4/13/12 Bill Ballard ~ Leaving the Old World Behind ~ I’m Going to the Next Level

Posted: October 2, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

Those now waking, finally opening their eyes may see their world collapsing and all they ever knew to be true exposed as only an illusion. For them reality finally comes into view and I am sure their world is now quite unsettling. How upsetting that must be for many. I feel heavy lower energies as so many around the world finally open their eyes to the truth. And fear is what I feel from so many as they see no hope for the lives they focused on for so long. But these persons don’t yet understand how easy creation can be, how easy it will be to shift this illusion to a far higher reality when they finally come to grips with the truth of the Great Spirit they truly are. There is a death process going on right now, the Dark Night of the Soul.


4/13/12 Bill Ballard ~ Leaving the Old World Behind ~ I’m Going to the Next Level

This Final Battle of Light and Dark has got to shift. I feel that time is now. Continuing the battle the way we have played the game these past years seems fruitless now. So many other Light Warriors as my-self are becoming exceptionally weary of the burdens we have been taking on. Not that our Light grows dim, but that the expose and intensity of all and what we have exposed is simply becoming overwhelming.  And yes, that continued focus does keep the vibrations we wish to achieve in a lower state. I look at the 1000+ messages I have been receiving each day about the details of the planet wide Big Picture and I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. Mother Earth feels these dark energies too and cries for…

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