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Posted: October 17, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, CVACs, One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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Home ~ Absent Limits

When government becomes corporate 

there is no government and no freedom!

It’s time for change 

By the One People – for the One People

When in the course of human affairs it becomes necessary for citizens to break the political chains that bind them, thereby to reclaim the individual sovereignty which is the ‘right’ of their being man, qua man, it is for man to declare the cause and nature which impels self-liberation, and to act accordingly. 

Freedom-loving citizens around the globe are choosing so to do and will succeed. 

This website offers truths demonstrable in reality: that confirm the mind is mans means of survival and thriving, human beings are individually possessed of certain inalienable rights, which are the rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of value and happiness; that to secure and preserve these rights, ‘individual rights’ must be defined, instituted, held inviolate and protected absolutely.

Thus established and protected, no laws legislated by any individual, group, government or society may violate individual rights; all citizens are equal before such rights and laws of protection; and that whenever any individual or group becomes destructive of these rights, it is in rebellion against The One People, who may then remove such destruction or rebellion.

Now is such a time.

Absent Limits

This website proposes a new form of government, so different by nature that it is not really government at all.
Its philosophical base has been known for decades and for centuries in part. Its polico-philosophical base likewise.
Its economic base has been spoken of for at least 80 years and predicted the economic malaise of today.
Its more recent foundations arise from the work of The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT), their foreclosure of the Banks and corporate governments, the postulation of CVAC  Government and “Systems of Assistance”.

The resources page has many links and readers are invited to study

The website is divided into parts and is best read from beginning to end. Some pages are still blank.  Those familiar with the work of OPPT and the philosophy of Objectivism should feel at home most anywhere.

Readers are invited to participate in the development of “Systems of Assistance”


Make time to jump to Absent Limits and educate your selves…


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