Jake Ducey – We Have A High Prison Rate So We Don’t Socially Advance Ourselves Beyond The Control Of Consumerism…..

Posted: September 23, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, NEWS, One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

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The land of the free is paradoxically the land of the most humans incarcerated behind giant metal bars in little cages. Not only does America have the highest prison population but over half of those behind bars are in for petty drug charges (while bankers steal billions and get away completely). And it makes no sense… unless you take a step back… then it makes perfect sense: the prison system is actually run like a private corporation that makes money off each person in jail, and the corporations who’ve invested in it get to use slave labor on the inmates.


For those who have invested in the prison industry, it’s like winning the lottery: 21st century slavery. No need to fret for worker strikes or paying unemployment insurance, vacations or comp time. All the workers are full-time, and never arrive late or are absent unless they’ve died or were locked up in isolation cells for refusing to work for the pay of 25 cents an hour.

Knowing that, now it makes perfect sense why millions of people (mostly black and hispanic) are in jail for petty crimes. It is makes me wonder: Why is this the land of the free if we have the most people in jail in the world, and private corporations that run them (and their investors) profit off of inmates?

Yeah but it’s a lot more free here then China! you may say.

Well I didn’t know the definition of freedom is comparable to a communist society, when we claim to have a democracy. AND China has less people in prison and over four times the total population as the United States. Now I don’t know about you but it leads me to my next questions: Are a lot of our laws made-up because they are easy to break and therefore people can get thrown in jail for them and others can profit while they are locked up like animals?

I know what you may be thinking: “Come on, Jake, be an American, support our county. Don’t question the power structure!”

But that is exactly what a patriot should do; question everything. How else can we have a democratic world if we blindly accept everything as is?

I did a bit of research as to where our laws come from (the ones enforced after the Constitution). I found that laws most dominantly come from when elected officials make laws. But the concern I have about that is that the reason most politicians have gotten into office is because they’ve accepted special interest lobbying money which allowed them to run a campaign large enough to get voted for, in a voting system that is also run by a private corporation (Diebold). The game is rigged, folks!

For years, researchers have been aware of numerous security flaws in electronic voting machines. They’ve found ways to hack the machines to swap votes between candidates, reject ballots or accept 50,000 votes from a precinct with just 100 voters.

Why is this significant?

Because shareholders with millions or billions of dollars (who want certain laws passed so they can profit from them) have enough money to buy their way by manipulating the voting system. Those they pay pass the laws which lock up people and create 21st century slave labor.

Because of an infection of special interests with the law-making and law-enforcing systems of our society, I don’t believe it’s possible to assume that our laws are in the best interest of the general public. Sure, we should not harm, steal, put in danger, injure, or kill another. We should obey stop signs for the safety of others and we should help others as we can. But why should millions of people go to jail for marijuana offenses when it’s highly likely that big-pharma has lobbied to make it an illegal drug in most states so they can profit off pills and most likely profit off those that get incarcerated and must go to work for the prison systems while serving time?

It’s not just about minor drug charges either. Nationwide, spending on prisons has risen six times faster than spending on higher education. Clearly, prison is a viable business! And this is money being spend to put a lot of petty “criminals” behind bars instead of helping thousands of kids with tuition. If we build more prisons, we’re going to have to find more and more ways to fill them. If we put less money into education we’re going to have less and less intelligent people. Not to mention that in California alone they’ve constructed one new prison per year, at the cost of $100 million each, while building only one new public college during the same period.

And even after inmates are let out, it still costs us millions of dollars to keep them under watch by the criminal justice system. They are often legally restricted from receiving public housing, food stamps or student loans. We need to stop treating them like criminals and punishing them, instead we should treat them psychologically and give them the emotional and spiritual help they need to be productive and happy members of society, not slave laborers for life to line the pockets of corrupt corporations. When this happens it will decrease the level of crime, costing America less on prison (thus less prison profiteering on the back end) and more money can be spend on socially useful works.

When a population spends more money to put (and keep) people behind bars rather than giving them more opportunity to uplift the world, it is headed for emotional and spiritual catastrophe. That is if it’s not already there, but because generations are born into it, no one has yet to notice its devastation.

Well, why do we have a high prison rate so we don’t socially advance ourselves beyond the control of consumerism? 

Because if you put millions of people in jail and have them work slave labor to produce consumer based products that ad little to no value to the world, and you quit funding education, you will have generations of individuals (already happening now) who never found their talents and work jobs they don’t love and make just enough money to buy enough things to keep them distracted and numb enough to go back again and again and again.

What’s the solution?

I don’t know. But I think it starts with teaching the population how to find and develop their own dreams. This will lower crime rates and also mindless consumerism because people will actually be fulfilled with their day to day lives and won’t need to commit crimes and or buy pointless things just to get by…



Excellent article Jake!



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