The Race to Underwrite DOVs – Why Limitations of Infinite Value are so Important

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, Currency/Value Systems, CVACs, NEWS, One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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The race to Underwrite DOVs – Why Limitations of Infinite Value are so Important

The Cross Roads

We are at a cross roads One People. For myself, I have grown so much over the past 6 months, learning about trust law, contract law.  Learning about Now we have a serious conceptual problem to solve: how do we Underwrite our DOV’s for a Bank to accept.

After listening to the show The One People 17/18 June 2013 and reading a lot of discussion threads on Facebook I have noticed a consistent reaction from the banks: Bank cannot accept Infinite Value as the “underwriting” for a DOV.

We are trying to deposit a DOV, a portion of our Infinite Value for conversion into cash, but what is the thing which gives a DOV its value?  For those who have been following this movement (not that I like that word) we are the source of the funds and it is our Infinite Value which underwrite the DOV’s, but the banking system has a major problem with that, as I will explain.

Lets put this in terms of a Contract so we an empathize with our new friends in the banking world, and see it from their perspective.

Contracts are Methods of Exchanging Value

I posted recently in the facebook group The One People: Shifting Banking Discussion Group the following and which summarizes the points at hand:

JD- Another point. A loan is a contract, wherein the bank “lends you money” and then you “work to pay it back” – in any contract there is value being exchanged between two parties.

In the present paradigm, we the borrowers are a party to the contract, for which we bring nothing to the table; 

There is a presumption the banker is operating from which is causing the acceptance issue. From the perspective of the bankers, a DOV drawing against something of INFINITE value has a nice ring to it, but how do you process the underwriting for this and send the paperwork upstairs? A DOV is a square peg trying to be crammed into a round hole.   The only role a banker is going to see you playing as is a debtor, borrower, etc, unless you are setting a new stage and dispel or rebut the presumption. Borrowers have to prove they are capable of paying back the loan (because the only thing of value they have to offer is their labor), this is done on the UNIFORM RESIDENTIAL LOAN APPLICATION, and then the bank SECURES the contract by putting up COLLATERAL, so the lender can receive remedy incase you default.

Underwriting is a Limitation

Underwriting Definition: Underwriting refers to the process that a large financial service provider (bank, insurer, investment house) uses to assess the eligibility of a customer to receive their products (equity capital, insurance, mortgage, or credit).

Limitation, as we will discuss later, is a way for us to create and manifest.  It is the Actual rendered from the Potential, and the system ‘underwrites’ your value by evaluating your ‘Actualizations’ your DOing to determine if your potential Labor in the future has value.  Underwriting evaluates the past to “predict the future.” As we can plainly see this underwriting process is only applied to your labor.

What we need is an underwriting process or technology that evaluates your potential against the Truth of what IS, your Eternal Essence Embodied, the Secured Assets in Trust, the 5 billion, etc.

Limitation is Not a Dirty Word

We hope Heather is working on is some way of Underwriting our DOV’s so a banker can understand how the value can be LIMITED in order for it to be converted. Yes we must “render” our infinite value into a limitation for conversion into other forms.  This is how creation works, we pull from the Eternal INfinite withIN and pull these pure energies threw the lenses of our spirit, body, and mind to bring forth our manifestations in the the world.

Some may say any limitation at all is a problem and we are “keeping the old system alive” by limiting ourselves in anyway.  For those who are familiar with the law of one series, the “Law of One” has many “distortions” which are just “spectra” or “iterations” of the fractal of creation (flavors if you will) limitation will not sound so bad. The Logos expresses it self into sub-logos, which express themselves into sub-sub-logos, and so on. With out limiting the expresion, making actual the potential, the logos cannot create.
We Limit our Infinite Value Now
We limit our Infinite Value now all day, every day and we may not release it.  Your constantly in a state of flow, give and take, with the universe at large around you.  This flow is “rendered” and “distorted” constantly into new and replete forms for other beings to make use of.  You desire a thing (think about the possibilities then you think of ways to make it happen (limit those possibilities based on their effectiveness) then actualize those possibilities by manifesting them, by DOing.  Given all of these concepts, when we consider the limiting our value in some way in order for it to have expression, it does not seem so horrible.  Limitation is a tool, with out it, you would not be able to know yourself, from the universe. Cast your hand up in front of your gaze and try to see it with out seeing the boundaries of the foreground against the background.
Potential is Infinite, Limitation is actualized out of the potential; it is manifested.
The Old System Values Labor (Slavery)The system at large only seems to value one thing, your labor or creative potential; which is another way of saying your energy or labor. Remember the elite do not need your money (by and large) they need your energy; to keep you slaving away. I suspect this is why most bankers are trained subconsciously to scoff at the idea of a service fee in exchange for the DOV, and why the system only recognizes labor as a form of value; the other form being Collateral or assets.

How Limitation works in the Current Paradigm

The name of the game here is to limit you and what you bring as much as possible so as to give favorable bias to the other party to the contract; the lender. This is also the piece of technology which Underwrites your value via evaluations and limitations. As we all know these contracts are not transparent and the entire process is filled with Deceptive Acts and Practices.

