Lucas – My Galactic Observation Post – Wandering Off To The Other Side – Keep Things Within – It Is YOU Your Searching For – 16 July 2013

Posted: July 17, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

“People still are believing in forces outside of themselves. They think still those forces will help them or save them in their journey in finding their real self. People turning from loving childlike naive people into power-hungry people who want to lead others astray. I see others becoming a repetitive voice for some outside force that their belief structures fully are pulled into. In my view you only can be the example in showing all that is you coming from within you. It is not about some vague entity, “ET” or something or someone who is placed outside your self. This is all just distraction and leading back to separation. Just observe and see if it is not also applicable to you.”


Read the article, excellent job My Friend!


Lucas 2012 Infos

As I am my own galactic observation post,  I see the observations that I see and feel happening in the now from within. I see people switching places by  falling  back into traps of old 3D perceptions, 3D  feelings and emotions. The switch is instigated by giving away the powers of the self  to a guru, teacher or someone with power. There is though a difference in being appreciated or  acknowledging someone AND having misplaced respect for ultimate knowledge or someone powerful or someone leading you astray .  It is that what I see happening.

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