Lucas – A Tale Of Two To Become One Within Is The Essence – 17 September 2013

Posted: September 17, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

If you are that value, all of it, why convert it or let it represent you in any other form than that is you as you’re in control of it. Why educating the bankers about how to accept your inner value. We also need not educate humans to get their value back into the old (new) system to get the wanted and foremost needed cash…. to still pay as slaves the bills, and other stuff that is based on that same old system. We still have the last of the old system going, even if it is bleeding to death now. We need all of us (in the neutral space) out there to grasp the new paradigm in having our only system that counts in the new and that is our own inner power to be our only exchange method. Your energy emanating from that inner-power is not supposed to be exchanged by a representation of value or energy outside of you which can also be controlled or harvested or even misused in any form in this multiverse and beyond.

Lucas 2012 Infos

(By the way my galactic observation post is inside of me, my higher self connected to source and the multidimensional that observes what is going on. If you thought of labeling me channeling…, nope I am not!)

A tale of two to become one within is the essence. Some call it female and male, electric and magnetic or even polarity or opposing forces that have to find balance or unite.  In this duality multiverse ending we have been playing the song of polarities and have perceived things in its utmost beauty and its most horrible evil form. All the contrast of two dancing the dance of shadow and light has now to  become the integrating of the two in the neutral zone.  The two that balance out to become in harmony circling around each other without conflict or pulling each other in one or the other direction is all happening…

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