The Shift: Announcing the Launch of I-OPEEN: International One People Eternal Essence Network, Open-Source, On-Line Value ExchangeSystem – Rev

Posted: October 2, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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Angel has been doing a lot of work to get the Cyclos system online for the I-OPEEN direct value access system. I have not taken the time to fully research this or create an account yet, however the points he discusses related to peoples fears and programing is very enlightening. We all have blockages we have created to limit our expression here on earth, and these are usually based on fear. 

We are conditioned to fear the unknown. In addition, many people know that money systems are used for enslavement, and want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Despite the flaws in the system, the major reason why it does not work in our favor is because we choose not to participate in it. We can create a new system and begin to use it NOW, but only if we can agree to use it, and do so wisely.
This is definitely something we all can learn from by looking into it further. If your first reaction is to reject this, with out inner discernment, then there is a mind control blockage within yourself that is limiting your appreciation for what IS. 
No one would expect you to jump in to something your not confident in, however it would be equally foolish to dismiss something out of hand with out doing your du-diligence first. This is the personal responsibility that we so desperately need on earth right now. If you feel something isn’t going to work, SHARE YOUR TRUTH! We are all in this together, and what Angel proves in this post is that CONFLICT is HEALING. David and Angel were very ‘heated’ initially in the conversation, but their persistence and desire for truth, ultimately revealed the greater reality, that we all have the same goals in mind. 
– Justin
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Thanks Justin for the kind words.  Every One should know I was a damn good training developer and an excellent sales man!  I’m just a charmer…

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