, and you will probably come out with it around 18 years of age like I did.”  As a matter of fact, I did come down with them at 18 and through my life have experienced the same nightmares as my dad.  While my oldest son was quite young and was watching me put on compression socks (new instead of ace bandages),
I said to my son “Son, your grandfather had this problem, and it’s hereditary, I got it and you most likely will too.”  I did this not knowing better, I based what I said off my Dad’s advice.  In addition, my son called me up and told me “Dad, I got those varicose veins; I started to get them around 18 just like you.”  Through an experiment, Geoliberty (from Skype) did with me I learned that I can heal my own pain, my own diseases, and that it is within each of us to correct our own health (I am very grateful for the lesson learned).
Have you ever heard doctors on TV say “3 out of 4 will come down with this illness or disease”, or, “there is no cure for this disease but, there is help”, messages are all around us, it is time for us to take back our power, we are free, we are in control, we are the one.
Behavioral epigenetics = we are not victims unless our belief system says we are!  To say we inherited a disease though hereditary lineage is programming itself.
I will not be the victim of programming, influence or the toxic media.  I elect to reverse a lifetime of influence, dis-ease, participation in the global programming effort of control to keep us less than perfectly well and vibrantly abundant.  “I am free, We are the One.”

I will learn how to change sub conscious to match the positive influence of the conscious mind!

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