Hour of Truth 6 – announcement – Angel Lucci

Posted: July 23, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

I just had an awesome interview with Valdimir about the One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour. Make sure you catch it after it is posted in archives! Thanks Guy!

OPPT Hrvatska

July 23rd 2013.  – live at Radio Liberum.

20:00 hours – Moscow, Tbilisi etc.

18:00 hours – Berlin, Zagreb etc.

17:00 hours – London, Casablanca etc.

12:00 hours – New York, Montreal etc.

11:00 hours – Houston, Winnipeg etc.

10:00 hours – Denver, Edmonton etc.

09:00 hours – Los Angeles, Vancouver etc.

July 17th – 00:00 hours – Sydney

July 17th – 01:00 hours – Adelaide

July 17 th 02:00 hours – Perth, Shanghai etc.


Angel Lucci, Fort Worth, Texas.

First 2 minutes will be in Croatian language and then we will switch to English.

Featuring interview with Angel Lucci. Join us and listen what Angel has to say about his experiences after 4354 miles on the road sharing information about new lawful frame that is globaly in place since 25th December 2012. with his countrymen.

Click on picture to listen the show:


Backup link is HERE .

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  1. oppthrvatska says:

    Angel thank you very much for participating in our show and sharing your experiences and thoughts with the One People! Best regards from Croatia!

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