Common Law Solutions – THE MESS CALLED “CANADA” – by Eldon G. Warman

Posted: October 27, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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Disclaimer: Facts presented in this document are believed to be true, correct and lawful; however, this presentation does not constitute a legal opinion; nor, are the forms enclosed guaranteed to be wholly accurate under the Rules of Court for your Province. 

Editor’s Note: I firmly believe that we Canadians have a right to have a lawfully emplaced government(s) at all levels. I believe that we must have a strong Constitution to control government agencies; and to protect the Common Law Rights of the Canadian People. I believe that we should have a republican form of government set up under Anglo-Saxon Common Law Principles. I believe that we should have the crime of TREASON enforced against any agency of government and/or it’s employees when they join with forces foreign to Canada and the Canadian People for the purpose of subverting and destroying the Common Law Rights of the Canadian People.

This would include ALL lawyers; as, they are all “officers of the Court”; and thus, members of the judicial branch of government. Currently, ALL lawyers in Canada are members of the Bar Association, which is under the direct authority of the British Lawyers Guild – an organization under the direct control of the International bankers. This “dual” loyalty violates the concept: “You cannot serve two masters.” All judges in Canada are IMPOSTORS, by their loyalty to the Bar Association; and, by the fact that NO LAWFUL authority has been existent since 1931 to appoint them. Furthermore, they have been imposing admiralty law upon Canadians based upon fraudulent contracts and usurped powers.


1) We Canadians have been without lawful federal and provincial governments since 1931, and actually, since 1901. However, Canadians were/have been duped into believing that Canada had been confederated as a country in 1867. There was no confederation – Canada was just created as a super colony of Great Britain, and actually administered by the corporate administrative Crown of the independent City State called the City of London, which is wholly owned by the corporate Holy Roman Empire whose CEO is the Pontiff of Rome. This was done from behind a veil called the ‘British Board of Trade’.

2) We have had an impostor monarch, and monarchy, imposed upon us since 1901 (upon the death of Queen Victoria). The Statutes Revision Act(Br.)(1893) eliminated the succession rights of British Monarchs as the Monarch of Canada as was found in Section 2 of the BNA Act 1867. After passage of the Statute of Westminster(BR.)(1931), the “Crown” of the City of London has surreptitiously put us into deeper bondage than Canadians were under the Crown of Great Britain, when Canada was its subservient colony. The Banksters of the City of London replaced the British Crown as our “de facto” colonial ruler. The 1893 Statutes Revision Act was repealed by the British Government in 1998; however, British Acts have no force or effect in Canada since 1931; and, an erased act, or portion of an act, would have to be re-legislated back into existence. Section 2 of the BNA Act(1867) has not been re-inacted, nor has it been re-included in the de facto (read: hoax) Constitution Act of Canada(1982).

3) We have no lawfully established constitutions for our Provincial Governments, nor for our Federal Government. The so-called Constitution Act of 1982 is an absolute HOAX and FRAUD. The fact that it was not ratified by the Canadian People; and, by the inclusion of the “notwithstanding” clause, totally negates it as a constitution, or as the “supreme law of Canada”.

4) We have had these unlawful federal and provincial governments encumber our country, the Canadian People (as chattel in bankrupcy) and our natural wealth with massive debt based upon counterfeit money borrowed from foreign bankers. The Canadian people have been unlawfully converted into chattel corporate slaves by the government’s imposition of a commercial legal identity name through deception, where the family name has been converted to a “surname”, meaning “primary name”, and the primary or given names converted to mere referential names to the “surname”. The “all caps” spelling of the Crown owned legal identity name, the name one finds on the birth certificate and on any correspondence from government sources, signifies a chattel property pledged in bankruptcy of the corporate government by the corporate government. This is outright treason by the de facto Canadian governments – federal and provincial – (the people who are menbers and officers of government).

5) We have had Roman Municipal Law, a form of maritime (dictator’s) law based upon the administration of a ship at sea, that originated with the incorporation of the English Crown in or around 1297 instituted as the corporate administrator of England. It was then later imposed upon the British colonies by the continued massive fraud(s) of this British form of Government (Federal and Provincial) through unlawful and ultra vires legislation, licensing schemes and unlawful judicial process. “Roman Municipal Law” is a Roman law system imposed upon “debtor” states within the Holy Roman Empire of the Pope of Rome. It is falsely called “common law” or “law of the land”, and is commonly referred to “judge made law” in the English legal system, as judges frequently make use of the ever present “notwithstanding clause” of ships at sea, where the captain, or designated officer, can disregard any rules when he deems it necessary for the good of the ship. All incorporated bodies are make-believe ships at sea. That includes all governments, nations, States, Provinces, municipalities, counties, towns, etc.

