Lucas – Once Upon A Time – A Little Story Of One

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow
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The becoming one was an intense process experienced by the human as he often got misunderstood, got into arguments and often he got also thinking to just be already so much further in his process than others that he got smug or even arrogant and sometimes got bullying people for not being there yet.  The human had to learn to  leave all that behind as that would not bring Oneness but separation again.


He figured out again that he needed to get back in his connection to his heart and all that is, to be the balance but from within.  He got again a visible step on the ladder of One.  He was glad he had managed to feel it. He got back into his sensing.  He got back in touch with his own Oneness with all.  And he saw it was good.


– Lucas

Lucas 2012 Infos a planet far away there lived a little human amongst humans.  The humans were placed there by  source to have an experience of many lifetimes to give source the data to know how it  is to be in a situation where all is perceived as  polarity and duality.  The human had to learn to experience all of this by  forgetting it came from One.

The human was promised when the time came  he would again experience and know who he was and came from and he would overcome duality.  This waking up would remedy the constant experience, lifetime after lifetime, solving the riddles of duality.  The human would be  going through a process of upgrades of his body and vibrational energy that were provided to him by source as well as the sun.

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