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People called us CRAZY when we told them that we were taking a 2 Year trip around the world.

I said the Universal Laws of the Universe were real….people just laughed and said to get real. We just gave birth to our daughter 1 year ago…and were just coming out of a bankruptcy that rocked our whole world.

This forced us to make some drastic decisions on how we would live our life moving forward…..so we set off on a 2 year trip around the world in 2008 and now it is 2013….

and we are still going.

We are gearing up to spend the remainder of 2013 in San Sebastian, Spain. We have an incredible portable business that has allowed us to live our dreams. I feel so grateful because I was a regular corporate woman who never thought my reality would be like a dream.

Let me share 2 things that took our family from losing everything and being forced to file bankruptcy & arguing over $5 dollar burritos….to replacing our combined incomes as corporate executives. We now have the time, freedom and ability to travel anywhere we desire as a family.

Life literally changed overnight…

when we applied these 2 amazing principles…which are right under most people’s noses, but they never see them. I will share both of them in this post…so keep reading.

First, let me rewind..

I did everything I was “meant” to do. I went to school and got good grades and continued on to get my MBA. I got a corporate job & worked 10 hours a day. That was pretty much my life…because it was all I knew at the time.

Then something happened that freaked me out.

There was a woman at a meeting that needed to leave early so she could pick up her child from Day Care. She asked the boss… and she said “No chance, and if you need to leave that bad, don’t bother coming back”.

I didn’t even have a child yet…but that scene freaked me out.

unstoppable family banner bastimentos boat races bocas del toro panama

I saw myself in her shoes and I knew I could not live like that. I vowed I would never put my kids in daycare because I had to work. My Mom was there for me growing up….why couldn’t I figure out a way to do the same.

At the time, my husband and I were making good money at our job…though not enough on just his salary alone.

How would we support ourselves?

I knew if I didn’t do something & step out the box…I would DIE living a regular life. I have always felt different & knew I could accomplish amazing things.

I just didn’t know how to make it happen.

I didn’t have any entrepreneurial experience at all, though I knew that I did not want to work a job for the rest of my life….nor drop my child off at daycare everyday.

I’m a very coachable and trainable person.

If someone can lay out a blueprint for me….I can make it work. I am smart, a hard worker, and can accomplish a lot if I had steps to follow. I was just not the type of person who could create something from scratch.

I am more like the person who likes to be part of something with like minded individuals. I know if someone else is doing it…

I can do the same.

It was about 8.5 years ago I came into contact with the work of Bob Proctor. He created a course that completely shifted the way I thought. He also shifted what I believed was possible for myself…and my family. It was tough because it challenged some of my most closely held beliefs.

Then, I totally fell in love with the Law of Attraction (LOA).


As I started to understand the principles….my whole world expanded.
Then I got addicted and started to follow amazing people like Wayne Dyer, Deepak , Tony Robbins, Andy Andrew’s and the list goes.

Remember that huge curveball?

The one that ROCKED OUR WORLD and changed everything we knew almost overnight for the worse. We went from having a nice comfortable life to arguing nonstop about money. This was the real estate deal that totally wiped us out mentally, financially and nearly physically.

When I say wiped out, it forced us into bankruptcy and tested our relationship and love for each other. Without mindset training, we would have gotten a divorce for sure. We would of taken the easy way out and just separated.

But we didn’t…

I remember one day that changed me forever. My daughter Hanalei was 1 year old and money was so tight at this moment in our lives. I remember my husband brought a $5 burrito and it sent our accounts into the negative…an overdraft fee of $35.

A $5 Burrito….

This resulted in one of the biggest arguments we ever had. That night, I went to bed crying alone and thought to myself….how did we get into this position. I was saying WHY ME in my head…I am a good person , and did everything by the book.

I could not figure out why I was being punished (or at least, that is how I felt). Before that night ended, I took some time to really get clear. First thing I needed to do was to take responsibility for where I was. When things were going great, I had no problem taking credit.

When things started going bad….I started pointing fingers at everyone, but myself.

