Everything Free – Pre-Paid, Pre-Authorized, Pre-Approved

Posted: September 11, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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Now here is another point-of-view on how the transition could go directly to a world where EVERYTHING IS FREE!  I Am an “EVERYTHING FREE” kind of guy.  I Am a life absent limits, so needing to pay for anything is limited!  I know, many say it can’t be done!  I disagree because every thing is already PRE-PAID, PRE-AUTHORIZED and PRE-APPROVED thru the One People’s Public Trust!  The world is changing quicker then most of you believe.

We are the only species on the planet that has to pay dearly to be here!

Anyway, enjoy the information from the I-OPEEN Skype Room.  Things are happening so fast – we may all be blown away!



Karen hudes, says they as good as gone Angel,
the banks and fait currencies are limiited she said to me,

She couldn’t get any banks, nor even the federal credit union, to accept my DOV, Bond/certificate for that reason, they have slipped, into, permanent gold backwardation (1), she says,

now we can help that, we can provide the worlds solution,
everything becomes available to everyone for free,
the global passport to freedom/ID
after a declaration of truth/giving self realization is made,

everyone stepping off the ID system, enters limitlessness,
and can retire the old fiat currency, into our own selves, by spending it amongst ourselves, into creating everything for the new world,
ensuring everything is free for everyone,

unless [we are] going to live in the old debt-based, death-orientated culture,buying things that kill us, degrade us, and each other,
we can do without,the new world is out there, already,
every eventuality is mathematically known, when we make the shift, that is already calculated for, being freedom, abundance to all, limitlessness,
as is the nature of the entire cosmos,
then, wonders will just keep on and keep on,
that reality, is already here, it’s in our hearts,

so we let go let love,

I can’t see currency, a system, which limits, being the way,
you may as well use Swissindo then,
we all may as well, join together and bang their doors,
until they open,


G – The Kingly Yogi


  1. Backwardation is when the bid in the spot market is greater than the ask in the futures market.  (http://www.financialsense.com/contributors/casey-research/permanent-gold-backwardation)
  1. terionmiller says:

    I agree. ABSOLUTELY! there is PLENTY in the world FOR ALL. If only I could , I would max every account/everywhere for everyone to 99999999999999999 across the boards. those that need the representation by “numbers” to mean they may have will have their account representation to look at…, but the accounts won’t ever change much, they would constantly reset to 999999999999999999 …
    sure there would be a bit of chaotic “celebration” as those who have lived in limitation are no longer limited. But the dust would settle and digits will be digits and things will be things and folks will get down to living
    cooperatively, compassionately, creatively…
    WITH the sublime meaning of IT ALL…

    • Have you looked at I-OPEEN.com? Sustainable living wage is given from your value. 2000 units on sign-up and 100 daily!

      • terionmiller says:

        Yes I’ve had my account since the first I saw it posted..it’s more prosperous than any acct I’ve had…but Unfortunately my landlord isn’t interested and I, like so many, run up against no way yet shown to me , of translation of my value units to the currency du jour..did I miss something? .is there a way of translation of I-opeen units into USD?
        Much love
        BEing to BEING

      • So many people need education. Like the lañdlord. We are working on changes and a new interface. Just keep letting your being points grow and share with others. Try to use the marketplaces or buying and selling. The more it is used, the more valuable IONS become. Bitcoin at the beginning was worth pennies, now look àt it. IONS will be staple and will surpass fiat currency in time. Not thàt long either.

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