6) We have been totally deprived of our Common Law rights – the rights of life, liberty, property, pursuit of happiness and of due process of law, with those rights being converted unlawfully to “privilege” only for those willing to submit to slavery, subservience and oppression. Judges (public servants) use legal fraud and deception to entrap Canadians (the Sovereign) into their foreign maritime jurisdictions where there are no rights of individual free will humans recognized. And, it is the common practise in the Roman system to deprive “disobedient slaves” of the right of “due process of law”, when people are charged with disobeying “ship’s orders” – legislated statutes and acts – government “policy”. This is why police “officers” can get away with murdering people, and why people are charged (usually false charges) with assault or obstruction of justice when attempting to defend themselves, even just verbally, from these armed uniformed thugs.

7) We Canadians are having our lives, careers and families destroyed by an outlaw band of THUGS, the CRA (formerly Revenue Canada) agents, a private corporation “farming” taxes/tribute as did the hated ancient tax collectors of Jesus’ time, while the Canadian so-called justice system maintains a blind eye to this piracy. Look up the original meaning of “farming” here.

8) We live in a country that, according to a World Court ruling a few years ago, – The Western Sahara Case, – belongs by allodial title to the First Nations People. If anyone in Canada should feel great umbrage concerning the present Canadian governments’ despotic and underhanded tactics, it should be the native People.

Canadian governments are now setting up the process whereby the international bankers can indebt and seize in bankruptcy, huge sections of Canada. These are called First Nation land claims – areas of mineral rich land turned over to native councils that will, in all likelihood, do the bidding of the international bankers; and, who will take their People into debt and loss of their lands through that debt. It is the same scheme that deprived many a small European country of its sovereignty during the Middle Ages.

What are the basic rights of full liability men? The American Declaration of Independence (remember, the American colonies were British) states: “The Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” as being the basic rights. The Constitution of the State of California (which declares within itself that English Common Law is the basis of California law) adds to these: “The Right to Own, Use, and Protect Property”.

The primary right above all others is the right to “protect” life, liberty and property. One’s labour and skills are property just as surely as are real property (land and improvements) and chattel property (movable articles such as cars, clothing, etc.). The right to exchange, sell or give away one’s property also falls within the basic bundle of rights. Therefore, exchanging one’s skill and labour for the “vehicle” called money so that other property may be acquired at a future date is an inherent right and not taxable by distraint (force). An indentured servant or slave does not own his skill or labour. Any remuneration for work is gain or INCOME; and, subject to taxation by his owner. In the eyes of the Federal Government, all “taxpayers” are servants. The Government then lends or rents out “taxpayers” to work as “employees”. All remuneration belongs to the Crown. The Crown decides how much of that remuneration will be allowed to go to the “taxpayer”. Relative to a producer, such as a farmer, all production belongs to the Crown. “Employers” are subject to regulation and certain performances as an obligation arising out of the use of the Crown’s property, the “taxpayers”.

By legal definition, personal property is property of a fictitious or corporate entities – called persons. Private property is property of a full liability man (m/f) of commoner status. Real estate signifies corporate personal property (business property). A “Citizen” is another name for “person” – a limited liability entity “subject” to government, and from whom taxes can be forcibly collected.

Lord Blackstone (circa 1780), in his well known legal writings, later published as Blackstone’s Commentaries, clearly defined the rights of the “natural person”. However, by ignorance or by deceit, he failed to point out that the rights of a “natural person” can only be privileges bestowed by government. A “natural person” is created by the Creator; however, the status is that of “outlaw”, being without right of free will, and is thus subject to the Crown. The rights he accredited to a “natural person” can ONLY be attributed to a full liability man, male or female. He pointed out that personal rights to property are superior to community rights except where those rights infringe on the rights of others; and, freemen have two ways to control government: the ballot and the right to refuse to pay taxes (This means taxes are always voluntary to freemen). In a later paragraph, Blackstone referred to a full liability free will man; but, in terms that are easily overlooked.

So, in reading the following excerpts from Blackstone’s Commentaries, we should accept that he offered good meat with some fishhooks inside.

The following quotes are from Blackstone’s Commentaries:
(Quote 1) Page 123 The Rights Book 1

Persons also are divided by the law into either natural persons, or artificial. Natural persons are such as the God of nature formed us; artificial are such as are created and devised by human laws for the purposes of society and government, which are called corporations or bodies politic.

Editor’s Note: Although it is very clear here that Blackstone was referring to a freeman in his use of the expression “natural person”, it is being interpreted in by Canadian judges as being a man under incorporation contract as a fictional character – legal entity. Therefore, we do not recommend its use when referring to ourselves. Use “man”, “freeman” or “full liability man”. Gender is not specific. End note.

The rights of persons considered in their natural capacities are also of two sorts, absolute and relative. Absolute, which are such as appertain and belong to particular men, merely as individuals or single persons; relative, which are incident to them as members of society, and standing in various relations to each other. The first, that is, ABSOLUTE RIGHTS will be the subject of the present chapter.

By the absolute rights of individuals we mean those which are so in their primary and strictest sense; such as would belong to their persons merely in a state of nature, and which every man is entitled to enjoy, whether out of society or in it. But with regard to the absolute duties, which man is bound to perform considered as a mere individual, it is not to be expected that any human municipal law should at all explain or enforce them. For the end and intent of such laws being only to regulate the behaviour of mankind, as they are members of society, and stand in various relations to each other, they have consequently no concern with any other but social or relative duties.

