Southern Freeman – I-OPEEN Logo Accused of Being Masonic Inspired

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Currency/Value Systems, NEWS, One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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Skype – I-OPEEN room:


Private Forum:

The following conversation was in the I-OPEEN room this morning.


[10:56:13 AM | Edited 10:57:21 AM] Grant Robb: Is anyone else aware that someone is speculating that the I-OPEEN logo is “masonic”?

[11:03:50 AM] Angel Lucci: (rofl)

[11:04:09 AM] Grant Robb: the post is as follows

[11:04:11 AM] Grant Robb: =====

[11:04:12 AM] Grant Robb: I recently came across the I -opeen initiative launched by Angel Lucci, and was broadcast on The One People radio show. Here is the link to I-Opeen

Now at first glance this looks like a credible Value Exchange system, and a lot of questions were asked by The One People crew on the 7/8 October radio show,

What everyone failed to see or notice was that the I-Opeen logo bears a very ominous resemblance to ………………….the Masonic Handshake.

I have attached the following for everyones own perusal and judgement on this so you can see for yourselves.

The I-OPEEN logo

ImagePhotos of famous masonic handshakes and
Drawings of masonic handshakes



Take a look folks and make up your own mind. If anyone can dispel my suspicions please do so.

[11:04:13 AM] Grant Robb: =====

[11:04:31 AM | Edited 11:04:38 AM] Grant Robb: not accusing, just speculating.

[11:04:40 AM] Angel Lucci: It’s a fucking heart shaped hand shake!

[11:04:47 AM] Grant Robb: it was friendly but perhaps a newbie

[11:04:52 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): (heart)

[11:04:55 AM] Grant Robb: yeah, I know that

[11:05:26 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): absolute data (chuckle) don’t you just love it? I love it anyway

[11:05:32 AM] Angel Lucci: I love it grant!  (chuckle)

[11:05:44 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): (rock)

[11:05:53 AM] Grant Robb: (wtf)

[11:06:01 AM] Grant Robb: :O

[11:06:26 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): (chuckle) Grant … night (wave)

[11:06:33 AM] Grant Robb: cya

[11:06:43 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): (ninja)

[11:07:46 AM] Angel Lucci:


[11:08:50 AM] Grant Robb: (handshake)

[11:09:20 AM] Grant Robb: hey! The thumb is pressing on the wrong knuckle…oops, what I meant to say was… (rofl)

[11:15:46 AM] Kelly  K: (rofl) Oh, please.




  1. I encourage you all to not explain anything to those that seek to create conflict because of their small minded ideas of symbols etc mean. Really are peoples minds still that small?

  2. Grant Robb says:

    More experienced researchers in this field need to remember humility and patience for the many newbies that are just waking up. Just saying.

  3. Freemasons are really childish – we are transparent in any possible way, coz we have nothing to hide. B.Obama: the only people……. blablabla un know that crap. But in this he has a point!!!!!!!!!!!!

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