Lucas – The In Between – Being In Flux – Reshuffling Space – Constant And Variable – 24 July 2013

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

Time is a construct that was made and does not exist in the state of flux. In all that is there is for every reality space to be as it is part of all that is. So nothing is right or wrong and all that is also just constant change and therefore variable. In wanting to create new paths, maybe we should look into also a variable within the new path. Opening up to the multidimensional self experience and being all that is is also seeing that things can exist and co-exist in One space at the same moment of now and are constant and variable at the same moment. The reshuffle of the already ended constant of polarity conflict is what now takes place as a shift in being. We are also becoming again a space of all that is and where things just are One. Space is emptied out and cleared like a computer cache to bring back the memory to its clear state of all that is.


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Lucas 2012 Infos

Logo Lucas_square_words(The picture is specially made for my blog as logo.)

In several talks and observations it is being clear people  living in the moment of now are living in the experience of  the “In Between”. This is  the space everything is in flux and everything is and also isn’t . We are going through  mayor changes and it is difficult to see where you patterns, thoughts, dogmas, beliefs, concerns, past and future,  is all just there and also not.  So that is the space where the creative source of new creation comes from. We feel that things are  in a constant state of flux. Yes, a constant state of change. That means really seeing and experiencing the moment of now is the moment of now  and the next moment is a total new space of perceptions or views, feelings, etc,  than just (if we still use time as reference)  ‘a…

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