What If Pure Energy? – by Joe Britt, Jr.

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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During the “Let’s Pull  Together” Tour, I had the opportunity to meet one of Bobby Peck’s best friend, Joe Britt, Jr.  I had a wonderful time that day and meeting Joe and his children was the highlight of that day.

Joe is enthusiastic about life and he is a genius if you ask me.  He provided me his last copy of Getting Back to Basics with Energy Retention”.  I have read the book since I’ve been home and I wanted to post this for others.  I have been interested in this type of sustainable living and free energy since high school.

Joe’s work is similar yet different than say the EarthShips, designed by Michael Reynolds. I had a chance to see his home and also get Joe’s description of how it was built to live with “Pure Energy”.  I remember him saying, “it costs him 10 cents a day to heat his pool.”  Joe’s website is named appropriately “What If Pure Energy”.

what if we don’t change our ways
what if the government had a plan
what if our national infrastructure fails
what if we experience a natural disaster
what if food was grown in your backyard
what if we start to run out of fossil fuels

what if solar flares burn up our satellites
what if we can’t stop the asteroid in 2013
what if you could re-engineer your lifestyle

       – Joe Britt, Jr.



Here is a small article found by clicking the link above:


         Today we live in a Society based on Dependency!  The people of the 21st Century are Dependent on Energy. Whether it is the 25 Billion Barrels(**) of Oil we consume each day or the massive amounts of Natural Gas, Propane, Coal, Wood or other Natural Resources we just can’t live without! If there was a Natural Disaster on a Global scale what would be the plan? If we were to use any one of the possible scenarios that would wipe out all of Humanity and then have the ability to look back and get a second chance…what would we do differently to eliminate all of this Dependency? To shift our Dependency we would have to start at a Local level. What I mean is, if each town and community were to take care of themselves this would reduce the burden on the Federal Government. By each Town producing enough Food to feed the people living there we wouldn’t have the dependency to rely on our current vulnerable infrastructure for bringing in food and drinking water. If each Town were to handle all of its Domestic needs (Law and Order) and protect its Boarders then the Federal Government would have another massive burden taken off its shoulders. The bottom line is, if local folks took responsibility for their own needs then the Federal Government wouldn’t have to do it!  Which reality resonates with you?  350 million people living in a country fully dependent on numerous outmoded systems to survive OR 350 million people sustaining their communities and living with purpose and responsibility?     Not to put all of the blame on any one thing but by shifting just one of the most important aspects in the survival of Humans on this Planet would be to completely change the way we look at Architecture. I first started out by presenting a new way to look at building residential homes. A Scientist had once said “Where all other Architects and Engineers have flirted with energy Efficiency you have reached the True Essence of Self Sustainability!” The problem with this is that it eliminated too many businesses in the construction, water and power industries.  Even though evolving Architecture would create new industries, the people in charge are resistant to change!  If we could begin modifying the 160 million homes in America and make them energy independent our landscape would reflect innovative solutions to our current challenges.  A call for a new perspective and adaptation is critical.  Further still, instead of continually rebuilding or remodeling old homes we may repurpose the Structures of the past and begin building for a Future with the concepts of ENERGY RETENTION. Not only can we build Structures and Towns (which do not consume energy for survival) but we can also change the way we look at various needs we use in our daily lives. Transportation using cars, trucks, boats, planes and trains would also benefit from a full-throttle Energy Transformation .  All you need is an Open Mind!

(**) To put 25 Billion Barrels of Oil that is consumed each day = to one trillion gallons a day!
Picture 42 lakes that are 1000 feet deep at shore, 1000 feet wide and more than 3000 feet long. Not only will these lakes be emptied each day but filled too. Just think of the amount of energy consumed filling and then redistributing.

If you were to get any one thing out of the following Ideas I am sharing with you it is this. The only way we can truly change the way we live is to change the way we design both architecture and engineering. -Joe Britt Jr

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