Lets consider what the present paradigm uses to limit our Infinite Value; our labor over time.  As I mentioned above, a UNIFORM RESIDENTIAL LOAN APPLICATION. Lets go over these sections, looking with the ‘eyes of understanding’ for what each piece of technology is achieving. (if your having trouble reading the images below you can download a pdf here:
• Limitation #0 – Before we even get started, lets acknowledge the biggest limitation and presumption, you are an applicant, a debtor.  Even though in reality you are the creditor and the source of the value.  Before you even start putting pen to paper you are being limited: this piece of technology is for debtors, are you a debtor or the creditor? Know Thy Self.
• Limitation #1 – Borrower/Co Borrower – Seems like a silly point to bring up, but when were talking about absolutes, your BEing, this is a pretty huge limitation; you just went from ALL THAT IS, Eternal Essence Embodied to.. Borrower/Co Borrower, an applicant, a beggar.
• Limitation #2 – All of the “terms” of the loan and what type are limiting. Higher the Interest Rate the longer your going to need to slave away.  Definitely a limitation. Considering this is not really a loan in a true sense this is a most interesting portion of the form.
• Limitation #3 – Another whopping limitation. Your value is your time, but since your word and promise to pay isn’t worth much (so they would have us believe), we have to have 2 forms of value backing the deal, your promise to pay and the Collateral or Security Interest.  Your home is put up as a “back up” in case you default, held in dishonor, and cannot/will not pay back the loan. Your Infinite Value isn’t even being considered here, your no more then how hard you can work.  Further we are tricked into agreeing to put up an asset as collateral. Nice for the other party to the contract, they can get paid twice for the same deal!
• Limitation #4 – Purpose of Loan. Why would the purpose be factor? Is not your word to pay it back good enough? Nope your a ward of the state remember.  You cannot be trusted, yet we are forced to trust the other party.
• Limitation #5 – Enter the Strawman.  Here we have your Corporate Person being asked about: “Name” (Corporations have names, living flesh and blood beings have ‘Given Names’ and ‘Surnames’ – for example I am Sovereign Justin of the house Deschamps who is the sole beneficiary, executor and trustee of the legal fiction JUSTIN DESCHAMPS).
• Limitation #6 – Social security number (this is where you put your ward number, the thing that voluntarily says you give up your executive powers over your Estate, your PERSON, to the government to run for “social security”) more on this further down.
• Limitation #7 – Martial Status (because when you get married you enter into a three party agreement with the state, your Legal Person and another Legal Person (your spouse) to “Bind your Estates”). Any limitations they can pull from your spouse, they will, even if they are not a borrower, a-party to the contract.
• Limitation #8 –  This where your Strawman is located, your Residential Address, and also the physical location of the ‘body’ which is the property of the Vatican voluntarily given up during the registration of your Birth Certificate; you have POSSESSION of your body, but the Vatican hold the TITLE.
• Limitation #9 – Your Employer Information. Really this is the next level of employment information, your social security number is what lists you as an employee of the UNITED STATES Inc. or your EIN (Employee Identification Number); and eligible for benefits as a trustee thereto.  This section is for limiting how you can pay back the loan, your labor, and how the products of that labor are limited, the debits or debts on the Stawman.
• Limitation #10 – Debt to Income Ratio section.  Your labor is measured against your other expenses (limited again).  Historical data is the only relevant thing here, your potential creative output is discarded as having value; ironically if it wasn’t for your creative potential (the promise to pay in the future with your labor) the whole loan would fall apart.
• Limitation #11 – More limitations placed on your labor and your assets, the hard value. Do you owe anything on your other assets. Are they paid in good standing. Are there any “liens on your Person” in other words.
• Limitation #12 – Details of the loan, more ways of limiting the agreement and ensuring that your are able to “make good” on the loan. If you are not using it for a purpose that they approve appropriate, approval rejected!
• Limitation #13 – Declarations – this is a big one.  Here we have admissions you make which allow the bank to reject the loan and alter the terms to be more favorable for them; subprime, points etc.  In reality the entire document is set up this way, but this section is literally an inquisition.
• Limitation #14 – The Big Kahuna! This is where all the magic happens. This is where the living blood BEing breaths life into this contract with your wet ink signature.  Your BEing uses your PERSON to Contract with the Banks to Limit your Infinite Value.
• Limitation #15 – Race Information, not a big one in comparison to the others, but it definitely is a limitation; are we not all One People?
• Limitation #16 – The only limitation which the other party has to enter into here, pretty out of balance agreement wouldn’t you say?  Another flesh and blood BEing uses their PERSON to Contract with you, the borrower.  This is what makes it a contract, and this is what makes it the most important document in the entire “loan” agreement.
‘Pointing’ to Value – CVAC System and UCC Fillings

I speculate we can ‘point to’ the UCC filings and the value that was secured by the CVACs to underwrite the DOV’s in some way.  Remember there was 5 Billion secured for each embodiment and another 5 billion for those claiming damages.  Quiet possibly Heather has produced documents (or is working on documents) which do this very thing.  Regardless of the specifics related to the actual documents one thing is clear if we want to transform the old system by depositing DOV’s we need to dawn our thinking caps, go within, and INpower our banking friends with truth.  We can meet them halfway and work with them to create/use technology to achieve our mutual goals.

Empathize with Your New Business Partner!

Put yourself in their shoes, try to understand what is needed from their end to “make the deal work.”  Remember we are all in this together (including the bankers) and brokering these new relationships with banks should not be an adversarial process if we want to win them to our side. As we hear about a lot these days, try to free yourself from expectations about the outcome and just “follow the energetic trail” and “your highest excitement.” Here are some questions I thought of to ask:

“What pieces of technology does the current system process we can use to deposit my DOV; how do we underwrite them?”

“What underwriting processes are available to recognize the UCC fillings and the CVAC systems?”

– Justin

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