It Won’t Work as Human Beings are Inherently Lazy? – by Daniel Gross

Posted: October 5, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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Hello dear friends one and all – we come to you to help explain some things about the new consciousness that is enveloping your world at this season of your evolutionary process.

Many of you are coming along very nicely and are taking on new Absolute Truth and Data in every new now moment (or every second if you reflect on your time) – and are gradually coming to the understanding that there are no temporary measures any one of you must take in order to achieve the world and reality you truly seek in life. You are each a creator God man and therefore never have to settle for second best until you reach your predestined goals.

And so we tell you each and all that if you wish for a world without money – credit – usury – barter –and trade you will receive it in its season as that world has already been created for each of you. You do not see it yet in life because many of you are still in want – need – and lack of life.

Before new things can be given from higher self, which is each of you on your higher levels of your existence, you first have to “know’ that you already have access to all things in life – and get rid of the fear and doubt that it is any different. You want certain things at this day as well as in days of old – and you do not receive them because you believe certain things must happen gradually in your lives before your goals can be accomplished. What has to happen has already happened in the aether as all things have already been created and the details worked out by higher self – and you each need only to come to know these things rather than hope for – pray for – or beg some higher being for in life. Many of you dear fiends are still in doubt and believe that there is a being higher than yourself who you can pray to and ask for the things you want or need in life – those things you momentarily believe you are lacking.

There is no one higher than you – there is no God other than you – and there is no one to provide for you in life but you. 

Still how can a soul who is still in unconscious rational thought and consciousness be given by its higher self those things that lower self still believes he or she must own or possess in life – when all is to be shared with your whole self – meaning all of your other selves in life as well. 

So how do you share with all your other selves if they appear on your present world to be separate and individual bodies and forms who all live life according to many myriads of different ruling loves and affections for the things they want or think they need in life?

It is simple!  You no longer seek to own or possess in life but share all things with all others – and you get your turn when it is your season – and not especially when you want it or think you need it out of lack. You become an awakened human soul and God Man who now knows you must come to accept all as your many other selves – and you must come to be content with whatever is at your disposal in life – no longer living your life in lack.

Lack is only present when a human being believes he or she is without something they need in life – when the truth is there is no more need when you are completely content whether you have little or much in life.

To reach this level of consciousness the human being and soul does not have to leave their present world in death – nor in person by relocating to another world. To reach this level of consciousness you need only to know it and live it in your own life – expecting no other to live their lives according to your standards any longer. 

You can live and reside on the same plane and world with those who still harbor old traditions and rational ways of thinking in their life – as you will only live your existence in other timelines and dimensions while living your life to a higher level of consciousness.

You need not change them and you need not remain from their presence and spend your time in the presence of those who have awakened to higher things. How will they evolve and awaken to your levels of consciousness if you put them out of your presence?

And now we speak to those of you who have ventured to this next level of your consciousness through the evolution of the human soul. When all is worked out in the understanding of the awakening human soul so as to see the whole picture of their new world and reality where we each become the Creator Gods we truly are – all will truly have the access and ability in life to create instantly and at will – but not in a manner in which they will create all things for self alone – not sharing all things rather with all other selves in life. And so for those human souls who are of the opinion that a society in which all are provided complete abundance of life all will come to be lazy and all things ( services and resources) will not therefore be provided the people of said societies on your world – this is truly a false or misleading belief.

In such societies nothing will have to be provided the people as they will each be responsible for self and will therefore create for self – as well as all other selves in life who are not yet of this greater understanding and levels of consciousness. Yes we of higher understanding will provide for all within our societies knowing full well that every other human being and soul is just another representative self in another body and form. This understanding will never be provided those in life however that are still bound by the need to possess and own things and living beings and creatures on your world. The need for money – usury – credit – barter- and trade are all offshoots from the belief that a human being must possess or own in life. Until each of you works this out in your own minds and come to a true understanding of how the world and reality you seek must conform to certain Universal Laws before it can even be manifested as your world and realities individually.

Even for many souls who believe they have awakened on your world today – still they hold on to the belief that money – usury – barter- or trade is required in order to sustain a world of peace – unity- and harmony of life for our new societies that are about to come onto your world very shortly.

Why do they still need these things if they are truly awakened? Why do they not yet “know” that money – usury – barter – and trade are all required only for a world where the human being continues to own and possess?

Why else would these things be needed any longer if not to satisfy lack in your world and societies? Where is the lack? Lack is in not having that which you still wish to own – and not possessing a living thing or the many things they wish to own in life before you as well. You covet what is your neighbor’s because they too wish to own and possess – and this is the level of understanding and consciousness that must be put off before you can bring a new level of consciousness and way of doing things in and on your world for the betterment of all of mankind.

You will not be given through your higher levels of consciousness and understanding those things in life that are not truly beneficial to the one and the Whole – as these things would only provide more tools for the dark rulers of your world to hold the people of your world in submission. You know this – and have known this in many days gone by – and that is why higher things have never been provided to a being and soul who is still of a lower level of consciousness and understanding of what is truly best and more beneficial to the One and the Whole of all of humanity.  When each of you arrives at this level of understanding – consciousness – and knowing therefore that is when all things will be provided – by you in your higher levels of existence.

Do you not know that just as there are dark (false light) or service to self – principalities and powers in the higher planes or ethers – so too are there light beings and souls ( not principalities and powers – but those in guidance toward Absolute Truth and Data) who are just as equally available to the conscious mind and life’s plans of every individual human being and soul on your world. 

And so – according to the laws of attraction and the levels of the evolution of every human soul – each can draw their ruling loves – affections – thoughts – words- and actions in life from either source.  If you wish to draw from those in unconditional love and service to others rather than those in conditional love and service to self – then that must come to be your ruling loves and affections in life – before those levels of consciousness and understanding can be offered to any one of you in life.

We tell you again dear friends – if you think that having access to money – credit – usury – barter – or trade in life at this day – (no matter what form it takes on your world) will be a temporary fix for your world or societies you are being mislead as same will just sow same – and you will never move to a world and reality where these things are not binding for all souls within and upon such a world.

You cannot change it to something else that is temporary now – and expect others to cause it to graduate to a higher level of its form later – so as to eventually allow all people of your world to move to a reality where usury – money – credit – barter – or trade is one or all of the means to buy – sell – own – or possess on your world. If you still want money or an exchange of trade in one form or another in your life – it is because you are still in lower thinking and you still wish to buy and sell – possess and own something in life at this day.

That is what you should be focusing on presently – reflecting on the reasons why you still wish some form of exchange in and on your world. Remove this and the want or need for money in all of its many forms will be gone as well.

And so we end our message in unconditional love – wishing you all the abundance you seek in life without ever again having to own or possess a thing in life in order to feel you are abundant in all things.

We offer you this message through our human host Daniel and he wishes you all well in unconditional love.

— Daniel Gross


He’s right you know… Words of Wisdom…


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