Quantum Physics means You ARE God (you’re just bad at it sometimes)

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

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There is a process through which an individual can create things, material or spiritual, in his life. I’ve been using this process. You have been using this process. Indeed, everyone has been using this process, aware or unaware that he/she is doing it.

I’ve used the title “You ARE God” to try and emphasize the fact that you have a characteristic which has been usually attribute to every God conceived by our brains. That trait is the ability to create material goods, things and spiritual experiences from nothing. It has been my experience that every living human being on this planet has this ability.

Every human being can create something out of nothing

This is a fact based on empirical as well as experimental evidence. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle for example clearly demonstrates, on a scientifical basis, how, depending on your interaction with light, that light can be either a wave or a particle. You can read more on it here. Back to our demonstration.

So the intrinsec nature of light changes depending on your interaction with it. Now, that interaction is “nothing” to me, in the sense that it does not bring into question another substance or process. The reality of it is, that interaction which I’m referring to is not at all “nothing” in the actual sense, but is the very basis of creation.

Quantum psysics has discovered that the world which we were taught is solid is actually filled with nothing. This uncertainty principle which I was talking about demonstrated, not only with light, but with everything around us, that particles that make up stuff can exist and simultaneously not exist. One particle can be “dead” and “alive” at the same time. Also, one particle can be everywhere, that is in all it’s possible states of manifestations, and it can also be nowhere.

There is massive proof towards this, not only this article, but many experiments and professors around the world who have proved this. For all you non-believers, you should watch this extraordinary documentary. So, scientifically speaking, a particle has the potential to be everything, but is at it’s “heart”, filled with nothing. Science has called this potential the “wave function” of the particle. That’s because that particle is nowhere and everywhere at the same time, becoming a sort of wave, filling all it’s possible manifestations. Once a particle is seen in a certain solid state, for example a particle from the chair you’re siting on, that means that particle has “collapsed” into that state, transforming itself from a wave into a single manifestation. From potential to certain.

moneyPlease kill me now, just get to the money already!

Ok, ok, so the act of collapsing a particle from a wave function is the act of creation, at a scientific level. The way through which you can collapse your particles is interpretation, much like in Heinseberg’s principle which we’ve discussed above.

Collapsing this god damn wave function is proof that you are God my friend. Believe that! Thing is the wave can be collapsed in a negative or positive way for you. You can materialise the wood particles in the chair you’re sitting on or you can materialize the wood for your coffin! The choice is yours. You can materialise wealth or poverty. The tools that you use to materialise positive things, to collapse the wave into a profitable manner, is gratitude and appreciation to begin with.

Focusing on a collapsed, materialized state that you desire for “your particles” is the way to continue. So visualization and appreciation for what you have now will start the collapsing procedure.

Now, I am not one for positive thinking, but understand that this is not positive thinking. This is wave function collapsing! This stuff is scientifical! I am all about positive doing so don’t just visualize and appreciate. The next thing which you should do is act on your positive state. So if the first step is to appreciate your current circumstances and visualize the way in which you want the wave to collapse, the next step (after you have entered this positive state) is doing stuff. The doing part seems to be the problem because most people rush into it.

feel goodYou don’t want to rush this part! (partially related picture)

This is crucial. You don’t want to do anything when you are feeling that you need to do it! Needing will not manifest. Calm, good feelings will materialize. Don’t act until you feel inspired and happy to act, don’t work until you feel work easy and meaningful. Now, I’m not coming to you from the perspective that you should starve until you feel the best feeling and think the best thoughts, I’m just saying you should align your feelings with your desires first and wait until you can feel as good as you can feel in the current circumstances before taking action.

Action is not the manifesting game, the aligning and waiting until you feel inspired part is the manifesting game.




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