USA vs US vs Self-Governance

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

As many of you know, we are in a paradigm shift to a higher consciousness.  Part of that shift involves the war that has been going in the united states between two opposing governments:

  • The Republic of the united States of America

Many say this isn’t so.  They deny this fact to themselves first and then to others in an attempt to maintain the status quo.  Change is an anathema to them.  Greatly feared because they will lose their positions of power and control. May be they realize they will have to be accountable for their actions and for their lack of transparency in telling the truth to the One People.

If you have no idea of what I am talking about, then it is time to stop watching TV first, then get on you computer and do some simple research to educate your self.

Many organizations are working together to make this transition.  A few include:

The following graphic comparing the USA vs US was created from:


This is just a partial view of the information listed in the above chart. Should you desire, I would recommend to continue reading at:

Another document, put out by the National Standards Enforcement Agency, verifies some of the change that is upon us:,0,1233

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This is the way we should all seek to live, peaceable, looking after the good of all in everything you do and being totally transparent and accountable for our own actions.  I do not need to be governed by others and I do not need useless rules or statutes to follow to live the life I desire.  The only law we should need is the Law of One – Harm No Other.

The following writing by Kate of Gaia addresses the Long and Short of It!

It has been a long road to get here. It has been hard to come to terms with many of the lies and fictional realities we have been so carefully trained to believe in. The biggest hurdle of all was in the realising of the need to let everything go and to unpack the camel that it may pass through the eye of the needle of the Emerald City’s walls. A physical reality is a tough one for most to step aside from and seek the inner workings of self and all but it is a necessary step lest one remain in the circular traps so perfectly set for all of us.

We live in a world of commerce, a world I call the whore of Babylon both from the physical and spiritual perspectives. In order to be owned, one must give up mind, body and soul and I am most unwilling to do so. It is a world of make believe fictional characters created for each and every one of us where a few have seen the means to take hold of all the strings of this puppet world where those of the masses unwittingly, yet willingly, perform for these most cunning of “puppet masters”. We have all been deceived where so few, now becoming the many, are awakened from this long lasting sleep having eaten so hungrily of the apple the witch of Babylon has offered.
Oh so many have been duped and beguiled of this mistress of deception where we have fed upon each other to the glee of those pulling your strings. And while we can talk of blame and injustice, it is we who must face the mirror and come to terms with the fact that we, not they, are the true problem. The issue at hand is one of ignorance of self, the unwillingness to see into our own lives and face the mirrors of the darkest reflections. We will fight and we will cling to all that we think of as right and just whilst we, at the same time, are the cause of all our own woes. For me, it was not a matter of how to lay bare the dishonour of so many that was already obvious, it was more a matter of how it was me that was allowing it by being more in dishonour of the truth. Ignorance of the law is not a defence of or from the law, that being the universal, natural kind, not the man-made fictional law that works to mimic it. It is difficult to play any game with an adversary that will change the rules inasmuch as we give them the power to do so. We are as children in this regard. When one grows up, one decides the game unworthy of even taking it out of the box it deserves to remain in, such is the way of Pandora.
So, where to begin explaining this game from its physical and spiritual mirror perspective? I like to begin by reminding myself that the physical realm that surrounds us is the illusion where only cause and effect clues reside. There are no answers in it, none whatsoever. It is merely the game board of consciousness where some have mastered it and use that knowledge for malfeasant purposes, flying in the face of creation while embracing creation at the same time. Some may shout ” Dichotomy!” but the simple truth is, all opposites are the same and only differ in degree of the observers willingness to see it. Yes, the mess you’re in, is your fault if you have the courage to face that.
As for the examples of that, one need look no further than the religion of the legal system and, indeed, nowhere else. The truth of the matter remains that all things legal are all things religion inasmuch as the legal system was borne of it. The earliest courts/churches were and still are the basis of the same systems today where there is no separation of church and state, period. They are one and the same and their purpose has been unwavering in its control of the masses for countless eons. That reign of terror, however, is finally over. Only when one begins to see the connection between church feigning spiritual and state acting as physical can one begin to see the true divide and conquer. What is most profound is that most within positions of assumed power are owned more completely than any slave of the common realms ever could be.
Continue reading on page 3:
Anyway, I just wanted to share this information with y’all this morning.  Make sure you finish the above article.  It is worth reading and may just open your eyes and your heart.

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