I-UV: Updated – Skype Call 2pm PST 9.07.13 (recording)

Posted: September 9, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

This goes along with the Alternative Currency System research I’ve been doing and it reinforces for us the work that was completed by OPPT is critical in achieving our dream of Freedom for us All as Eternal Essence Embodied!  Additional sources of documentation to access our value is included below.

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Lots of good discussion came out of this call. We intend to move forward with trying to work with the banks and accept the DOV. Updates will come out as they are issued.
– Justin Deschamp

Update 9.7.13

The raw call recording is here

For recording Click here

The three docs below are good ones to include as background information when you go into the bank you have chosen on Friday September 13th, which we are all going to do simultaneously depending on our time zones.

Here is the July 25th OPPT filing mentioned on the call click here

Here is the initial announcement of OPPT

Here is the paradigm report

Doug’s Letter of intent click here

Helen’s Certificate of Value click here

Helen’s CEO I-UV INchange v6 click here

BZ’s Certificate of Value click here

BZ’s letter of intent click here

BZ’s Certificate of Being click here

Bob Wright’s Certificate of Value Click here

Bob Wright’s Declaration of Being Click here

Bob Wright’s Intent to Deposit Click here


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