TRANSACT-ION: A Global Challenge of Unity with Equal Value Recognition

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Currency/Value Systems, CVACs, One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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Cobra said, There is no Gold anywhere on the planet. The Economic reset can not take place until the Gold and Silver comes back on Planet!  The Gold Federal Reserve Bond cannot be cashed until the Gold is back on Planet!  Every [BODY] is broke! Get your money out of the banks!  

Hmmmm?  Not an exact quote but those statements were made during the interview.

So therefore, since [NO BODY][CORP IDENTITY], has any GOLD in their PRIVATE vaults; I surmised, as we have already learned:

We are the Gold – We are the Silver – The VALUE is within US

We really are the VALUE backing all of the currencies of the world!  Since we back our world currencies with our inherent value from Source, we can CHOOSE to EXCHANGE “any man-made representation of that value” as we choose between Our Selves.

We have been lied to for centuries, to beLIEve that the Gold and Silver was the Value on this Earth.  THAT’S A BIG LIE!  The education system has been programming disinformation into us about economics, banking, money, and exchange.

Banking RULES… Banking DECEPTION…


Now since the Gold/Silver is not on the Earth, then we need to stand as ONE in COOPERATION with ALL Living Souls on the Earth as the true Value of Our Prosperity…

 I-OPEEN: An Online, Direct-Access Value Exchange System returns that VALUE TO YOU:

  • I-OPEEN is backed by the Good, Free Will Trust Between ALL EQUAL Representations of Value embodied as Living BEings
  • You neighbors, your friends, co-slave workers, strangers, scary people, and yes, even in-laws are those EQUAL Representations of Energy

Lets STAND TOGETHER as ONE, in UNITY and DECLARE among I-OPEEN MEMBERS and EVERY ONE that any perceived representation of our Value is as good as any other representation with I-OPEEN Members!

So within and between all private members of I-OPEEN we declare:

  • a One-to-One Value Exchange
  • Free Will CO-OPERAT-ION with One another
  • Agree to VALUE our internal currency representations 1:1 with existing FORECLOSED PRIVATE CORPORATE PAPER
    • Representing a numbering sequence of value units ONLY

1 UNIT-to-1 UNIT
1 ION = 1 US Dollar = 1 E uro = 1 Yuan = 1 Ruble = 1 Yen = 1 Dinar =
1 of all other representations of our Current: See?

transact-ion defTherefore, I-OPEEN, really is the Representation of the Energy or Current of the People.

We call for all transactions to BE a unit-to-unit exchange of any currency between private members of I-OPEEN. The freewill, transparent, value exchange between Equal Living Beings.
Embodiments of Value.


Become a member of I-OPEEN today…
because YOU are the VALUE!




Cobra’s Interview with Alexandra Meadors October 1st, 2013

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Mike Nikolaou YouTube ChannelPublished on Oct 1, 2013


  1. Giftoftruth says:

    Very good move. Most One People have been focusing too much attention on the external value (creating more duality in the process) and not in the DOing…

    “The cause of freedom must first be established in order that the full effect of freedom may be felt.
    There are mighty individuals who have served the cause of freedom for centuries in various activities where mankind desired to have the fruits of freedom & knew instinctively that the fruits came to those who served the cause.
    What is the cause of freedom? It has been paraphrased thru the centuries wherever men were stirred to valorous action on behalf of country, king or God, & yet if they were asked to define that cause, I guarantee that there are few who could accurately express an understanding of freedom’s cause.
    What is the cause of freedom? GOD. The God-identity of every man has within it the inherent inbred realization that freedom & Godliness are one. The divine fiat of life is expansion, unfoldment, perfection, all of which qualities require freedom in order to manifest. A tightly-closed rosebud requires freedom to become a full-blown rose. Even the power of Helios requires freedom to shine. An animal, plant, tree or man requires freedom to breathe. There is no such thing as progress or evolution or in fact being without freedom. You might say freedom is God stretching out his arms to increase. Freedom is God in action. The quiescent God sleeping thru the solar night does not taste of nor enjoy the fruits of freedom, but when the first stirring takes place in the cosmic dawn of a solar system or the birth of a bird freedom stirs.
    I AM the Sun of Freedom. It is my great privilege to expand the cause of Freedom on the earth plane. It is not a quality which is injected into a lifestream, for love of freedom is as inherent within life as is the love of life itself. Freedom & expansion are one; freedom & activity are one; freedom & God are one. And in this new day dedicated to the freedom of the entire planet & this system of worlds you will see the God power stretching forth & bursting the chains of limitation. Saint Germain

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