Creo Harmony – The New Frontier Discharge Reversionary Interest

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Date: May 9, 2013
Speaker: Boris

Topics: Update Boris’ Court Case, Big Picture of the System, Discharge, Reversionary Interest, Estate, INFANT, Person United Nation Protected Purchaser, UCC. Thank you Denny and Silvia for your research!
Boris’ Notes:

First off, no one is “accessing” any “estate”. The financial markets essentially are clearing houses for “liens” … those liens are placed against the “estate” of the INFANT, which is “represented” by that Name/NAME we all use.

The (Capitis Maximus ) INFANT is presumed dead, thus the State is now “employed” to act as “conservator”, investing and managing the “assets” of the INFANT, but forbidden to actually use those assets, but can “leverage” (license) them for “loans” which result in “maritime liens” against the “estate” under conservator-ship by the State who is also “guardian” of those “interests” or “estate”.

A “contract”, since all “title” and “consideration” has been “re-moved” from “circulation”, now exists as a “trust” and only “interests” are “exchanged” … it is who has what interest that determines the “taxable value” or “income” from the “transaction”.
trust = contract
corpus = object of contract
income = value of exchange
beneficiary = one who should receive either corpus or income
trustee = one who should have gotten paid or representative of such
grantor = owner of contract because the “rights” revert to the “estate” from which they originated
estate = interest in property
property = registered infant
birth = the act of a parent in exposing an infant of tender years (usually under seven) in any place, with intent wholly to desert it. [Birth Record = abandoned infant]
the “presumption of death” serves as the means by which the State adminsitrates the estate under a conservatorship
the infant estate is always a ward … it the terms of use one negotiates for a contractual nexus – that needs to occur
and in every contract, there are actually two trusts operating side by side as the trustee of one trust is the beneficiary of the second. People forget about this “duality aspect”.
You see that word “revert”? This is an “interest” of the “estate” and according to “tax law”

According to 26 USC § 2037 (b ) the term “reversionary interest” includes a possibility that property transferred by the decedent:

(1) may return to him or his estate, or
(2) may be subject to a power of disposition by him,

but such term does not include a possibility that the income alone from such property may return to him or become subject to a power of disposition by him.



Excellent article reflecting the Wisdom to FREE One’s Self from the deceptions of cunning, diabolical men.  All I can say is:

“Educate Your Self!”

One People – One Tribe Y’All



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