Let a man therefore be ever so abandoned in his principles, or vitious in his practice, provided he keeps his wickedness to himself, and does not offend against the rules of public decency, he is out of the reach of human laws. But if he makes his vices public, though they be such as seem principally to affect himself, (as drunkenness or the like), they then become, by the bad example they set, of pernicious effects to society; and therefore it is then the business of human laws to correct them. Here the circumstance of publication is what alters the nature of the case.

Public sobriety is a relative duty, and therefore enjoined by our laws; private sobriety is an absolute duty, which, whether it be performed or not, human tribunals can never know; and therefore they can never enforce it by any civil sanction. But with respect to rights, the case is different. Human laws define and enforce as well those rights which belong to a man considered as an individual, as those which belong to him considered as related to others.

For, the principal aim of society is to protect individuals in the enjoyment of those absolute rights, which were vested in them by the immutable laws of nature; but which could not be preserved in peace without that mutual assistance and intercourse, which is gained by the institution of friendly and social communities. Hence it follows, that the first and primary end of human laws is to maintain and regulate these absolute rights of individuals. Such rights as are social and relative result from, and are posterior to, the formation of states and societies: so that to maintain and regulate these, is clearly a subsequent consideration. And therefore the principal view of human laws is, or ought always to be, to explain, protect, and enforce such rights as are absolute, which in themselves are few and simple; and then such rights as are relative, which, arising from a variety of connections will be far more numerous and more complicated. These will take up a greater space in any code of laws, and hence may appear to be more attended to, though in reality they are not, than the rights of the former kind.” (End Quote)

(QUOTE 2) First Absolute Right: Liberty Second Absolute Right: Security

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  1. Hi ~

    I am plagued by family members, friends and others who either have not heard of OPPT or do not believe in its findings – filings – rulings – contents – or accomplishments to date. Thank you for all of that, by the way…

    How do I deal with police – corporations and situations when stopped looking for ‘valid registration, licensing’ or the like when I had decided to no longer play their game and carry/renew such things as I whole-heartedly and fully believe that these institutions and entities have been foreclosed upon?

    I feel that many people are still asleep playing their roles of conditioned suppression, but I no longer care to play. I still often feel outnumbered – on the ‘other side of the fence’ for living and believing my choices when so many are entrenched in the zombie-like habitual ritual of paying banks, corps and fees when dues become due.

    Any articles – advice – clips or suggestions? I carry paperwork with me about OPPT foreclosures and related info, but still feel outnumbered – sometimes nutty, dubious and rebellious in my choices… any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    Donna B.
    Nova Scotia ~ Canada

  2. Is this a joke? In this day and age adults still follow a bunch of rules set down by people long dead without understanding the reasons they do? What is that akin to, throwing virgins into the volcano because Central Authority demands it? If the strangers enforcing the laws “for us” can’t have an explanation as to how it benefits us, each and every last law, then who is it really for? What would it matter if it came to us via Rome, Britain or Grandma? If we don’t know what laws are for and those enforcing them come from the same stock as us, are they just following as well? If neither they nor we even consider whether it’s right or wrong, exactly what are we doing here? SB277 was passed in California, forcing at least four potentially life-altering adjuvants (41,000 times the known toxic level of mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and aborted human fetal tissue) into infants. Infants. We are so wired to accept unquestioningly Central Authority we are allowing strangers who we perceive to be “blessed with ordainment from government” to inject children with toxins that will give them worse lives all because of our fear of the God of the volcano. And we sit back, comfy in Canada and think that it’s not that bad here. Look up FIPA. Try to keep your shoes on at the airport if you believe that, because if they bring in the TSA here you’ll follow them as well. If you still argue about inconsequential things as to WHO wrote the laws you’re blindly following, you’re still blindly following. And if you blindly follow, then complain about what those we give power to by blindly following… hmm, you’ll have to explain that one to me. If you’re looking for a way to restructure this so we can get out from all unjust laws, there are some pretty interesting ideas to be found at Larken Rose is actually a better place to start, but he doesn’t realize that the problem isn’t the government, corporations, banks or the fact that work in collusion against the people. It’s the people who are the problem. The people in government are JUST PEOPLE. They no more care about you and their constituents far away from their daily lives than you care about the life of the average goat-herder in Afghanistan. They don’t know your names, and if we need laws because we can’t trust each other, why do you forget that this still applies to us when we get hired into a government position? Doesn’t that just make crime easier? Hey, if you don’t get that it is your following people in authority that is the problem, do me a favor will you? Sacrifice your children to them more completely than you do now by funneling away all of your wealth and their future into the coffers of the 1%. There is nothing in nature that requires the economy, politics, corporations and rules to function the way they currently do. The only thing allowing it is YOU following STRANGERS’ RULES. The only thing.

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