I made a promise to my daughter…and told her she would not be raised in daycare and the system. I was in such a lost space and didn’t even know what my future held. When you go to sleep and then wake up thinking about how to survive…

it takes a lot out of you, mentally.

The stress of not being able to meet our bills put a huge burden on our spiritual level of consciousness. So much energy was put on survival and I hurt, because I knew we could do better.

Then one Saturday morning I decided to call into “Deepak Radio”. Wayne Dyer was the guest on the show, and I got to speak directly with Wayne and Deepak.

I told them my story, and they told us what we “NEEDED TO HEAR” not “WHAT WE WANTED” to hear. My husband and I were so upset with what they said. They basically put responsibility back on us vs blaming others.

Wayne Dyer & Deepak’s advice has forever change the way we think.
If we were going to make a change in our lives….

it was up to US.

It was not long after that….we were flying again. It felt so good to get ahead again, because so many people lost belief in us…or at least we thought that. It happened, because we lost belief in ourselves.

So many people called us crazy for following the teachings of people like Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Bob Proctor etc, but we knew it was real.

Well that’s enough about us, though I wanted to share that story so you could understand where we are coming from. Although, Wayne and Deepak’s advice changed our mindset…

It didn’t pay our bills.

But what I am going to share with you now…will!


1. Thing that changed my world was BELIEF.

I found belief through books, audiobooks, and live conferences. I always believed the best investment I can make is inside myself. I would read books from legends like Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Esther Hicks to name a few. I have seen everybody from Andy Andrews, Lisa Nichols, Les Brown, Bob Proctor etc live in person speak. This was the biggest breath of fresh air I could ever have. They shared a concept with me that would change my life forever.

Let me share few lessons with you.

* Surround yourself with people who you want to be like. You become like the people you spend the most time with.

* Write out your goals. You can’t know where you going without a direction

* Consistently take action towards your purpose. Everyday you take off you take 2 steps back.

These 3 simple steps helped me create belief in ways you will never imagine. They believed in me before I could believe in myself. I read their stories, met a few in person and saw they were no different than me. They started at ground zero or even worse than me. Difference was there belief and..
[8/16/2013 9:35:52 PM] beascarlet: handling the fear to go after their dreams.

2. System

Everything starts with mindset, but mindset alone does not pay the bills. This was the missing factor for me. It was like I was equipped with all inspiration and mindset to conquer the world. I desired something that would allow me to break free financially. I also desired something that would be inline with my values and beliefs.

We had dreams of traveling the world and being mobile. I came across someone living exactly how I wanted to live. They worked their business online and anywhere in the world they desired.

They did it with a online business system.

It was truly breathtaking because It was everything I was looking for. It was like having an online franchise system , but you could take it anywhere with you around the world. It didn’t if I didn’t have the skills, everything was laid out for me to learn very systematically. When I had questions I could reach out to my mentors and they could guide me along the way.

I couldn’t do that with my mentors in the books I was reading so this was exiting.

In the last 4.5 years our life has transformed so much and I am simply grateful. We can work a few hours a day, travel the world with my daughter and still make the kind of incomes we did when we were in our corporate jobs.

We are very focused on our time and what is important for our families…Very different than my JOB was.

If you want to see in detail how we made our change and the system we used to get focused, clear and create this life we are living now.
I invite you to visit our site below.

You will also have chance to connect with us personally by leaving a comment.


It is has been one my biggest passions to share this information.

Once we broke free from the matrix I felt like it was my purpose to share this information with as many people as I could. It’s crazy how just a little bit of information you are exposed to can change your whole world.

LIFE Change can happen so quickly when you have the right information and are exposed to the right people.

But you have to act on it.

Thank you for reading, we are excited to connect with you.

Rhonda Swan~ Unstoppable Mamma

‪#‎BEUNSTOPPABLE‬ — with RHonda Swan and Brian Swan in Bend, OR


A family of Eternal Essences Embodied which should BE how we ALL live.  I Am not saying traveling around the world, but FREE in SPIRIT to BE and DO as Eternal Essences Embodied Absent Limits.  It starts only with a THOUGHT focused with CLEAR, CONSCIOUS INTENT you know.



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